‘Democrat’ is a term used to refer to a member of the Democratic Party, an American political outfit. The Democratic Party is the brainchild of former political stalwart Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States and was founded in 1828. Since then several leaders of the Democratic Party have been sworn in for the position of America’s supreme leader. Woodrow Wilson, Harry S Truman, Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy are considered to be the best Democrat Presidents of all time. During recent times, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were praised for their styles of governance and both these individuals were the darlings of the American masses. Obama doesn’t just hold the record for being the first black president in American history, but he is also praised for his unique initiatives such as ‘Obamacare’. Here are the names of other famous Democrats who are known worldwide for their glorious political careers.
Barack ObamaBarack Obama
04 August 1961, American
44th U.S. President
Charlize TheronCharlize Theron
07 August 1975, American, South African

John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy
29 May 1917, American
35th President of the United States

Tom HanksTom Hanks
09 July 1956, American
Academy Award Winning Actor

Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi
26 March 1940, American

Bill ClintonBill Clinton
19 August 1946, American
Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter
01 October 1924, American
39th U.S. President

Lyndon B. JohnsonLyndon B. Johnson
27 August 1908, American
36th President of the U.S.A

Harrison FordHarrison Ford
13 July 1942, American
American actor
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
26 October 1947, American
Former First Lady, Political Leader

Jefferson DavisJefferson Davis
03 June 1808, American
Former President of the Confederate States of
Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland
18 March 1837, American
President of the U.S.A

Robert ByrdRobert Byrd
20 November 1917, American

Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia
08 July 1977, American

Ethan HawkeEthan Hawke
06 November 1970, American

Shirley ChisholmShirley Chisholm
30 November 1924, American
Ashley JuddAshley Judd
19 April 1968, American
Actress and Activist

Gregory PeckGregory Peck
05 April 1916, American

James BuchananJames Buchanan
23 April 1791, American
15th U.S. President

Tony CurtisTony Curtis
03 June 1925, American
Film actor
James WoodsJames Woods
18 April 1947, American
Actor, Producer, Voice Artist

John LewisJohn Lewis
21 February 1940, American
Former United States Representative
Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11 October 1884, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Jesse JacksonJesse Jackson
08 October 1941, American
Civil Rights Activist

Stephen ColbertStephen Colbert
13 May 1964, American
American comedian
Martin Van BurenMartin Van Buren
05 December 1782, American

Walter MondaleWalter Mondale
05 January 1928, American
The 42nd Vice President of the U.S.A.
Tim KaineTim Kaine
26 February 1958, American
Vice Presidential Running Mate of Hillary Clinton

Franklin PierceFranklin Pierce
23 November 1804, American

Jean HarlowJean Harlow
03 March 1911, American
Hollywood Sex Symbol of the 1930s
Davy CrockettDavy Crockett
17 August 1786, American

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Jerry BrownJerry Brown
07 April 1938, American
34th and 39th Governor of California
John GlennJohn Glenn
18 July 1921, American
Tthe First American to Orbit the Earth

Valerie JarrettValerie Jarrett
14 November 1956, American

Huey LongHuey Long
30 August 1893, American

Hubert HumphreyHubert Humphrey
27 May 1911, American
38th Vice President of the U.S
Madeleine AlbrightMadeleine Albright
15 May 1937, American
Politician & Diplomat
Jerry SpringerJerry Springer
13 February 1944, British, American
Talk Show Host, Former Politician, Former News

Ken BurnsKen Burns
29 July 1953, American
Documentary Filmmaker

Pancho VillaPancho Villa
05 June 1878, Mexican

Henry A. WallaceHenry A. Wallace
07 October 1888, American
33rd Vice President of the U.S.A.
Denis LearyDenis Leary
18 August 1957, American

Calvin KleinCalvin Klein
19 November 1942, American
Fashion Designer

Adlai Stevenson IIAdlai Stevenson II
05 February 1900, American

Al FrankenAl Franken
21 May 1951, American

Sheikh HasinaSheikh Hasina
28 September 1947, Bangladeshi
Prime Minister of Bangladesh
William Jennings BryanWilliam Jennings Bryan
19 March 1860, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Marion BarryMarion Barry
06 March 1936, American
Tom HaydenTom Hayden
11 December 1939, American
Political Activist

