Famous Musicians From New Jersey

New Jersey has produced a number of Musicians who have made it big. These include Kevin Jonas, Paul Simon, Queen Latifah, Ricky Nelson, Christina Milian and others.

Kevin JonasKevin Jonas
05 November 1987, American
Paul SimonPaul Simon
13 October 1941, American
Singer, Songwriter

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
18 March 1970, American
Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Aactress,

Ricky NelsonRicky Nelson
08 May 1940, American

Christina Milian Christina Milian
26 September 1981, American

Gerard WayGerard Way
09 April 1977, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician
Frank Sinatra Jr.Frank Sinatra Jr.
10 January 1944, American

Zakk Wylde Zakk Wylde
14 January 1967, American

Jake WearyJake Weary
14 February 1990, American

Patti ScialfaPatti Scialfa
29 July 1953, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Bill EvansBill Evans
16 August 1929, American

Dan AvidanDan Avidan
14 March 1979, American
Mickey DeansMickey Deans
24 September 1934, American

Frank IeroFrank Iero
31 October 1981, American

Bea MillerBea Miller
07 February 1999, American
Singer-songwriter, Actress
Mikey WayMikey Way
10 September 1980, American

17 July 1990, American
Ozzie NelsonOzzie Nelson
20 March 1906, American

Nick MassiNick Massi
19 September 1927, American

Ray ToroRay Toro
15 July 1977, American
Guitarist, Songwriter
26 September 1992, American
Hip-hop Artist

Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
02 July 1985, American
Singer, Model, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Voice
Dionne WarwickDionne Warwick
12 December 1940, American
Singer, Actor, Television presenter, Musician

Richie SamboraRichie Sambora
11 July 1959, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Banjoist,

Jay WeinbergJay Weinberg
08 September 1990, American

Pete BurnsPete Burns
05 August 1959, British
Singer, Composer, Singer-songwriter
Glenn DanzigGlenn Danzig
23 June 1955, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist, Songwriter
Donald FagenDonald Fagen
10 January 1948, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist

Clint BlackClint Black
04 February 1962, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Record producer,

Doyle Wolfgang von FrankensteinDoyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
15 September 1964, American
Musician, Guitarist

Count BasieCount Basie
21 August 1904, American
pianist, bandleader, conductor, composer
Sarah VaughanSarah Vaughan
27 March 1924, American
Singer, Jazz musician, Pianist

Mary Chapin CarpenterMary Chapin Carpenter
21 February 1958, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Street artist

Melody GardotMelody Gardot
02 February 1985, American
Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician, Singer,

Wayne ShorterWayne Shorter
25 August 1933, American
composer, saxophonist, jazz musician

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Allen KleinAllen Klein
18 December 1931, American
Record producer, Talent agent, Entrepreneur,
Hussein FatalHussein Fatal
03 April 1977, American
Rapper, Musician

David BryanDavid Bryan
07 February 1962, American
Vincent HerbertVincent Herbert
27 January 1969, American
songwriter, record producer

Robert DeLeoRobert DeLeo
02 February 1966, American
Musician, Bassist

Tom VerlaineTom Verlaine
13 December 1949, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter
Nelson RiddleNelson Riddle
01 June 1921, American
conductor, bandleader, composer, musician

George AntheilGeorge Antheil
08 July 1900, American
Jeordie WhiteJeordie White
20 June 1971, American

Patti RussoPatti Russo
20 May 1964, American
Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Composer

James P. JohnsonJames P. Johnson
01 February 1894, American
composer, pianist, jazz musician

Marc RizzoMarc Rizzo
02 August 1977, American
Guitarist, Musician, Classical guitarist

17 April 1970, American
George RochbergGeorge Rochberg
05 July 1918, American

Little TLittle T
31 October 1974, American

Tommy DeVitoTommy DeVito
19 June 1928, American
singer, musician, guitarist

Adam HorovitzAdam Horovitz
31 October 1966, American
actor, musician, singer, guitarist
Tracy MarrowTracy Marrow
16 February 1958, American

Paul Frederic SimonPaul Frederic Simon
13 October 1941, American
Frederick William Schneider IIIFrederick William Schneider III
01 July 1951, American