Find out more about the greatest Australian, including Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Katherine Langford and Hugh Jackman.

Australians may come across to the world as fun loving people who like to lounge on the sunny beaches all day long, but don’t be misled by the externalities. They may love to enjoy themselves, but work always comes first; otherwise Australia would not count among the wealthiest nations in the world! The nation also boasts of a high living standard and is among the world leaders in health, education and economic freedom. None of these would have been possible had it not been for the dedication and resourcefulness of Australians who have worked hard to make their country such a wonderful place to live in.

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth

11 August 1983

Heath LedgerHeath Ledger

04 April 1979

Ruby RoseRuby Rose

20 March 1986

Margot RobbieMargot Robbie

02 July 1990

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett

14 May 1969

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman

20 June 1967

Isla FisherIsla Fisher

03 February 1976

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman
(Actor, Producer)

12 October 1968

Yvonne StrahovskiYvonne Strahovski

30 July 1982

Liam HemsworthLiam Hemsworth

13 January 1990

Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
(Actor, Writer, Model)

31 January 1973

Katherine LangfordKatherine Langford

29 April 1996

Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea

07 June 1990

Luke Hemsworth Luke Hemsworth

05 November 1981

Rose ByrneRose Byrne

24 July 1979

Guy PearceGuy Pearce

05 October 1967

Troye SivanTroye Sivan
(Singer, Actor)

05 June 1995

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue
(Singer-Songwriter and Actress)

28 May 1968

Olivia Newton-JohnOlivia Newton-John
(Singer, Actress)

26 September 1948

Ben SimmonsBen Simmons
(Basketball Player)

20 July 1996

Malcolm TurnbullMalcolm Turnbull
(Journalist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Investment Banker)

24 October 1954

Keith UrbanKeith Urban

26 October 1967

Steve IrwinSteve Irwin
(Television Personality)

22 February 1962

Joel EdgertonJoel Edgerton

23 June 1974

Julian AssangeJulian Assange
(Computer programmer)

03 July 1971

Abbie CornishAbbie Cornish
(Actress, Rapper)

07 August 1982

Teresa PalmerTeresa Palmer

26 February 1986

Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr

20 April 1983

Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn

03 April 1969

Rebel WilsonRebel Wilson

02 March 1980

Phoebe TonkinPhoebe Tonkin

12 July 1989

Hugo WeavingHugo Weaving

04 April 1960

Errol FlynnErrol Flynn

20 June 1909

Tammy HembrowTammy Hembrow
(Instagram star, Fitness Mentor)

22 April 1994

Brenton ThwaitesBrenton Thwaites
(Film Actor)

10 August 1989

Claire HoltClaire Holt

11 June 1988

Travis FimmelTravis Fimmel

15 July 1979

Eric BanaEric Bana
(Actor, comedian)

09 August 1968

Angus YoungAngus Young
(Co-founder & Lead Guitarist of the Hard Rock Band, AC/DC)

31 March 1955

Bon ScottBon Scott

09 July 1946

Emily BrowningEmily Browning

07 December 1988

Eliza TaylorEliza Taylor

24 October 1989

Malcolm YoungMalcolm Young

06 January 1953

Nick VujicicNick Vujicic

04 December 1982

Alycia Debnam-CareyAlycia Debnam-Carey

20 July 1993

Nick CaveNick Cave

22 September 1957

Michael HutchenceMichael Hutchence

22 January 1960

Ned KellyNed Kelly

31 May 1855

Elle MacphersonElle Macpherson
(Model, Entrepreneur)

29 March 1964

Paul HoganPaul Hogan

08 October 1939

Maia MitchellMaia Mitchell
(Actress, Singer)

18 August 1993

Natalie ImbrugliaNatalie Imbruglia

04 February 1975

Germaine Greer Germaine Greer
(Australian writer)

29 January 1939

Delta GoodremDelta Goodrem

09 November 1984

Tony AbbottTony Abbott
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

04 November 1957

Deborra-Lee FurnessDeborra-Lee Furness

30 November 1955

Radha MitchellRadha Mitchell
(Actress, Producer)

12 November 1973

Dacre MontgomeryDacre Montgomery

22 November 1994

Anusha DandekarAnusha Dandekar
(VJ, Actress, Model)

09 January 1982

Essie DavisEssie Davis

07 January 1970

Rick SpringfieldRick Springfield

23 August 1949

Gregory John NormanGreg Norman
(Australian Golfer)

10 February 1955

Julia GillardJulia Gillard
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

29 September 1961

Poppy MontgomeryPoppy Montgomery

15 June 1972

Vance JoyVance Joy

01 December 1987

Rod LaverRod Laver
(Tennis player)

09 August 1938

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris

30 March 1930

Terence TaoTerence Tao

17 July 1975

Baz LuhrmannBaz Luhrmann
(Film Director)

17 September 1962

Diane CilentoDiane Cilento

05 October 1933

John Howard John Howard
(Former Prime Minister of Australia)

26 July 1939

P L TraversP. L. Travers
(Writer & Journalist)

09 August 1899

Claudia BlackClaudia Black

11 October 1972

Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
(Holy Roman Emperor)

22 March 1459

Peter FinchPeter Finch

28 September 1916

A major player in the world economy, Australia’s contributions to the world in the fields of science and technology, literature, politics, and sports have been immense. The nation has given birth to several Nobel laureates like Howard Florey, Patrick White and Barry Marshall who have enriched the world in no small way. In fact, Australia has produced a remarkable number of Nobel laureates given her small population. When we talk of Australia, how can we forget cricket—and the Australians who have ruled the game? Read on to discover more about famous Australians.