Black Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With W

Discover the famous black people whose name starts with W. The list includes people like Will Smith, Whitney Houston, Wilt Chamberlain, Whoopi Goldberg, Wesley Snipes and many more. This list of black celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. Black people featured on this list, include lyricists & songwriters, actors, civil rights activists and jazz musicians. This list of black celebrities whose names start with W includes people from United States, South Africa, Nigeria, France and many more countries.

Will SmithWill Smith
25 September 1968, American
Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston
09 August 1963, American

Wilt ChamberlainWilt Chamberlain
21 August 1936, American
Basketball Player

Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi Goldberg
13 November 1955, American

Wesley SnipesWesley Snipes
31 July 1962, American

Willow SmithWillow Smith
31 October 2000, American
Wayne BradyWayne Brady
02 June 1972, American

W. E. B. Du BoisW. E. B. Du Bois
23 February 1868, Ghanaian
Civil Rights Activists

Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa
08 September 1987, American
Rapper & Songwriter
Wanda SykesWanda Sykes
07 March 1964, American

16 July 1990, Nigerian
Winnie Madikizela-MandelaWinnie Madikizela-Mandela
26 September 1936, South African
Politician, Anti-Apartheid Activist

Wood HarrisWood Harris
17 October 1969, American

Wanya MorrisWanya Morris
29 July 1973, American

Wole SoyinkaWole Soyinka
13 July 1934, Nigerian
Author, Poet, Playwright

Wangari MaathaiWangari Maathai
01 April 1940, Kenyan
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Wes UnseldWes Unseld
14 March 1946, American
Basketball Player

William RutoWilliam Ruto
21 December 1966, Kenyan
Deputy President of Kenya

Wesley WillisWesley Willis
31 May 1963, American

01 June 1996, American
William TubmanWilliam Tubman
29 November 1895, Liberian

21 September 1984, American
15 March 1975, American
Rapper, Singer-songwriter

12 September 1996, American
Singer, Rapper

Wot DennisWot Dennis
03 April 1996, American
YouTube Star
William Jackson HarperWilliam Jackson Harper
08 February 1980, American

W. Kamau BellW. Kamau Bell
26 January 1973, American
Warren SappWarren Sapp
19 December 1972, American
American Football Player

Wendy Raquel RobinsonWendy Raquel Robinson
25 July 1967, American

Warren MoonWarren Moon
18 November 1956, American
American Footballer
William KamkwambaWilliam Kamkwamba
05 August 1987, Malawian

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William GallasWilliam Gallas
17 August 1977, French
Association football player
William DuVallWilliam DuVall
06 September 1967, American

Willy BolyWilly Boly
03 February 1991, French
Football player

Wilfred NdidiWilfred Ndidi
16 December 1996, Nigerien

Wes MontgomeryWes Montgomery
06 March 1923, American
William CarvalhoWilliam Carvalho
07 April 1992, Angolan, Portuguese
Football player
Walt FrazierWalt Frazier
29 March 1945, American
American basketball player

Whitman MayoWhitman Mayo
15 November 1930, American

Willis ReedWillis Reed
25 June 1942, American
Basketball Player

Walter SisuluWalter Sisulu
18 May 1912, South African
Willie StargellWillie Stargell
06 March 1940, American
Baseball player

Willis McGaheeWillis McGahee
21 October 1981, American
American Football Player

W. C. HandyW. C. Handy
16 November 1873, American
Trumpeter, Composer, Songwriter, Autobiographer,

William PerryWilliam Perry
16 December 1962, American
American football player

Whitney Young Jr.Whitney Young
31 July 1921, American
Civil rights activist
Willie McCoveyWillie McCovey
10 January 1938, American
Baseball player

Will PackerWill Packer
11 April 1974, American
Film producer
Wesley MorrisWesley Morris
1975 AD, American
writer, film critic, journalist

William OnyeaborWilliam Onyeabor
26 March 1946, Nigerian

Willy WilliamWilly William
14 April 1981, French, Jamaican
Wayne EmbryWayne Embry
26 March 1937, American
Basketball player and manager

Willie RandolphWillie Randolph
06 July 1954, American
Baseball player
1856 AD, American
Religious leader

Willie LanierWillie Lanier
21 August 1945, American
Football Player

William Wells BrownWilliam Wells Brown
06 November 1814, American
Writer, Historian, Novelist

W.E.B. Du BoisW.E.B. Du Bois
1868 AD, American
Journalist, Educator, Civil Rights Activist

William WarfieldWilliam Warfield
02 January 1920, American
Bass-baritone singer
Wangechi MutuWangechi Mutu
22 June 1972, Kenyan
Artist, Painter

Wyomia TyusWyomia Tyus
29 August 1945, American
Olympic Athlete

Willie BrownWillie Brown
20 March 1934, American

Wallace Henry ThurmanWallace Thurman
16 August 1902, American
William R. TolbertWilliam R. Tolbert
13 May 1913, Liberian
Former President of Liberia

Wilson OrumaWilson Oruma
30 December 1976, Nigerian
Football midfielder
William VainqueurWilliam Vainqueur
19 November 1988, French
Association football player

Wild Bill DavisWild Bill Davis
24 November 1918, American

Warren KimbroWarren Kimbro
29 April 1934, American
William L. PattersonWilliam L. Patterson
27 August 1891, American
Political Leader

William RaspberryWilliam Raspberry
12 October 1935, American
William EdmondsonWilliam Edmondson
1874 AD, American

Willie BarrowWillie Barrow
07 December 1924, American

Willie SimmsWillie Simms
16 January 1870, American
William ModisaneWilliam Modisane
28 August 1923, South African

Wilton D. GregoryWilton D. Gregory
07 December 1947, American
Religious leader
William Christopher HandyWilliam Christopher Handy
16 November 1873, American

Wayman Lawrence TisdaleWayman Lawrence Tisdale
09 June 1964, American
Basketball player

28 December 1916, American
Gospel singer