Most of us have grown up reading the poetic verses of 19th century great poets. Be it Robert Browning or Charles Baudelaire, EE Cummings or Mary Elizabeth Coleridge, Louisa May Alcott or William Morris, the poets have rendered a part of their self in their works which is why one can connect to it soulfully. Using the aesthetics and rhythmic qualities of a language, a poet writes poetry. It is by far one of the most popular forms of literature that have ahistory that dates back to the pre-historic era. Over the centuries, poets have used forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretation to words to evoke emotive responses. While some poets revolve their work in a particular culture and genre there are others who portray the social and cultural state through the poetic traditions. The last century saw an influx of poets who penned in varying genres from narrative poetry to epic ones, dramatic, satirical light, lyrical, elegies, verse, prose style and even speculative poetry. This section has a list of famous poets from the 19th century who have left a lasting imprint on the world of literature with their verse and rhyme. Check out.
J. R. R. TolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien
03 January 1892, British, South African
Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore
07 May 1861, Indian

Edgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe
19 January 1809, American

Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
16 October 1854, Irish

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley
12 October 1875, British

Henry David ThoreauHenry David Thoreau
12 July 1817, American
Writer and Philosopher
Ralph Waldo EmersionRalph Waldo Emerson
25 May 1803, American
American Lecturer, Philosopher, Essayist & Poet

Sarojini NaiduSarojini Naidu
13 February 1879, Indian
Poet and Freedom Fighter

Lord ByronLord Byron
22 January 1788, British
Poet, Politician
Aldous HuxleyAldous Huxley
26 July 1894, British, American

Rudyard KiplingRudyard Kipling
30 December 1865, British
Author & Poet
Emily DickinsonEmily Dickinson
10 December 1830, American

Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman
31 May 1819, American
Poet & humanist

T. S. EliotT. S. Eliot
26 September 1888, American

Victor HugoVictor Hugo
26 February 1802, French
Author & Poet

Muhammad IqbalMuhammad Iqbal
09 November 1877, Pakistani
Poet & Philosopher
Robert FrostRobert Frost
26 March 1874, American

James JoyceJames Joyce
02 February 1882, Irish

William FaulknerWilliam Faulkner
25 September 1897, American
Writer, Nobel Laureate

Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson
13 November 1850, Scottish
Novelist, Poet
Vinayak Damodar SavarkarVinayak Damodar Savarkar
28 May 1883, Indian
Independence Activist, Reformer

George EliotGeorge Eliot
22 November 1819, British
Author and Novelist
Gertrude SteinGertrude Stein
03 February 1874, American
American novelist

A. A. MilneA. A. Milne
18 January 1882, British
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Thomas HardyThomas Hardy
02 June 1840, British
Novelist & Poet
Alexander PushkinAlexander Pushkin
06 June 1799, Russian

Ezra PoundEzra Pound
30 October 1885, American
Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30 July 1818, British

Jorge Luis BorgesJorge Luis Borges
24 August 1899, Argentinian

D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
11 September 1885, British
Bertolt BrechtBertolt Brecht
10 February 1898, German

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Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Rilke
04 December 1875, Austrian
Poet & Novelist
William Morris William Morris
24 March 1834, British
Textile Designer, Poet

Arthur RimbaudArthur Rimbaud
20 October 1854, French

Charles BaudelaireCharles Baudelaire
09 April 1821, French

Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker
22 August 1893, American
Henrik IbsenHenrik Ibsen
20 March 1828, Norwegian
Playwright, Poet.
Federico García LorcaFederico García Lorca
05 June 1898, Spanish

Guy de MaupassantGuy de Maupassant
05 August 1850, French
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Francis Scott KeyFrancis Scott Key
01 August 1779, American

Savitribai PhuleSavitribai Phule
03 January 1831, Indian
Social Reformer, Poet
Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak
10 February 1890, Russian, Russian
Poet & Writer

Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow
27 February 1807, American
Poet & Educator

