Nick Vujicic Biography

(Evangelist and Motivational Speaker Born With Tetra-Amelia Syndrome)

Birthday: December 4, 1982 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Melbourne, Australia

Nick Vujicic, famous for his inspirational speeches, was born without limbs in his body. However, instead of letting his disability deter his everyday life, he took it as a challenge, using it to change millions of lives with the same faith that kept him going. As a child of ten, he always wondered why he was different from others, and decided to drown himself since he saw no purpose to his living. However, he stopped himself in time, thinking of his loving parents and how much it would hurt them to see him dead. From then on, there was no looking back for this young man, who now has founded his own organization, called ‘Life Without Limbs’. He has released motivational films, like 'Life's Greater Purpose' and 'Biography of a Determined Man of Faith'. He has also written a book titled 'Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life'. This speaker has even acted in a short film, ‘The Butterfly Circus’, earning the film three awards, and bagging one himself, for his brilliant portrayal of a man very much like himself, who is given a second chance to love himself. He is a devout Christian, believing that God loves everyone equally, and has taken it upon himself to spread the message to everyone around the world
Quick Facts

Australian Celebrities Born In December

Also Known As: Nicholas James Vujicic

Age: 41 Years, 41 Year Old Males


Spouse/Ex-: Kanae Miyahara

father: Boris Vujicic

mother: Dushka Vujicic

siblings: Aaron Vujicic, Michelle Vujicic

children: Kiyoshi James Vujicic

Born Country: Australia

Quotes By Nick Vujicic American Men

Height: 0.99 m

Ancestry: Australian American, Serbian Australian, Serbian American

Diseases & Disabilities: Tetra-amelia Syndrome

Notable Alumni: Griffith University

City: Melbourne, Australia

Founder/Co-Founder: Life Without Limbs

More Facts

education: Griffith University

awards: Best Actor in Short Film for his starring performance as Will

  • 1

    What is Nick Vujicic known for?

    Nick Vujicic is known for being a motivational speaker and author who was born without limbs.

  • 2

    How did Nick Vujicic overcome his challenges?

    Nick Vujicic overcame his challenges by developing a positive attitude, strong faith, and determination to live a fulfilling life.

  • 3

    What is Nick Vujicic's message to inspire others?

    Nick Vujicic's message is to encourage people to embrace their uniqueness, believe in themselves, and never give up on their dreams.

  • 4

    How does Nick Vujicic travel and move around without limbs?

    Nick Vujicic uses a wheelchair and has also learned to do various tasks using his mouth and feet, demonstrating incredible adaptability and resilience.

  • 5

    How has Nick Vujicic impacted the lives of others?

    Nick Vujicic has impacted the lives of others by spreading messages of hope, positivity, and empowerment through his speeches, books, and charitable work.

Childhood & Early Life
Nicholas James Vujicic the eldest son of Dushka and Boris was born in Melbourne, Australia, on December 4, 1982. The infant, though healthy in all other aspects, was born with autosomal recessive tetra-amelia, a rare condition where the child has no limbs at all, except feet with just two toes.
Initially, it was quite difficult for the child and his family to cope up with the troubles that accompany the absence of hands and legs. He wasn't even allowed to study in a normal school, even though there was nothing wrong with his IQ.
He gradually learnt to use his feet to write, type, play, and shave. He pursued his secondary education from the 'Runcorn State High School', Queensland, Australia, where he was also the head boy. He was also on the student council that carried out humanitarian work.
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When Nick, as he is known, turned seventeen, he started delivering speeches in his church group. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, specializing in financial planning and accountancy, from the 'Griffith University' in Queensland.
As a speaker, he mainly addresses school children, young adults, and working professionals. He has also spoken at various churches, all across the globe, because he believes that Christ loves him as He loves all his children.
In his career, Nick has travelled to more than sixty countries around the world, and has touched the lives of millions of people. In 2005, he established an NGO named 'Life Without Limbs', which has its headquarters in Agoura Hills, California.
In the same year, Vujicic released the DVD of a documentary movie, titled 'Life's Greater Purpose'. The film talks about the motivational speaker's childhood, how he learned to use whatever was there of his limbs, and his married life.
In March 2008, Nick appeared in the '20/20' television series aired in the United States, for an interview, taken by presenter Bob Cummings.
In 2009, Vujicic featured in a short film titled 'The Butterfly Circus', directed by Joshua Weigel. It also starred Mexican actor, Eduardo Verástegui, and American Doug Jones.
The movie won a lot of accolades, including the first prize awarded by the 'Doorpost Film Project', and the 'Best Short Film' at the 'Method Fest Independent Film Festival', as well as the 'The Feel Good Film Festival'.
In 2010, Nick wrote a book, 'Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life', under the banner of publishing company, 'Random House'. He also released a DVD titled 'Biography of a Determined Man of Faith'.
Vujicic gave a heart-rending speech in Switzerland, at the 'World Economic Forum', for their Annual Meeting's special session, 'Inspired for a Lifetime', in 2011.
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Major Works
Nick is an evangelist who is known for his organization, ‘Life Without Limbs’, that hosts events and presents talks on courage and faith in God to overcome any adversity faced in life.
Awards & Achievements
In 1990, Vujicic's determination and courage impressed the world, and he was felicitated with the 'Australian Young Citizen Award'.
He was one of the contenders for the 'Young Australian of the Year Award' in the year 2005.
In 2010, he won the 'Best Actor in Short Film' award at the 'Method Fest Independent Film Festival' for his performance in the role of Will, from the movie 'The Butterfly Circus'.
Personal Life & Legacy
In 2012, Vujicic got married to the love of his life, Kanae Miyahara, and the couple have been blessed with a son, Kiyoshi James.
Facts About Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is an accomplished motivational speaker and author, having written several best-selling books inspiring readers around the world.

Despite being born without limbs, Nick has overcome numerous challenges and obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Nick Vujicic travels extensively to share his message of hope and perseverance, reaching millions of people with his inspiring story.

In addition to his work as a speaker, Nick is also a loving husband and father, showing that disability does not define a person's ability to love and care for others.

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