19th century was a phase when literature was completely dominated by the British writers. It was a period of brilliance as world renowned British writers, authors, poets and litterateurs made their way into the world of writing. With their pen, they weaved almost magic on paper. Some of the greatest and best known British poets have their roots well laid in the 19th century. Interestingly, the era also witnessed the growing importance of women in poetry. Be it Emily Bronte or Elizabeth Browning, Emily Dickinson or Amy Lowell, British women of the period showed the world how well a woman could perform when given a chance. Many other poets started a revolution including John Clare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rudyard Kipling, John Keats, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Percy Shelley. They brought in new aspects to poetry writing and challenged the preconceived notions. And leading the British poetry brigade from the front were two of the world’s most illustrious and eminent poets of all times William Wordsworth and Lord Tennyson. While William Wordsworth helped launch the Age of Romanticism in English literature, Tennyson was Poet laureate during Queen Victoria’s reign and remains one of the most popular British poets of that time. With this section, get a brief update about some of the most famous British poets of the 19th century.
J. R. R. TolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien
03 January 1892
Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley
12 October 1875

Rudyard KiplingRudyard Kipling
30 December 1865
Author & Poet

Lord ByronLord Byron
22 January 1788
Poet, Politician

Aldous HuxleyAldous Huxley
26 July 1894

A. A. MilneA. A. Milne
18 January 1882
Novelist, Playwright, Poet
George EliotGeorge Eliot
22 November 1819
Author and Novelist

Thomas HardyThomas Hardy
02 June 1840
Novelist & Poet

Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30 July 1818

D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
11 September 1885
William Morris William Morris
24 March 1834
Textile Designer, Poet

Robert BrowningRobert Browning
07 May 1812
Poet & Playwright
Wilfred OwenWilfred Owen
18 March 1893

Siegfried SassoonSiegfried Sassoon
08 September 1886
Robert GravesRobert Graves
24 July 1895
Poet & Novelist

Matthew ArnoldMatthew Arnold
24 December 1822
Rupert BrookeRupert Brooke
03 August 1887

Oliver GoldsmithOliver Goldsmith
10 November 1728
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
26 March 1859
Robert W. ServiceRobert W. Service
16 January 1874
Poet & Writer

Caroline NortonCaroline Norton
22 March 1808
Alfred NoyesAlfred Noyes
16 September 1880

Charlotte BronteCharlotte Bronte
21 April 1816

Alfred Lord TennysonAlfred Lord Tennyson
05 August 1809

A.C BensonA. C. Benson
24 April 1862
English essayist
Amy LevyAmy Levy
10 November 1861
Poet, Novelist, Essayist
Percy Bysshe ShelleyPercy Bysshe Shelley
04 August 1792
Linguist, Poet, Translator, Writer, Playwright,

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle
22 May 1859
Physician, Writer, Poet, Cricketer, Novelist,

G. K. ChestertonG. K. Chesterton
29 May 1874
Journalist, Poet, Novelist, Autobiographer,

Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
28 November 1881
Writer, Translator, Journalist, Playwright, Poet,
Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
12 May 1828
Poet, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Artist,

Christina RossettiChristina Rossetti
05 December 1830
Poet, Writer, Hymnwriter

Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers
13 June 1893
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,

Vera BrittainVera Brittain
29 December 1893
Nurse, Writer, Poet, Novelist, Feminist, Pacifist,

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Gerard Manley HopkinsGerard Manley Hopkins
28 July 1844
Poet, Writer
George MacDonaldGeorge MacDonald
10 December 1824
Writer, Minister, Poet, Novelist, Cleric

Elizabeth SiddalElizabeth Siddal
25 July 1829
Painter, Poet, Art model, Visual artist, Model
Branwell BrontëBranwell Brontë
26 June 1817
Painter, Poet, Writer

Oskar KokoschkaOskar Kokoschka
01 March 1886
Painter, Playwright, Writer, Poet, University

Constantine P. CavafyConstantine P. Cavafy
29 April 1863
Poet, Writer, Civil servant, Journalist
Algernon Charles SwinburneAlgernon Charles Swinburne
05 April 1837
Poet, Writer

Edward CarpenterEdward Carpenter
29 August 1844
Poet, Philosopher, Writer
Herbert ReadHerbert Read
04 December 1893
Art historian, Poet, Writer, Philosopher,

Arnold BaxArnold Bax
08 November 1883
Composer, Poet, Writer, Pianist

Samuel PalmerSamuel Palmer
27 January 1805
Painter, Poet

Laurence BinyonLaurence Binyon
10 August 1869
Librarian, Art historian, Author, University

Ivor GurneyIvor Gurney
28 August 1890
Poet, Composer, Author, Writer
Alfred AustinAlfred Austin
30 May 1835
Poet, Novelist, Writer, Journalist

Adelaide Anne ProcterAdelaide Anne Procter
30 October 1825
Writer, Poet

Alfred Edward HousmanAlfred Edward Housman
26 March 1859

George Gordon ByronGeorge Gordon Byron
22 January 1788
Poet, Politician
Martin Farquhar TupperMartin Farquhar Tupper
17 July 1810
Poet, Writer

Adela Florence NicolsonAdela Florence Nicolson
09 April 1865
Poet, Author, Writer
Eliza CookEliza Cook
24 December 1818
Journalist, Poet, Editor

Christina Georgina RossettiChristina Georgina Rossetti
05 December 1830

Edward FitzGeraldEdward FitzGerald
31 March 1809
Poet, Writer
Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.
28 July 1844