E. E. CummingsE. E. Cummings
14 October 1894, American

Robert BrowningRobert Browning
07 May 1812, British
Poet & Playwright

Elizabeth Barrett BrowningElizabeth Barrett Browning
06 March 1806, British
Wilfred OwenWilfred Owen
18 March 1893, British

Jean CocteauJean Cocteau
05 July 1889, French
Novelist, Poet, Artist & Filmmaker
Kazi Nazrul IslamKazi Nazrul Islam
24 May 1899, Bangladeshi, Indian
National Poet of Bangladesh

Ahmed Raza Khan BarelviAhmed Raza Khan Barelvi
14 June 1856, Indian
Islamic Scholar, Reformer

George SantayanaGeorge Santayana
16 December 1863, Spanish, Italian
Philosopher, Essayist, Poet, & Novelist
Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
12 May 1828, British

Siegfried SassoonSiegfried Sassoon
08 September 1886, British
Matthew ArnoldMatthew Arnold
24 December 1822, British

Robert GravesRobert Graves
24 July 1895, British
Poet & Novelist

James Weldon JohnsonJames Weldon Johnson
17 June 1871, American

Christina RossettiChristina Rossetti
05 December 1830, British
Poet, Writer, Hymnwriter

Fernando PessoaFernando Pessoa
13 June 1888, Portuguese
Heinrich HeineHeinrich Heine
13 December 1797, German

Paul VerlainePaul Verlaine
30 March 1844, French

Miguel de UnamunoMiguel de Unamuno
29 September 1864, Spanish

Ivan TurgenevIvan Turgenev
09 November 1818, Russian
August StrindbergAugust Strindberg
22 January 1849, Swedish

Banjo PatersonBanjo Paterson
17 February 1864, Australian
Rupert BrookeRupert Brooke
03 August 1887, British

Edna St. Vincent MillayEdna St. Vincent Millay
22 February 1892, American
Poetess and Playwright

vNikos Kazantzakis
18 February 1883, Greek
Philosopher and Writer
Horatio AlgerHoratio Alger
13 January 1832, American
American writer

Thomas MooreThomas Moore
28 May 1779, Irish
Knut HamsunKnut Hamsun
04 August 1859, Norwegian

Oliver GoldsmithOliver Goldsmith
10 November 1728, Irish, British
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Wallace StevensWallace Stevens
02 October 1879, American
Gabriela MistralGabriela Mistral
07 April 1889, Chilean
Chilean poet

Claude McKayClaude McKay
15 September 1889, Jamaican, American
Henry Louis Vivian DerozioHenry Louis Vivian Derozio
18 April 1809, Indian

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
26 March 1859, British

Rubén DaríoRubén Darío
18 January 1867, Nicaraguan

John Greenleaf WhittierJohn Greenleaf Whittier
17 December 1807, American
Stéphane MallarméStéphane Mallarmé
18 March 1842, French
Robert W. ServiceRobert W. Service
16 January 1874, Canadian, French, British
Poet & Writer

Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870, Russian

Henry LawsonHenry Lawson
17 June 1867, Australian

Andrew LangAndrew Lang
31 March 1844, Scottish
Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic
Bret Harte Bret Harte
25 August 1836, American
Author & Poet

Alphonse DaudetAlphonse Daudet
13 May 1840, French
Novelist, Short story writer, playwright, poet

Alfred de MussetAlfred de Musset
11 December 1810, French
Dramatist, Poet, Novelist

Khalil GibranKhalil Gibran
06 January 1883, Lebanese

Ella Wheeler WilcoxElla Wheeler Wilcox
05 November 1850, American
Poet and Mystic Rosicrucian
Alfred NoyesAlfred Noyes
16 September 1880, British

Mirza GhalibMirza Ghalib
27 December 1797, Indian
Caroline NortonCaroline Norton
22 March 1808, British

A.C BensonA. C. Benson
24 April 1862, British
English essayist
Hristo BotevHristo Botev
06 January 1848, Bulgarian
Bulgarian Revolutionary
Allen TateAllen Tate
19 November 1899, American