Influential, vibrant and dynamic – media personalities are all of those and much more. After all, who else do you think could strike a national conversation or influence a general opinion that the nation would follow? Call them entertainer or informers, media personalities take up a dominant place in our virtual world and take up the responsibility of making us aware of our real world. They are omnipresent and have made their worth count everywhere, right from television to newspapers, radio to internet, magazines to periodicals and so on. What’s more, media personalities are not limited to just television presenters. They could be journalists, actors, radio jockeys and video presenters. Just like every other country in the world, Australia too has a long list of media personalities who have garnered quite a name or their work and exerted influence over the lives of Australians. They are equally distributed between commercial, national and non-profit public broadcasters. Australian media personalities are known for their witty sense, acute knowledge and strong acumen for news. With this write-up, find out in details about the life and works of Australian media personalities.
Julian AssangeJulian Assange
03 July 1971
Computer programmer
Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
22 February 1962
Television Personality

Brianna KeilarBrianna Keilar
21 September 1980

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris
30 March 1930

Ellyse PerryEllyse Perry
03 November 1990

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull
24 October 1954
Journalist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Lawyer,
Robert Clarence IrwinRobert Clarence Irwin
01 December 2003
Television Host & Wildlife Enthusiast

John TorodeJohn Torode
23 July 1965
Celebrity chef

Anusha DandekarAnusha Dandekar
09 January 1982
VJ, Actress, Model
Paul KhouryPaul Khoury
06 September 1975
TV Personality

Lisa SthalekarLisa Sthalekar
13 August 1979
Eddie McGuireEddie McGuire
29 October 1964
Television presenter

Banjo PatersonBanjo Paterson
17 February 1864

Brady HaranBrady Haran
18 June 1976
Video Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Podcaster

Penelope MitchellPenelope Mitchell
23 July 1991

Robert HughesRobert Hughes
28 July 1938
Art Critic, Writer
Julia ZemiroJulia Zemiro
14 April 1967
Television presenter

Catherine Helen Spence Catherine Helen Spence
31 October 1825
Author, Journalist & Politician

Lauren BullenLauren Bullen
02 April 1993
Blogger, Instagram Star

Melinda FarrellMelinda Farrell
24 January 1985
Dannii MinogueDannii Minogue
20 October 1971
Actor, Singer, Model, Songwriter

Ricky PontingRicky Ponting
19 December 1974
Antonia KidmanAntonia Kidman
14 July 1970
Actor, Television presenter, Journalist

Adriano ZumboAdriano Zumbo
06 November 1981

Aden YoungAden Young
30 November 1971
Hannah GadsbyHannah Gadsby
12 January 1978

Erin McNaughtErin McNaught
22 May 1982
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant, Music
Kym JohnsonKym Johnson
04 August 1976

Allan BorderAllan Border
27 July 1955

Alan JonesAlan Jones
13 April 1941
radio personality, rugby union coach
Magda SzubanskiMagda Szubanski
12 April 1961

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Keith MurdochKeith Murdoch
12 August 1885
War correspondent
Karl StefanovicKarl Stefanovic
12 August 1974
Television presenter

Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins
22 December 1983
Television Presenter

John MeillonJohn Meillon
01 May 1934

Daniel MacPhersonDaniel MacPherson
25 April 1980
Television presenter, Actor
Rove McManusRove McManus
21 January 1974
Television presenter
Ernie DingoErnie Dingo
31 July 1956

John PilgerJohn Pilger
09 October 1939
War correspondent, Writer, Director, Journalist

Mick MolloyMick Molloy
11 July 1966

Richie BenaudRichie Benaud
06 October 1930
Cricketer, Journalist
Luke JacobzLuke Jacobz
14 February 1981
Racing driver

Tim CampbellTim Campbell
27 September 1975

Carrie BickmoreCarrie Bickmore
03 December 1980

Samantha ArmytageSamantha Armytage
04 September 1977
Journalist, News presenter

David KochDavid Koch
07 March 1956
television presenter
Lisa WilkinsonLisa Wilkinson
19 December 1959
Presenter, Journalist

Andrew BoltAndrew Bolt
26 September 1959
Journalist, Columnist
Alan FreemanAlan Freeman
06 July 1927
Disc jockey

Matt ParkinsonMatt Parkinson

Zoe NaylorZoe Naylor
04 July 1977
Actor, Model
Peter FitzSimonsPeter FitzSimons
29 June 1961
Rugby union player, Biographer

James BrayshawJames Brayshaw
11 May 1967
Cricketer, Television presenter, Radio personality
Bec HewittBec Hewitt
23 July 1983
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Kyle SandilandsKyle Sandilands
10 June 1971
Radio personality

Iya VillaniaIya Villania
29 June 1986
Actor, Model

Rob MillsRob Mills
21 June 1982

Jackie OJackie O
31 January 1975
Tracy GrimshawTracy Grimshaw
03 June 1960

Wil AndersonWil Anderson
31 January 1974
Television presenter, Comedian, Radio personality

Julie GoodwinJulie Goodwin
31 October 1970

Sonia KrugerSonia Kruger
28 August 1965
Rex HuntRex Hunt
07 March 1949
Australian rules footballer

Jane KennedyJane Kennedy
09 June 1964
Richard WilkinsRichard Wilkins
19 June 1954
television presenter

Georgie GardnerGeorgie Gardner
01 June 1965
Australian journalist

Michel FaberMichel Faber
13 April 1960
Writer, Novelist, Journalist, Science fiction
Jamie DurieJamie Durie
03 June 1970
Landscape architect

Lee SmithLee Smith
10 June 1960
Film editor
Charli RobinsonCharli Robinson
08 March 1980
Singer, Actor

Graham KennedyGraham Kennedy
15 February 1934

Helen GarnerHelen Garner
07 November 1942
Journalist, Novelist, Screenwriter
Nadya HutagalungNadya Hutagalung
28 July 1974
Actor, Model

Red SymonsRed Symons
13 June 1949
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Santo CilauroSanto Cilauro
25 November 1961

Amanda KellerAmanda Keller
25 February 1962

Shaun MicallefShaun Micallef
18 July 1962

Erika HeynatzErika Heynatz
25 March 1976
Ed KavaleeEd Kavalee
30 June 1979
Radio personality
Andrew DentonAndrew Denton
04 May 1960
Television presenter

Annabel CrabbAnnabel Crabb
31 January 1973
journalist, political commentator, television

Lee Lin ChinLee Lin Chin

Virginia TrioliVirginia Trioli
06 August 1964
David William HookesDavid William Hookes
03 May 1955

Mary GilmoreMary Gilmore
16 August 1865
Journalist, Poet, Writer

John SafranJohn Safran
13 August 1972

Maude GarrettMaude Garrett
06 March 1986

Josh ZeppsJosh Zepps
22 November 1977
television presenter
Dylan LewisDylan Lewis
1973 AD
music critic

Tony JonesTony Jones
13 November 1956
Les HiddinsLes Hiddins
13 August 1946

Richard NevilleRichard Neville
16 December 1941
Jo Beth TaylorJo Beth Taylor
29 May 1971
Chris MainwaringChris Mainwaring
27 December 1965
Australian Rules Footballer