Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette
02 November 1755, Austrian, French
Hedy LamarrHedy Lamarr
09 November 1914, Austrian, American
Actress, Co-inventor of technology for spread

Christoph WaltzChristoph Waltz
04 October 1956, Austrian, German

Niki LaudaNiki Lauda
22 February 1949, Austrian
Former Formula One driver

Erwin SchrödingerErwin Schrödinger
12 August 1887, Austrian

Ludwig WittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein
26 April 1889, Austrian
Franz Joseph I of AustriaFranz Joseph I of Austria
18 August 1830, Austrian
Emperor of Austria

Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe
08 March 1973, Austrian, German, Ghanaian
Actor, Former Model

Natascha KampuschNatascha Kampusch
17 February 1988, Austrian

Toto WolffToto Wolff
12 January 1972, Austrian
Otto SkorzenyOtto Skorzeny
12 June 1908, Austrian, Spanish
Military Officer

Peter DruckerPeter Drucker
19 November 1909, American
Management Consultant
Maximilian I of MexicoMaximilian I of Mexico
06 July 1832, Austrian

John BannerJohn Banner
28 January 1910, American

Arnold SchoenbergArnold Schoenberg
13 September 1874, Austrian
Barbara ValentinBarbara Valentin
15 December 1940, Austrian

Emilie SchenklEmilie Schenkl
26 December 1910, Austrian
Wife of Subhash Chandra Bose
Maximilian SchellMaximilian Schell
08 December 1930, Swiss
Actor, Director

Anita Bose PfaffAnita Bose Pfaff
29 November 1942, German

Reina TriendlReina Triendl
23 January 1992, Austrian, Japanese
Anna FreudAnna Freud
03 December 1895, Austrian
Founder of psychoanalytic child psychology

Lise MeitnerLise Meitner
07 November 1878, Austrian
Friedensreich HundertwasserFriedensreich Hundertwasser
15 December 1928, Austrian

Ludwig BoltzmannLudwig Boltzmann
20 February 1844, Austrian

Martin BuberMartin Buber
08 February 1878, Austrian, Israeli

Wolfgang PauliWolfgang Pauli
25 April 1900, Austrian
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Hans AspergerHans Asperger
18 February 1906, Austrian
Bibi BeschBibi Besch
01 February 1942, Austrian, American

Konrad LorenzKonrad Lorenz
07 November 1903, Austrian

Maria AltmannMaria Altmann
18 February 1916, Austrian, American
Art Collector

Josef von SternbergJosef von Sternberg
29 May 1894, American
Film Director
Anton WebernAnton Webern
03 December 1883, Austrian
Music Composer

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Alban BergAlban Berg
09 February 1885, Austrian

Oskar Werner Oskar Werner
13 November 1922, Austrian

Christopher AlexanderChristopher Alexander
04 October 1936, American

Karl von FrischKarl von Frisch
20 November 1886, Austrian
Walter KohnWalter Kohn
09 March 1923, Austrian
Physicist and Chemist

Amon GoethAmon Goeth
11 December 1908, Austrian
World War II Nazi Officer
Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
08 May 1899, Austrian, German, British

Róbert BárányRóbert Bárány
22 April 1876, Austrian

FaZe BlazikenFaZe Blaziken
19 August 1996, Austrian, American
YouTube Star
Friedrich von AmerlingFriedrich von Amerling
14 April 1803, Austrian, Hungarian
Portrait Painter

Franz Peter Schubert Franz Peter Schubert
31 January 1797, Austrian
Karl HerzfeldKarl Herzfeld
24 February 1892, Austrian

Josef BicanJosef Bican
25 September 1913, Austrian
Association football player, Association football

Maria von TrappMaria von Trapp
26 January 1905, Austrian, American

David AlabaDavid Alaba
24 June 1992, Austrian
Association football player

Stefan ZweigStefan Zweig
28 November 1881, Austrian, British
Writer, Translator, Journalist, Playwright, Poet,
Leo FrankLeo Frank
29 June 1925, Austrian

Fritz LangFritz Lang
05 December 1890, American
American-Austrian-German filmmaker

