Male Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With G

Discover the male celebrities whose name starts with G. The list includes people like George R. R. Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Giannis Antetokounmpo, George Harrison, George Washington and many more. This list of male celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list are from all domains, such as actors, political leaders, football players and journalists etc. This list of male celebrities whose names start with G includes people from United States, England, Italy, France and other countries all over the world.

George R. R. MartinGeorge R. R. Martin
20 September 1948, American
Screenwriter, Novelist
Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay
08 November 1966, British, Scottish

Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis Antetokounmpo
06 December 1994, Greek
Basketball Player

George HarrisonGeorge Harrison
25 February 1943, British

George WashingtonGeorge Washington
22 February 1732, American
First U.S. President

George W. BushGeorge W. Bush
06 July 1946, American
43rd U.S. President
Gerard ButlerGerard Butler
13 November 1969, Scottish

George MichaelGeorge Michael
25 June 1963, British

Genghis KhanGenghis Khan
1162 AD, Mongolian
Khagan of the Mongol Empire

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney
06 May 1961, American
George H. W. BushGeorge H. W. Bush
12 June 1924, American
41st U.S. President

Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha
0563 BC, Nepalese
Founder of Buddhism
Gareth BaleGareth Bale
16 July 1989, British

Gary OldmanGary Oldman
21 March 1958, British

Gerald FordGerald Ford
14 July 1913, American
President of the USA
Gene WilderGene Wilder
11 June 1933, American

Gennady GolovkinGennady Golovkin
08 April 1982, Kazakh
Professional boxer
Gianluigi BuffonGianluigi Buffon
28 January 1978, Italian

Guy RitchieGuy Ritchie
10 September 1968, British
Filmmaker & Businessman

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel
Glenn FreyGlenn Frey
06 November 1948, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actor

George CarlinGeorge Carlin
12 May 1937, American
George III of the United KingdomGeorge III of the United Kingdom
04 June 1738, British

George OrwellGeorge Orwell
25 June 1903, British

George ForemanGeorge Foreman
10 January 1949, American

Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro
09 October 1964, Mexican
Filmmaker, Screenwriter
Greg WiseGreg Wise
15 May 1966, British
Actor, Emma Thompson’s Husband
Gene HackmanGene Hackman
30 January 1930, American
Actor and Author

24 May 1989, American

George SorosGeorge Soros
12 August 1930, Hungarian, American
Investor, Philanthropist

Georges St-PierreGeorges St-Pierre
19 May 1981, Canadian
Mixed Martial Artist
Gene SimmonsGene Simmons
25 August 1949, Israeli, American

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Gus GrissomGus Grissom
03 April 1926, American

Gabriel IglesiasGabriel Iglesias
15 July 1976, American
Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor

Guy FieriGuy Fieri
22 January 1968, American
Restaurateur, Cookbook Author

Antonino Giovanni Ribisi Giovanni Ribisi
17 December 1974, American
Gregory PeckGregory Peck
05 April 1916, American

11 April 1969, American
Professional Wrestler
George LucasGeorge Lucas
14 May 1944, American
Film Director

George EzraGeorge Ezra
07 June 1993, British

Gerard PiquéGerard Piqué
02 February 1987, Spanish
Football Player
Gaten MatarazzoGaten Matarazzo
08 September 2002, American

Gabriel MachtGabriel Macht
22 January 1972, American
Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland
18 March 1837, American
President of the U.S.A

GG AllinGG Allin
29 August 1956, American
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Guy PearceGuy Pearce
05 October 1967, Australian, British

Gucci ManeGucci Mane
12 February 1980, American
Hip Hop Singer

Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes
13 April 1570, British
George WallaceGeorge Wallace
25 August 1919, American

Garry ShandlingGarry Shandling
29 November 1949, American
Stand-up Comedian

Gary VaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk
14 November 1975, Belarusian, American

Gary CooperGary Cooper
07 May 1901, American
American film actor
George StraitGeorge Strait
18 May 1952, American
American singer

Gary ColemanGary Coleman
08 February 1968, American
Gerard WayGerard Way
09 April 1977, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician

Gordon BrownGordon Brown
20 February 1951, British

Gary SiniseGary Sinise
17 March 1955, American
Graham NortonGraham Norton
04 April 1963, Irish

Grant GustinGrant Gustin
14 January 1990, American
Gavin RossdaleGavin Rossdale
30 October 1965, British

Grigori PerelmanGrigori Perelman
13 June 1966, Russian

Giancarlo EspositoGiancarlo Esposito
26 April 1958, Danish, American
Gary ColeGary Cole
20 September 1956, American

Glen CampbellGlen Campbell
22 April 1936, American
George Armstrong CusterGeorge Armstrong Custer
05 December 1839, American
Military Officer

Gregg PopovichGregg Popovich
28 January 1949, American
Basketball Coach

George WeahGeorge Weah
1966 AD, Liberian
25th President of Liberia

George StephanopoulosGeorge Stephanopoulos
10 February 1961, American
Guru NanakGuru Nanak
15 April 1469, Indian
Sikh Guru
Gregg AllmanGregg Allman
08 December 1947, American
Singer, Guitarist

Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot
17 November 1938, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Garrett HedlundGarrett Hedlund
03 September 1984, American
Actor, Model, Singer

George Bernard ShawGeorge Bernard Shaw
26 July 1856, Irish
Gary LinekerGary Lineker
30 November 1960, British

George BestGeorge Best
22 May 1946, British, Northern Irish

Kwon Ji Yong G-Dragon
18 August 1988, South Korean

George TakeiGeorge Takei
20 April 1937, American
Actor, Activist

16 June 1829, American
Julius Henry MarkGroucho Marx
02 October 1890, American

Gegard MousasiGegard Mousasi
01 August 1985, Dutch
Mixed Martial Artist
Gong YooGong Yoo
10 July 1979, South Korean

Gabriel ByrneGabriel Byrne
12 May 1950, Irish

Gerald McRaneyGerald McRaney
19 August 1947, American
Garret DillahuntGarret Dillahunt
24 November 1964, American

Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov
01 December 1896, Russian
Military Commander
Gavrilo PrincipGavrilo Princip
25 July 1894, Bosnian, Czech, Serbian
Assassinator of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Gene RoddenberryGene Roddenberry
19 August 1921, American

Gary BurghoffGary Burghoff
24 May 1943, American

Gamal Abdel NasserGamal Abdel Nasser
15 January 1918, Egyptian
Political Leader of Egypt
Graham ChapmanGraham Chapman
08 January 1941, British

Gustav KlimtGustav Klimt
14 July 1862, Austrian
Geoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey Chaucer
1343 AD, British

George C. ScottGeorge C. Scott
18 October 1927, American
American film actor
Gaur Gopal DasGaur Gopal Das
24 December 1973, Indian
Spiritual Leader, Motivational Speaker

Geraldo RiveraGeraldo Rivera
04 July 1943, American
Glenn FordGlenn Ford
01 May 1916, Canadian