Science has been a driving force behind the evolution of the modern world. The hard work and dedication of scientists have led to the evolution of sophisticated automobiles and better medical facilities. Scientists belonging to countries like Britain have made immense contributions in the fields of physics and biology. Charles Darwin is one such genius belonging to the nation who proposed the famous theory which tried to explore the reasons behind the birth and evolution of living organisms. British physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton revolutionized the field of science through his incredible discoveries such as the ‘Newton’s Laws of Motion’ and others. Compiling a list of British scientists and their contributions towards science would seem to be never ending. J.J Thompson, Michael Faraday, Malcolm Brenner and Ralph Benjamin are a few other prominent scientists produced by the country. Some of the discoveries and inventions of these scientists have even inspired many people to embrace science as a career. Many British scientists have been honored on quite a few occasions for their splendid work. We present to you a collection of biographies of popular scientists belonging to Britain. Discover their life stories, and interesting trivia & facts related to their lives in this section.
Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking
08 January 1942
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist
Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
04 January 1643

Alan TuringAlan Turing
23 June 1912

Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin
17 January 1706
Founding Father of the United States

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin
12 February 1809
Naturalist, Geologist

Ada LovelaceAda Lovelace
10 December 1815
Countess of Lovelace
Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins
26 March 1941
Evolutionary Biologist

Tim Berners-LeeTim Berners-Lee
08 June 1955
Inventor of the World Wide Web

Bertrand RussellBertrand Russell
18 May 1872

Michael FaradayMichael Faraday
22 September 1791
Physicist & Chemist
Lewis CarrollLewis Carroll
27 January 1832
Author, Mathematician and Photographer

Charles BabbageCharles Babbage
26 December 1791
Father of the computer
Alexander FlemingAlexander Fleming
06 August 1881
Biologist, Pharmacologist, Discovered Penicillin

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
30 August 1871
Physicist, Chemist

William RamsayWilliam Ramsay
02 October 1852
Rosalind FranklinRosalind Franklin
25 July 1920

John DaltonJohn Dalton
06 September 1766
Robert HookeRobert Hooke
28 July 1635

J J ThompsonJ. J. Thomson
18 December 1856
Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

Paul DiracPaul Dirac
08 August 1902
John Logie BairdJohn Logie Baird
13 August 1888

Francis CrickFrancis Crick
08 June 1916
Co-discoverer of the Structure of the DNA
Venkatraman RamakrishnanVenkatraman Ramakrishnan
1952 AD
Structural biologist

Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist

Joseph PriestleyJoseph Priestley
24 March 1733
Discoverer of Oxygen

Humphry DavyHumphry Davy
17 December 1778
Inventor of Davy Lamp
Joseph ListerJoseph Lister
05 April 1827
Surgeon and Scientist
James ChadwickJames Chadwick
20 October 1891
Discoverer of Neutron

Robert BoyleRobert Boyle
25 January 1627
Founder of Modern Chemistry, Boyle's Law

George BooleGeorge Boole
02 November 1815
Mathematician, Philosopher and Logician

William HerschelWilliam Herschel
15 November 1738
Astronomer, Composer
G. H. HardyG. H. Hardy
07 February 1877

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Alfred North WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead
15 February 1861
Mathematician, Philosopher

Thomas Henry HuxleyThomas Henry Huxley
04 May 1825

Ronald RossRonald Ross
13 May 1857
Medical doctor

Edmond HalleyEdmond Halley
08 November 1656
Henry MoseleyHenry Moseley
23 November 1887

Chaim WeizmannChaim Weizmann
27 November 1874
Former President of Israel
Henry CavendishHenry Cavendish
10 October 1731

James Prescott JouleJames Prescott Joule
24 December 1818

Frederick SangerFrederick Sanger
13 August 1918
Dorothy HodgkinDorothy Hodgkin
12 May 1910

Joseph BanksJoseph Banks
24 February 1743
Marie StopesMarie Stopes
15 October 1880
Paleobotanist & Women’s Rights Activists