Hannibal HamlinHannibal Hamlin
27 August 1809, American
15th Vice President of the U.S.A

Hosea WilliamsHosea Williams
05 January 1926, American
Civil Rights Leader
Dolley MadisonDolley Madison
20 May 1768, American

Barbara JordanBarbara Jordan
21 February 1936, American
John Nance GarnerJohn Nance Garner
22 November 1868, American
32nd Vice President of the United States

Wole SoyinkaWole Soyinka
13 July 1934, Nigerian
Author, Poet, Playwright

Arne DuncanArne Duncan
06 November 1964, American

Clarence DarrowClarence Darrow
18 April 1857, American

Alben W. BarkleyAlben W. Barkley
24 November 1877, American
35th Vice President of the U.S
Alger HissAlger Hiss
11 November 1904, American

James RooseveltJames Roosevelt
23 December 1907, American
United States Congressman, US Military Officer,

James A. MichenerJames A. Michener
03 February 1907, American

John LindsayJohn Lindsay
24 November 1921, American
Politician, Former Mayor of New York City
Sam RayburnSam Rayburn
06 January 1882, American
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Raila OdingaRaila Odinga
07 January 1945, Kenyan
Former Prime Minister of Kenya
Robert H. JacksonRobert H. Jackson
13 February 1892, American

Adlai Stevenson IAdlai Stevenson I
23 October 1835, American
23rd Vice President of the United States

José Eduardo dos SantosJosé Eduardo dos Santos
28 August 1942, Angolan
President of Angola
Steven ChuSteven Chu
28 February 1948, American
Former United States Secretary of Energy

Kinky FriedmanKinky Friedman
01 November 1944, American
Country Singer, Songwriter, Novelist
Arthur M SchlesingerArthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
15 October 1917, American

Traian BăsescuTraian Băsescu
04 November 1951, Romanian
Former President of Romania

Alphonse de LamartineAlphonse de Lamartine
21 October 1790, French
Gideon WellesGideon Welles
01 July 1802, American

Stephan DouglasStephen Douglas
23 April 1813, American
The Designer of the Kansas–Nebraska Act
Carl StokesCarl Stokes
21 June 1927, American
Former Mayor of Cleveland

John Dramani MahamaJohn Dramani Mahama
29 November 1958, Ghanaian
President of Ghana

Joaquim ChissanoJoaquim Chissano
22 October 1939, Portuguese
Former President of Mozambique

Sam RainsySam Rainsy
10 March 1949, Cambodian
Valeriya NovodvorskayaValeriya Novodvorskaya
17 May 1950, Russian
Russian Politician
Bob WiseBob Wise
06 January 1948, American
Former Governor of West Virginia

Martín TorrijosMartín Torrijos
18 July 1963, Panamanian

Enrique BolañosEnrique Bolaños
13 May 1928, Nicaraguan
Former President of Nicaragua

Lincoln DavisLincoln Davis
13 September 1943, American
Former U.S. Representative
André-Marie MbidaAndré-Marie Mbida
01 January 1917, Cameroonian

Mark WhiteMark White
17 March 1940, American
Former Governor of Texas

Justin Randall TimberlakeJustin Randall Timberlake
31 January 1981, American
American singer-songwriter

Al SharptonAl Sharpton
03 October 1954, American
Film actor, Radio personality, Actor, Politician

Joe Kennedy IIIJoe Kennedy III
04 October 1980, American
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
06 September 1888, American
Business person

Ann RichardsAnn Richards
01 September 1933, American
Pramila JayapalPramila Jayapal
21 September 1965, Indian

Rahm EmanuelRahm Emanuel
29 November 1959, American
John EdwardsJohn Edwards
10 June 1953, American
Politician, Lawyer, Writer, Podcaster
George McGovernGeorge McGovern
19 July 1922, American
Politician, Soldier, Historian