Sociability, humorousness and talkativeness are the common characteristics of people born in the month of June. They are not at all discreet about their personality and they hardly hesitate to show what their real character is. Most of them are born under the zodiac, Gemini, and are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is associated with youth. Individuals born in the month of June often exhibit childlike traits and are cheerful, restless and full of life. They are very intelligent and are extremely inquisitive in nature. Though they are intellectually sound, their lack of concentration power can hinder their career growth. Their analytical bent of mind gives them the capability to see both the sides of a coin. But then, an extremely critical nature makes it hard for them to take decisions. Also, they lack will power and at times rely on others to solve their problems.

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Donald TrumpDonald Trump
14 June 1946, American
45th U.S. President
Kawhi LeonardKawhi Leonard
29 June 1991, American
Basketball Player

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson
19 June 1964, American
British Prime Minister
Kayden BocheKayden Boche
03 June 1985, French

Rafael NadalRafael Nadal
03 June 1986, Spanish
Tennis player

Elon MuskElon Musk
28 June 1971, Canadian, American, South African
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor
Lionel MessiLionel Messi
24 June 1987, Argentinian
Football Player

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
26 June 1993, American
Singer, Actress
Chris PrattChris Pratt
21 June 1979, American

Richard MaddenRichard Madden
18 June 1986, British
Henry VIII of EnglandHenry VIII of England
28 June 1491, British
King of England

Peter DinklagePeter Dinklage
11 June 1969, American
Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman
20 June 1967, Australian, American
Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
04 June 1975, American
Actress, Filmmaker, Activist

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
01 June 1926, American
Stellan SkarsgårdStellan Skarsgård
13 June 1951, Swedish

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp
09 June 1963, American
Alan TuringAlan Turing
23 June 1912, British
Computer Scientist

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman
09 June 1981, Israeli, American
Actress, Producer, Director

Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur
16 June 1971, American
Mike TysonMike Tyson
30 June 1966, American

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney
18 June 1942, British
Kanye WestKanye West
08 June 1977, American
Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer

Adam WeitsmanAdam Weitsman
13 June 1968, American
Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper
03 June 1967, American

George VGeorge V
03 June 1865, British
Former King of the United Kingdom
Judy GarlandJudy Garland
10 June 1922, American
Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg
05 June 1971, American
Actor, Singer

Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana
19 June 1978, American
Dell CurryDell Curry
25 June 1964, American
Basketball Player

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep
22 June 1949, American
American actress
Jürgen KloppJürgen Klopp
16 June 1967, German
Football Manager

Courteney CoxCourteney Cox
15 June 1964, American

Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren
22 June 1949, American
United States Senator
Mohamed SalahMohamed Salah
15 June 1992, Egyptian

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Anthony BourdainAnthony Bourdain
25 June 1956, American
Chef, Author, T.V. Personality
Venus WilliamsVenus Williams
17 June 1980, American
American tennis player

Ross PerotRoss Perot
27 June 1930, American
Independent U.S. Presidential Candidate
Liam NeesonLiam Neeson
07 June 1952, American, Northern Irish

Che GuevaraChe Guevara
14 June 1928, Argentinian
George MichaelGeorge Michael
25 June 1963, British
Anne FrankAnne Frank
12 June 1929, German

Tobey MaguireTobey Maguire
27 June 1975, American
Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey
21 June 1985, American

Mary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate Olsen
13 June 1986, American
Actress, Fashion Designer
George H. W. BushGeorge H. W. Bush
12 June 1924, American
41st U.S. President

Jordan PetersonJordan Peterson
12 June 1962, Canadian
Clinical Psychologist

Khloé KardashianKhloé Kardashian
27 June 1984, American
Television Personality
Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf
11 June 1986, American

Frank LampardFrank Lampard
20 June 1978, British
Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden
21 June 1983, American
Computer Professional, Former CIA Employee

Michael J. FoxMichael J. Fox
09 June 1961, Canadian
Mindy KalingMindy Kaling
24 June 1979, American

Bob FosseBob Fosse
23 June 1927, American
Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman
01 June 1937, American
Bill HaderBill Hader
07 June 1978, American

Selma BlairSelma Blair
23 June 1972, American
Ice CubeIce Cube
15 June 1969, American
American rapper

Iain GlenIain Glen
24 June 1961, British
Tim AllenTim Allen
13 June 1953, American
Actor, Comedian

Tana MongeauTana Mongeau
24 June 1998, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski
07 June 1991, American
Model, Actress
Paula AbdulPaula Abdul
19 June 1962, American
Singer-songwriter, Choreographer, Dancer,

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
18 June 1901, Russian
Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II
Amy SchumerAmy Schumer
01 June 1981, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actress

Kodak BlackKodak Black
11 June 1997, American
Audie MurphyAudie Murphy
20 June 1925, American

Helen KellerHelen Keller
27 June 1880, American
Writer, Member of Socialist Party of America,
Karl UrbanKarl Urban
07 June 1972, New Zealander
Allen IversonAllen Iverson
07 June 1975, American
NBA Star

Colin JostColin Jost
29 June 1982, American
Screenwriter, Actor
Kendrick LamarKendrick Lamar
17 June 1987, American

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger
29 June 1978, American
Zinedine ZidaneZinedine Zidane
23 June 1972, French
Football Player

Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea
07 June 1990, Australian

Boy GeorgeBoy George
14 June 1961, British
Xi JinpingXi Jinping
15 June 1953, Chinese
General Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Lionel RichieLionel Richie
20 June 1949, American
Jussie SmollettJussie Smollett
21 June 1982, American

Neil Patrick HarrisNeil Patrick Harris
15 June 1973, American
Gene WilderGene Wilder
11 June 1933, American

Sergio AgüeroSergio Agüero
02 June 1988, Argentinian
Ashley OlsenAshley Olsen
13 June 1986, American
Camila MendesCamila Mendes
29 June 1994, Brazilian, American
Actress, Model

Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper
22 June 1953, American
Actress, Singer
Kris KritoffersonKris Kristofferson
22 June 1936, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor

Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley
10 June 1965, British
Mel BrooksMel Brooks
28 June 1926, American
American Film Director, Comedian, Actor & Producer

John CusackJohn Cusack
28 June 1966, American
Bear GryllsBear Grylls
07 June 1974, British

Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais
25 June 1961, British
Actor, Comedian
Russell BrandRussell Brand
04 June 1975, British
Comedian, Actor, Radio Host, TV Host

Poppy MontgomeryPoppy Montgomery
15 June 1972, Australian, American
Blake SheltonBlake Shelton
18 June 1976, American

Heidi KlumHeidi Klum
01 June 1973, German
Model, Fashion Designer
Steffi GrafSteffi Graf
14 June 1969, German
Tennis player

Those born in June who fall under the Gemini/Cancer cusp, demonstrate great imagination and tend to be very expressive. Often referred to as the ‘magic cusp’, people under its influence are highly passionate and affectionate. They are extremely family-oriented and enjoy strong bonds with their families and friends. Most of them are food-lovers and are often excellent cooks. When it comes to relationships, they are caring, playful and romantic. Not only are they amicable, they are equally good conversationalists. They are extremely sharp and owing to their impeccable reasoning skills they can reach great heights in their career. People born on this cusp are also peace-lovers and their ingenuous nature helps them build a large friend circle. Their compassionate nature makes them extremely protective towards their close ones.