Arthur EddingtonArthur Eddington
28 December 1882

Charles LyellCharles Lyell
14 November 1797

Henry Fox TalbotHenry Fox Talbot
11 February 1800

Maurice Hugh Frederick WilkinsMaurice Wilkins
15 December 1916
Robert WinstonRobert Winston
15 July 1940
Surgeon, Scientist, TV Presenter

John TyndallJohn Tyndall
02 August 1820

John VennJohn Venn
04 August 1834

Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetSir George Stokes, 1st Baronet
13 August 1819
Peter Brian Medwar Peter Medawar
28 February 1915

Lord KelvinLord Kelvin
26 June 1824
Mathematician, Physicist
William Henry BraggWilliam Henry Bragg
02 July 1862
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

Aaron KlugAaron Klug
11 August 1926
Chemist & Biophysicist

Charles Scott SherringtonCharles Scott Sherrington
27 November 1857
Andrew Fielding HuxleyAndrew Huxley
22 November 1917
Physiologist & Biophysicist

Arthur CayleyArthur Cayley
16 August 1821
George Paget ThomsonGeorge Paget Thomson
03 May 1892

Frederick SoddyFrederick Soddy
02 September 1877

John CockcroftJohn Cockcroft
27 May 1897
Richard J. RobertsRichard J. Roberts
06 September 1943
Biochemist, Molecular Biologist

Salvador MoncadaSalvador Moncada
03 December 1944
Honduran-British pharmacologist and professor
Brian JosephsonBrian Josephson
04 January 1940

Max Ferdinand Perutz Max Perutz
19 May 1914
Molecular Biologist

Patrick BlackettPatrick Blackett
18 November 1897

Henry Hallett DaleHenry Hallett Dale
09 June 1875
Physiologist & Pharmacologist
Francis William AstonFrancis William Aston
01 September 1877
Chemist & Physicist
Archibald HillArchibald Hill
26 September 1886

Alan Lloyd HodgkinAlan Lloyd Hodgkin
05 February 1914
Biophysicist & Physiologist

Frederick Gowland HopkinsFrederick Gowland Hopkins
20 June 1861
English biochemist

Charles Thomson Rees WilsonCharles Thomson Rees Wilson
14 February 1869
Lor RayleighLord Rayleigh
12 November 1842
Discoverer of Argon

Norman HaworthNorman Haworth
19 March 1883

Antony HewishAntony Hewish
11 May 1924
Radio Astronomer

John CornforthJohn Cornforth
07 September 1917
Nobel Prize Winner Chemist

Allan McLeod Cormack Allan McLeod Cormack
23 February 1924
John E. WalkerJohn E. Walker
07 January 1941

Martin RyleMartin Ryle
27 September 1918
Nevill Francis Mott Nevill Francis Mott
30 September 1905

John KendrewJohn Kendrew
24 March 1917
Biochemist and Crystallographer

Henry FauldsHenry Faulds
01 June 1843
Edward Victor AppletonEdward Victor Appleton
06 September 1892

Charles Glover BarklaCharles Glover Barkla
07 June 1877
Derek Harold Richard BartonDerek Barton
08 September 1918

Robert BrownRobert Brown
21 December 1773

Geoffrey Wilkinson Geoffrey Wilkinson
14 July 1921

Edward Arthur MilneEdward Arthur Milne
14 February 1896
 Owen Willans RichardsonOwen Willans Richardson
26 April 1879

Cecil Frank Powell C. F. Powell
05 December 1903
William HopkinsWilliam Hopkins
02 February 1793
Mathematician, Geologist

John James Rickard MacleodJohn James Rickard Macleod
06 September 1876
Biochemist & Physiologist
J.B.S. HaldaneJ.B.S. Haldane
05 November 1892

Sir Christopher WrenSir Christopher Wren
20 October 1632
Archer John Porter MartinArcher Martin
01 March 1910