Imagine the world without the likes of Sir Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Michael Faraday, Paul Dirac or James Maxwell! Insane, isn’t it? Though we do not have them all in person today, their discoveries have inventions have made them immortals so much so that their presence is perennially felt in their discoveries and inventions. Each of them and many other British physicists have greatly contributed to the world, through their intensive research of the physical phenomenon and natural science, involving the study of matter and related concepts. It is through their discoveries and invention that natural forces like gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear interaction have been best understood. The pioneering work of these great British physicists has been acting as a source of inspiration for budding new-generation scientists who, through their intensive study and research, have made a name for themselves, be it Roger Penrose and his contribution to general relativity and cosmology or Brian Edward Cox and his career in high-energy particle physics, David Bohm and his study of quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of the mind or Paul Davies and his findings in the field of cosmology, quantum field theory and astrobiology. Check out the life and works of some famous British physicists.
Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking
08 January 1942
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist
Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
04 January 1643

Michael FaradayMichael Faraday
22 September 1791
Physicist & Chemist

Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
30 August 1871
Physicist, Chemist

J J ThompsonJ. J. Thomson
18 December 1856
Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

Robert HookeRobert Hooke
28 July 1635
Paul DiracPaul Dirac
08 August 1902

Robert BoyleRobert Boyle
25 January 1627
Founder of Modern Chemistry, Boyle's Law

James ChadwickJames Chadwick
20 October 1891
Discoverer of Neutron
Henry CavendishHenry Cavendish
10 October 1731

Henry MoseleyHenry Moseley
23 November 1887
James Prescott JouleJames Prescott Joule
24 December 1818

Arthur EddingtonArthur Eddington
28 December 1882

John TyndallJohn Tyndall
02 August 1820

Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetSir George Stokes, 1st Baronet
13 August 1819

Lord KelvinLord Kelvin
26 June 1824
Mathematician, Physicist
William Henry BraggWilliam Henry Bragg
02 July 1862
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

John CockcroftJohn Cockcroft
27 May 1897

Patrick BlackettPatrick Blackett
18 November 1897

George Paget ThomsonGeorge Paget Thomson
03 May 1892
Brian JosephsonBrian Josephson
04 January 1940

Francis William AstonFrancis William Aston
01 September 1877
Chemist & Physicist
Martin RyleMartin Ryle
27 September 1918

Edward Victor AppletonEdward Victor Appleton
06 September 1892

Antony HewishAntony Hewish
11 May 1924
Radio Astronomer
Charles Glover BarklaCharles Glover Barkla
07 June 1877

Lor RayleighLord Rayleigh
12 November 1842
Discoverer of Argon
Charles Thomson Rees WilsonCharles Thomson Rees Wilson
14 February 1869

Allan McLeod Cormack Allan McLeod Cormack
23 February 1924

Cecil Frank Powell C. F. Powell
05 December 1903
Nevill Francis Mott Nevill Francis Mott
30 September 1905

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 Owen Willans RichardsonOwen Willans Richardson
26 April 1879
Sir William Lawrence BraggSir William Lawrence Bragg
31 March 1890
Nobel Laureate in Physics

William GilbertWilliam Gilbert
24 May 1544
Astronomer, Physicist and Physician

Cyril DombCyril Domb
09 December 1920
Theoretical Physicist

Freeman DysonFreeman Dyson
15 December 1923
Mathematician, Theoretical physicist, Nuclear
James Clerk MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell
13 June 1831
Roger PenroseRoger Penrose
08 August 1931
Mathematician, Physicist, Writer, Philosopher,

Stephen WolframStephen Wolfram
29 August 1959
Mathematician, Physicist, Computer scientist,

Peter HiggsPeter Higgs
29 May 1929

Oliver HeavisideOliver Heaviside
18 May 1850
Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Telegraphy
Jocelyn Bell BurnellJocelyn Bell Burnell
15 July 1943
Astronomer, Astrophysicist

Charles K. KaoCharles K. Kao
04 November 1933
Physicist, Engineer, Scientist, Inventor,

Joseph SwanJoseph Swan
31 October 1828
Chemist, Physicist, Inventor

David DeutschDavid Deutsch
18 May 1953

Fred HoyleFred Hoyle
24 June 1915
Screenwriter, Astronomer, Writer, Physicist,
Charles WheatstoneCharles Wheatstone
06 February 1802
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer,

