Famous People From England
Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary field of science that involves the study of molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, organic and inorganic chemistry. Professionals in the subject study the structure, composition, chemical process and chemical reactions in living organism. The work of biochemists is applicable in various fields including medicine, food science, agriculture and industry. Biochemists are mostly involved in analysing the chemical reactions in the cells and tissues of living things, studying the expression of genes, and researching on the effects of food, medicine and other substances on living tissues. Like other countries of the world, Britain has been home to several prominent and noteworthy biochemists of the world who through their research have added new dimension to the field of study. They have made crucial discoveries that have broadened the perspective of the subject. Be it Richard J Roberts and his discovery of the mechanism of gene splicing or Dorothy Hodgkin and her work on the structure of penicillin, insulin and vitamin B12. Britain is also home of two times Nobel Prize winning biochemist Frederick Sanger who discovered the Sanger method for sequencing the DNA. Find out in details about British biochemists, their life, their career and their scientific discoveries through this segment.
Frederick SangerFrederick Sanger
13 August 1918
Dorothy HodgkinDorothy Hodgkin
12 May 1910

Richard J. RobertsRichard J. Roberts
06 September 1943
Biochemist, Molecular Biologist

Frederick Gowland HopkinsFrederick Gowland Hopkins
20 June 1861
English biochemist

John KendrewJohn Kendrew
24 March 1917
Biochemist and Crystallographer

John James Rickard MacleodJohn James Rickard Macleod
06 September 1876
Biochemist & Physiologist
Arthur Harden Arthur Harden
12 October 1865

Richard Laurence Millington Synge Richard Laurence Millington Synge
28 October 1914

Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
22 September 1920
Rodney R. PorterRodney R. Porter
08 October 1917

Rupert SheldrakeRupert Sheldrake
28 June 1942
Tim HuntTim Hunt
19 February 1943
Biochemist, Chemist

Peter D. MitchellPeter D. Mitchell
29 September 1920

Gregory WinterGregory Winter
14 April 1951
British biochemst

Tomas LindahlTomas Lindahl
28 January 1938

John VaneJohn Vane
29 March 1927
Rodney Robert PorterRodney Robert Porter
08 October 1917

Norman HeatleyNorman Heatley
10 January 1911

Lancelot WareLancelot Ware
05 June 1915

Arthur PeacockeArthur Peacocke
29 November 1924
Theologian and Biochemist
Edward AbrahamEdward Abraham
10 June 1913

Norman PirieNorman Pirie
01 July 1907
Hans KosterlitzHans Kosterlitz
27 April 1903

Muriel Wheldale OnslowMuriel Wheldale Onslow
31 March 1880