Famous People From Australia
Some jobs are universally lauded and respected for the intangible stuff attached to them. And rightly so! A career in medicine has always been the noblest thing to do. Besides being one of the best paid professions, it is also the most gratifying of all vocations, albeit a challenging one. Needless to say, doctors and physicians are revered as life saviors. Australia has been home to some of the best medical minds in the world and has produced some world class physicians. And the evolving profile of Australian medical workforce is a testimony that the trend is an everlasting one. Besides being world leaders in kidney transplants and the first ever country to transplant a heart successfully, Australia has marked many medical breakthroughs and given the world many medical role models to look up to. From heart pacemaker to anthrax vaccine and from ultrasound night and day contact lenses, the Aussies surely left the world behind with their contribution to the medical world. Go Through the biographies and explore the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives of some of the most famous Australian physicians.
Barry MarshallBarry Marshall
30 September 1951
Australian physician
Howard FloreyHoward Florey
24 September 1898
Pathologist and Pharmacologist

Victor ChangVictor Chang
21 November 1936

Edward DunlopEdward Dunlop
12 July 1907
Prisoner of War

Ian FrazerIan Frazer
06 January 1953
Australian scientist

Robin WarrenRobin Warren
11 June 1937
Australian pathologist
George PellGeorge Pell
08 June 1941

Colleen McCulloughColleen McCullough
01 June 1937
Novelist, Writer, Neurologist, Biographer, Science

Philip NitschkePhilip Nitschke
08 August 1947
Marie BashirMarie Bashir
01 December 1930
Engineer, Psychiatrist, Physician, University

Bob BrownBob Brown
27 December 1944
Politician, Physician
Brendan NelsonBrendan Nelson
19 August 1958
Politician, Diplomat, Physician

Earle PageEarle Page
08 August 1880
Prime minister of Australia

George BassGeorge Bass
30 January 1771
Explorer, Surgeon

Fiona WoodFiona Wood
02 February 1958
Plastic surgeon, Physician

Helen CaldicottHelen Caldicott
07 August 1938
Physician, Autobiographer
John James BillingsJohn James Billings
05 March 1918

Max LakeMax Lake
24 July 1924