With so much music hitting our ears all year long, the entertainment stratosphere is scaling happy highs. New tunes are great. But even those yesteryear musicians made a statement by belting out unforgettable tunes and giving us memorable moments on and off stage. No wonder, music lovers still dig them for some symphonic succor. Given the brief history that the country has had, it’s remarkable how many musical pioneers the country has produced. These musicians are time-proof—no withering hands of time nor has influx of new age music been able to mute their melodies from our minds. Delving into the land down under we came up with a list of legendary Australian musicians who deserve kudos for taking music to new heights, for melding indigenous and western styles and gifting the world a heady-mix of musical genres. Let's explore the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives in the biographies of famous Australian Musicians who have put Australian high up on music map.
Keith UrbanKeith Urban
26 October 1967
Bon ScottBon Scott
09 July 1946

Nick CaveNick Cave
22 September 1957

Angus YoungAngus Young
31 March 1955
Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band,

21 May 1980

Malcolm YoungMalcolm Young
06 January 1953
Vance JoyVance Joy
01 December 1987

Indiana EvansIndiana Evans
27 July 1990

Calum HoodCalum Hood
24 January 1996
Bassist & Social Media Star
Michael CliffordMichael Clifford
20 November 1995
Musician & Social Media Star

Percy GraingerPercy Grainger
08 July 1882
Musician, Composer, arranger and pianist
Slim DustySlim Dusty
13 June 1927
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Sia Kate Isobelle FurlerSia
18 December 1975

Ashton IrwinAshton Irwin
07 July 1994
Drummer, Singer

Kevin ParkerKevin Parker
20 January 1986

Dave GalafassiDave Galafassi
1978 AD
James ReidJames Reid
11 May 1993

Joel AdamsJoel Adams
16 December 1996

Edward JeffriesEdward Jeffries
01 August 1987
Actor, Director, Musician

David HudsonDavid Hudson
10 March 1962
Flea (Musician)Flea (Musician)
16 October 1962

Chris LanzonChris Lanzon
24 July 2000
Pop Singer
William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare
19 November 1948

Toni ColletteToni Collette
01 November 1972

Jesse SpencerJesse Spencer
12 February 1979
Actor, Musician, Film editor
Emma WatkinsEmma Watkins
21 September 1989
Musician, Singer

Tim MinchinTim Minchin
07 October 1975
Anthony FieldAnthony Field
08 May 1963
Musician, Songwriter, Film producer

Tash SultanaTash Sultana
18 June 1995

Craig Revel HorwoodCraig Revel Horwood
04 January 1965
Reality TV Personalities
Jeff FattJeff Fatt
21 July 1953
Musician, Actor, Pianist

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Jason DonovanJason Donovan
01 June 1968
Actor, Singer
22 January 1985
Musician, Guitarist

Sophie MonkSophie Monk
14 December 1979
Actor, Singer, Musician, Model

Helen ReddyHelen Reddy
25 October 1941

Lachlan GillespieLachlan Gillespie
23 October 1985
Murray CookMurray Cook
30 June 1960
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Tina ArenaTina Arena
01 November 1967
Singer, Songwriter, Television presenter, Actor,

Brody DalleBrody Dalle
01 January 1979
Guitarist, Singer

Jessica OrigliassoJessica Origliasso
25 December 1984
Singer, Actor, Songwriter

16 October 1962
bassist, actor, film actor, trumpeter, singer,
Guy SebastianGuy Sebastian
26 October 1981
Singer, Songwriter, Record producer

Colin HayColin Hay
29 June 1953
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Russell HitchcockRussell Hitchcock
15 June 1949

Judith DurhamJudith Durham
03 July 1943
Singer, Jazz musician, Pianist, Songwriter

Jimmy BarnesJimmy Barnes
28 April 1956
Singer, Composer, Songwriter
Phillip WilcherPhillip Wilcher
16 March 1958
Composer, Pianist

Courtney BarnettCourtney Barnett
03 November 1987
Phil RuddPhil Rudd
19 May 1954

Sam MoranSam Moran
04 April 1978
Singer, Dancer

Daniel JohnsDaniel Johns
22 April 1979
Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Pianist, Songwriter
Jack VidgenJack Vidgen
17 January 1997
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Vanessa AmorosiVanessa Amorosi
08 August 1981
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Tommy EmmanuelTommy Emmanuel
31 May 1955
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician,

Darren HayesDarren Hayes
08 May 1972
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Sia FurlerSia Furler
18 December 1975

Ben LeeBen Lee
11 September 1978
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Rebecca St. JamesRebecca St. James
26 July 1977
Film actor, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor,
Xavier SamuelXavier Samuel
10 December 1983
Television actor, Actor, Film actor, Musician

Chrissy AmphlettChrissy Amphlett
25 October 1959
Street artist, Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Lisa GerrardLisa Gerrard
12 April 1961
Singer, Composer, Musician, Film score composer

Lisa OrigliassoLisa Origliasso
25 December 1984
Singer, Composer, Actor, Songwriter
Iva DaviesIva Davies
22 May 1955

Conrad SewellConrad Sewell
31 March 1988
Daryl BraithwaiteDaryl Braithwaite
11 January 1949

Xavier RuddXavier Rudd
29 May 1978

Tammin SursokTammin Sursok
19 August 1983
Actor, Singer, Film actor
Kate CeberanoKate Ceberano
17 November 1966
Singer, Jazz musician

Alice EnglertAlice Englert
15 August 1994
Missy HigginsMissy Higgins
19 August 1983
singer, pianist, songwriter

Angry AndersonAngry Anderson
05 August 1947
Actor, Singer, Film actor, Television actor, Stunt

Natalie BassingthwaighteNatalie Bassingthwaighte
01 September 1975
Actor, Singer
Tim FinnTim Finn
25 June 1952
Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Andrew FarrissAndrew Farriss
27 March 1959
Composer, Guitarist, Pianist
Joel HoustonJoel Houston
19 September 1979
Singer, Songwriter

Gabriella CilmiGabriella Cilmi
10 October 1991
Singer, Songwriter, Jazz musician

Angus StoneAngus Stone
27 April 1986
Singer, Record producer, Musician

Geoffrey Gurrumul YunupinguGeoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
1970 AD
musician, singer
Yahoo SeriousYahoo Serious
27 July 1953
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,
Bob DaisleyBob Daisley
13 February 1950

David HelfgottDavid Helfgott
19 May 1947

Paul HesterPaul Hester
08 January 1959

Christine AnuChristine Anu
15 March 1970
Singer, Actor
Rowland S. HowardRowland S. Howard
24 October 1959
Guitarist, Record producer, Composer

Samantha JadeSamantha Jade
18 April 1987
Singer, Actor

Jon EnglishJon English
26 March 1949

19 March 1978
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer

Marty SampsonMarty Sampson
31 May 1979
Colin PetersenColin Petersen
24 March 1946
Actor, Film actor

Ricki-Lee CoulterRicki-Lee Coulter
10 November 1985
Matt CorbyMatt Corby
07 November 1990
Singer, Banjoist, Pianist, Songwriter

Betty WhoBetty Who
05 October 1991
Molly MeldrumMolly Meldrum
29 January 1943
Music critic, Record producer, Composer
Peter FurlerPeter Furler
08 September 1966
Guitarist, Singer