People born in the month of December are largely under the influence of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and those born after December 21st are influenced by Capricorn. Generally, individuals born in the month of December are fun to be around and thus make a lot of friends and admirers. These honest and trustworthy individuals are unassuming and amicable, however they often tend to be a little short tempered. They are adventurous, assertive and can be a little assertive at times. Blessed with high spirit and being philosophical by nature people born in December do well in the fields of law, communication and language.  Known for their good sense of humor, these individuals detest any sort of restrictions and take high pride in themselves. They love to indulge themselves in discussions pertaining to knowledge and philosophy and make really great teachers. They are also known for their supportive and generous traits and are extremely emotional individuals who are connected to their past.

Billie EilishBillie Eilish
18 December 2001, American
Kirk DouglasKirk Douglas
09 December 1916, American

Brad PittBrad Pitt
18 December 1963, American

LeBron JamesLeBron James
30 December 1984, American
NBA Star

George VIGeorge VI
14 December 1895, British
Former King of the United Kingdom

Pope FrancisPope Francis
17 December 1936, Argentinian
Taylor Alison Swift Taylor Swift
13 December 1989, American

Jennifer SymeJennifer Syme
07 December 1972, American

Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar
01 December 1949, Colombian
Colombian Drug Lord
Mary, Queen of ScotsMary, Queen of Scots
08 December 1542, Scottish
Queen of Scotland

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers
02 December 1983, American
American football quarterback
Zoë KravitzZoë Kravitz
01 December 1988, American

Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne
03 December 1948, British

Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis Antetokounmpo
06 December 1994, Greek
Basketball Player

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg
18 December 1946, American

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens
14 December 1988, American
Jane FondaJane Fonda
21 December 1937, American
American actress

Tiffany HaddishTiffany Haddish
03 December 1979, American
Actress, Comedian

Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin
18 December 1878, Georgian, Russian
Communist Revolutionary & Ruler of former USSR

Ricky MartinRicky Martin
24 December 1971, Puerto Rican
Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra
12 December 1915, American
Singer and Actor

Kyle ShanahanKyle Shanahan
14 December 1979, American
Football Coach
Katherine SchwarzeneggerKatherine Schwarzenegger
13 December 1989, American
Daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Author

Walt DisneyWalt Disney
05 December 1901, American

Andrew Johnson - 17 President of the United States of America From April 15, 1865 to March 4, 1869Andrew Johnson
29 December 1808, American
Nicki MinajNicki Minaj
08 December 1982, Trinidadian, American

Dean AmbroseDean Ambrose
07 December 1985, American
Wrestler & Actor
04 December 1969, American

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx
13 December 1967, American

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal
19 December 1980, American
22 December 1991, American

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Britney SpearsBritney Spears
02 December 1981, American
Pop Singer
Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld
11 December 1996, American
Actress & Model

Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connelly
12 December 1970, American

Dan BilzerianDan Bilzerian
07 December 1980, Armenian, American
Internet Personality, Gambler

Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
13 December 1929, Canadian
Dick Van DykeDick Van Dyke
13 December 1925, American
Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington
28 December 1954, American
American actor

Ludwig van BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven
16 December 1770, Austrian, German

Jared LetoJared Leto
26 December 1971, American
American actor

Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins
31 December 1937, British, American, Welsh
John LegendJohn Legend
28 December 1978, American

Duncan FergusonDuncan Ferguson
27 December 1971, Scottish
Football Player

Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson
21 December 1948, American

Jude LawJude Law
29 December 1972, British

Chris DaughtryChris Daughtry
26 December 1979, American
Vocalist, Guitarist
Woody AllenWoody Allen
01 December 1935, American
American bass guitarist

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods
30 December 1975, American
Eugene LevyEugene Levy
17 December 1946, Canadian
Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director

Howard HughesHoward Hughes
24 December 1905, American
Entrepreneur, Investor

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera
18 December 1980, American
Srinivasa RamanujanSrinivasa Ramanujan
22 December 1887, Indian

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser
03 December 1968, Canadian, American
Ted DansonTed Danson
29 December 1947, American

Jonah HillJonah Hill
20 December 1983, American

Sarah PaulsonSarah Paulson
17 December 1974, American

Kylian MbappéKylian Mbappé
20 December 1998, French

Ghislaine MaxwellGhislaine Maxwell
25 December 1961, French, British, American
Jane AustenJane Austen
16 December 1775, British

Mao ZedongMao Zedong
26 December 1893, Chinese
Communist Leader of China

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried
03 December 1985, American

Stan LeeStan Lee
28 December 1922, American
Creator of Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron
Ralph FiennesRalph Fiennes
22 December 1962, British

Ratan Tata Ratan Tata
28 December 1937, Indian
Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons
Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling
08 December 1994, British

Justin TrudeauJustin Trudeau
25 December 1971, Canadian
Prime Minister

Don JohnsonDon Johnson
15 December 1949, American
Actor, Producer, Singer, Songwriter
Marisa TomeiMarisa Tomei
04 December 1964, American

Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron
21 December 1977, French
Timothée ChalametTimothée Chalamet
27 December 1995, American

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes
18 December 1978, American

Eli CohenEli Cohen
06 December 1924, Egyptian, Israeli
Milla JovovichMilla Jovovich
17 December 1975, Ukrainian, American

John DenverJohn Denver
31 December 1943, American
Judi DenchJudi Dench
09 December 1934, British

Jon VoightJon Voight
29 December 1938, American

Krysten RitterKrysten Ritter
16 December 1981, American

Dwight HowardDwight Howard
08 December 1985, American
Basketball Player
J. Paul GettyJ. Paul Getty
15 December 1892, British, American
Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky
07 December 1928, American

Finn WolfhardFinn Wolfhard
23 December 2002, Canadian
Actor, Musician

Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges
04 December 1949, American

Jim MorrisonJim Morrison
08 December 1943, American
Maggie SmithMaggie Smith
28 December 1934, British

Catherine of AragonCatherine of Aragon
16 December 1485, British

Edmund KemperEdmund Kemper
18 December 1948, American
Serial Killer

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
Father of the League of Nations

Louis TomlinsonLouis Tomlinson
24 December 1991, British
Charlie PuthCharlie Puth
02 December 1991, American

Humphrey BogartHumphrey Bogart
25 December 1899, American
Jean-Michel BasquiatJean-Michel Basquiat
22 December 1960, American

Larry BirdLarry Bird
07 December 1956, American
Former Basketball Star
Kenneth BranaghKenneth Branagh
10 December 1960, British
Actor, Director
Ada LovelaceAda Lovelace
10 December 1815, British
Countess of Lovelace

Those born in the month of December who are under the influence of Sagittarius- Capricorn cusp are rational and highly optimistic individuals. Known for their outgoing and generous nature, these individuals are extremely loyal and trustworthy and are blessed with a charming personality. However, some of the negative traits of these people are that at times they can be blunt and aggressive and tend to lose their temper very easily. Great thinkers and blessed with great teaching skills, the individuals born on the cusp, love children and are extremely loving and caring towards their partner. They are enthusiastic, spirited and are fond of travelling.