Francis LawrenceFrancis Lawrence
26 March 1971, Austrian, American

Johann Strauss IIJohann Strauss II
25 October 1825, Austrian
Charles VI, Holy Roman EmperorCharles VI, Holy Roman Emperor
01 October 1685, Austrian, Spanish, Hungarian

Miep GiesMiep Gies
15 February 1909, Austrian
Leopold I, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
09 June 1640, Austrian, Hungarian

Leopold II, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
05 May 1747, Austrian, Hungarian

Ferdinand I of AustriaFerdinand I of Austria
19 April 1793, Austrian
Brian LaudrupBrian Laudrup
22 February 1969, Austrian, Danish

Rudolf II, Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor
18 July 1552, Austrian
Lotte LenyaLotte Lenya
18 October 1898, Austrian
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor

Felix FrankfurterFelix Frankfurter
15 November 1882, Austrian

Senta BergerSenta Berger
13 May 1941, Austrian, German
Actor, Film producer
Friedrich MandlFriedrich Mandl
09 February 1900, Austrian

Max SteinerMax Steiner
10 May 1888, Austrian, American
Conductor, Composer, Musician, Screenwriter, Film
Ferdinand I of BulgariaFerdinand I of Bulgaria
26 February 1861, German

Maria Theresa of AustriaMaria Theresa of Austria
13 May 1717, Austrian

Ivan IllichIvan Illich
04 September 1926, Austrian
Writer, Historian, Educationist, Philosopher,

Matthias, Holy Roman EmperorMatthias, Holy Roman Emperor
24 February 1557, Austrian
Erich von StroheimErich von Stroheim
22 September 1885, Austrian, French, American
American-Austrian director
Leon AskinLeon Askin
18 September 1907, Austrian
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor

Paul FeyerabendPaul Feyerabend
13 January 1924, Austrian
Philosopher, University teacher

Maria Carolina of AustriaMaria Carolina of Austria
13 August 1752, Austrian

Maria SchellMaria Schell
15 January 1926, Austrian, Swiss
Actor, Writer, Biographer
Joseph I, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph I, Holy Roman Emperor
26 July 1678, Austrian, Hungarian

Melanie KleinMelanie Klein
30 March 1882, Austrian, British

Walter SlezakWalter Slezak
03 May 1902, Austrian
Stage actor, Film actor

Archduke Franz Karl of AustriaArchduke Franz Karl of Austria
07 December 1802, Austrian
Archduke of Austria

Joe ZawinulJoe Zawinul
07 July 1932, Austrian
Pianist, Organist, Composer, Jazz musician,
Bruno BettelheimBruno Bettelheim
28 August 1903, Austrian, American
Writer, Psychologist, University teacher,

Gustav WagnerGustav Wagner
18 July 1911, Austrian
Nazi concentration camp commandant
Heinz-Christian StracheHeinz-Christian Strache
12 June 1969, Austrian
Politician, Dental technician

Johann Strauss IJohann Strauss I
14 March 1804, Austrian
Austrian composer

Otto RankOtto Rank
22 April 1884, Austrian
Fritz KreislerFritz Kreisler
02 February 1875, Austrian, American
Composer, Violinist

Hermine BraunsteinerHermine Braunsteiner
16 July 1919, Austrian
Carl CzernyCarl Czerny
20 February 1791, Austrian
pianist, composer, musicologist, music theorist

Thomas LangThomas Lang
05 August 1967, Austrian
Jazz musician, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Record

Andreas WeimannAndreas Weimann
05 August 1991, Austrian
Association football player

Richard NeutraRichard Neutra
08 April 1892, Austrian, American
Peter L. BergerPeter L. Berger
17 March 1929, Austrian, American
Sociologist, Theologian, University teacher

Karl SilberbauerKarl Silberbauer
21 June 1911, Austrian
Anton WalbrookAnton Walbrook
19 November 1896, Austrian

Maria Leopoldina of AustriaMaria Leopoldina of Austria
22 January 1797, Austrian, Brazilian
Queen consort
Otto WeiningerOtto Weininger
03 April 1880, Austrian
Philosopher, Writer, Psychologist

Roland KickingerRoland Kickinger
30 March 1968, Austrian
Charles II, Archduke of AustriaCharles II, Archduke of Austria
03 June 1540, Austrian
Archduke of Austria