Andre GeimAndre Geim
21 October 1958
Physicist, Inventor, Professor, Scientist
William WhewellWilliam Whewell
24 May 1794
Economist, Physicist, Historian, Philosopher,

William CrookesWilliam Crookes
17 June 1832
Chemist, Physicist, Psychic

George Biddell AiryGeorge Biddell Airy
27 July 1801
Mathematician, Astronomer, Physicist, University
John PolkinghorneJohn Polkinghorne
16 October 1930
Physicist, Theoretical physicist

Joseph BlackJoseph Black
16 April 1728
Chemist, Physicist, Scientist, University teacher
David BrewsterDavid Brewster
11 December 1781
Botanist, Civil engineer, Physicist, Engineer,

Konstantin NovoselovKonstantin Novoselov
23 August 1974

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount CherwellFrederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell
05 April 1886
Physicist, Politician, University teacher

James DewarJames Dewar
20 September 1842
Physicist, Chemist, Inventor

Hertha AyrtonHertha Ayrton
28 April 1854
John Ambrose FlemingJohn Ambrose Fleming
29 November 1849
Inventor, Physicist, Engineer, University teacher

David J. C. MacKayDavid J. C. MacKay
22 April 1967
Physicist, Computer scientist, Professor

Stephen HalesStephen Hales
17 September 1677
Botanist, Physicist, Chemist

Oliver LodgeOliver Lodge
12 June 1851
Physicist, Engineer
Brian CoxBrian Cox
03 March 1968

Joseph RotblatJoseph Rotblat
04 November 1908
William John Macquorn RankineWilliam John Macquorn Rankine
05 July 1820
Engineer, Physicist, Civil engineer, University

Duncan HaldaneDuncan Haldane
14 September 1951

Osborne ReynoldsOsborne Reynolds
23 August 1842
Physicist, Civil engineer, Engineer
J. Michael KosterlitzJ. Michael Kosterlitz
22 June 1943

Dennis W. SciamaDennis W. Sciama
18 November 1926
Physicist, Astrophysicist
Maurice WilkesMaurice Wilkes
26 June 1913
Computer scientist, Engineer, Physicist,

William WhistonWilliam Whiston
09 December 1667
Mathematician, Physicist, Historian, University

Denis PapinDenis Papin
22 August 1647
French physicist
Lewis Fry RichardsonLewis Fry Richardson
11 October 1881
Paramedic, Cartographer, Mathematician,

George Johnstone StoneyGeorge Johnstone Stoney
15 February 1826
Rudolf PeierlsRudolf Peierls
05 June 1907
Theoretical physicist, University teacher

Peter MansfieldPeter Mansfield
09 October 1933

Anthony James LeggettAnthony James Leggett
26 March 1938
Physicist, University teacher

William Hyde WollastonWilliam Hyde Wollaston
06 August 1766
Chemist, Physicist, Engineer, Metallurgist
Raymond GoslingRaymond Gosling
15 July 1926
Physicist, Scientist, university teacher
William SturgeonWilliam Sturgeon
22 May 1783
Physicist, Inventor

John Frederic DaniellJohn Frederic Daniell
12 March 1790

Bruno PontecorvoBruno Pontecorvo
22 August 1913
Physicist, Nuclear scientist

G. I. TaylorG. I. Taylor
07 March 1886
Physicist, Engineer, Mathematician, Meteorologist
Charles Galton DarwinCharles Galton Darwin
18 December 1887
Physicist, University teacher

John Desmond BernalJohn Desmond Bernal
10 May 1901
Physicist, Philosopher, Inventor, University

Joseph LarmorJoseph Larmor
11 July 1857

Alan Nunn MayAlan Nunn May
02 May 1911

C. H. DouglasC. H. Douglas
20 January 1879
Bernard LovellBernard Lovell
31 August 1913
Astronomer, Physicist

Horace LambHorace Lamb
27 November 1849
John Henry PoyntingJohn Henry Poynting
09 September 1852
Physicist, University teacher

Tom KibbleTom Kibble
23 December 1932
William Penney, Baron PenneyWilliam Penney, Baron Penney
24 June 1909
James Hopwood JeansJames Hopwood Jeans
11 September 1877
Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer