Famous People Born In 1906

Discover the most famous people born in 1906. The list includes people like Ed Gein, Adolf Eichmann, Grace Hopper, Leonid Brezhnev, Samuel Beckett and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, physicists and novelists born in 1906. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & Italy and many more countries.

Ed GeinEd Gein
27th August, American
Otto Adolf EichmannAdolf Eichmann
19th March, German
One of the Main Organizers of the Holocaust

Aristotle OnassisAristotle Onassis
15th January, Greek
Business magnate

Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev
19th December, Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

R. K. NarayanR. K. Narayan
10th October, Indian

Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
28th February, American
Chandra Shekhar AzadChandra Shekhar Azad
23rd July, Indian

7th February, Chinese
Last Emperor of China

Josephine BakerJosephine Baker
3rd June, French

John HustonJohn Huston
5th August, American
Film Director
Hannah ArendtHannah Arendt
14th October, German

Samuel BeckettSamuel Beckett
13th April, Irish
Novelist, Playwright, Theater Director
John CarradineJohn Carradine
5th February, American

Grace HopperGrace Hopper
9th December, American
Computer Scientist

Dietrich BonhoefferDietrich Bonhoeffer
4th February, German
George SandersGeorge Sanders
3rd July, Spanish, Russian

Louise BrooksLouise Brooks
14th November, American
Billy WilderBilly Wilder
22nd June, American

Bea BenaderetBea Benaderet
4th April, American

Faisal of Saudi ArabiaFaisal of Saudi Arabia
14th April, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia
Robert E howardRobert E. Howard
22nd January, American
Pulp Fiction Writer

Lou CostelloLou Costello
6th March, American
Satchel PaigeSatchel Paige
7th July, American
Baseball Player

Albert HofmannAlbert Hofmann
11th January, Swiss
The First Person to Synthesize LSD

Kurt GödelKurt Gödel
28th April, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

Ilse Koch Ilse Koch
22nd September, German
Nazi Concentration Camp Overseer
Thelma ToddThelma Todd
29th July, American
Hermann FegeleinHermann Fegelein
30th October, German
Nazi Leader

Virginia Hall Virginia Hall
6th April, American
American Spy

Philo FarnsworthPhilo Farnsworth
19th August, American

Hermione BaddeleyHermione Baddeley
13th November, British, American
Janet GaynorJanet Gaynor
6th October, American

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Anne Morrow LindberghAnne Morrow Lindbergh
22nd June, American
Renowned Author & Aviator

Anna Roosevelt HalstedAnna Roosevelt Halsted
3rd May, American
Writer, Editor

Ozzie NelsonOzzie Nelson
20th March, American

Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson
8th July, American
Hans AspergerHans Asperger
18th February, Austrian

Diana VreelandDiana Vreeland
29th July, American
Magazine editor, fashion journalist and special
Carol ReedCarol Reed
30th December, British
Film Director

Hans BetheHans Bethe
2nd July, American

Oscar LevantOscar Levant
27th December, American
American pianist
Léopold Sédar SenghorLéopold Sédar Senghor
9th October, Senegalese
Senegalese Politician

Henny YoungmanHenny Youngman
16th March, American
Wassily LeontiefWassily Leontief
5th August, Russian, American, Russian
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

J. R. JayewardeneJ. R. Jayewardene
17th September, Sri Lankan
Former President of Sri Lanka

Luis Federico LeloirLuis Federico Leloir
6th September, Argentinian
Biochemist, Physician

Philippe HalsmanPhilippe Halsman
2nd May, American

Max DelbrückMax Delbrück
4th September, German
Maria Goeppert MayerMaria Goeppert-Mayer
28th June, American

Ernst RuskaErnst Ruska
25th December, German
Inventor of Electron Microscope

George WaldGeorge Wald
18th November, American

Vladimir PrelogVladimir Prelog
23rd July, Swiss
Ernst Boris ChainErnst Boris Chain
19th June, German

Sin'ichirō TomonagaSin-Itiro Tomonaga
31st March, Japanese
Dmitry ShostakovichDmitry Shostakovich
25th September, Russian

Curtis LemayCurtis Lemay
15th November, American
U. S. Air Force General During World War II

Andre WeilAndre Weil
6th May, French
Joaquin BalaguerJoaquin Balaguer
1st September, Dominican
Former President of the Dominican Republic

Orvan HessOrvan Hess
18th June, American
John LukeJohn Luke
19th January, Irish

Suleyman RustamSuleyman Rustam
27th November, Azerbaijani

Alan John Percival TaylorAlan John Percival Taylor
25th March, British
Jack ChurchillJack Churchill
16th September, British
Military personnel

Dmitri ShostakovichDmitri Shostakovich
24th September, Russian
Henri CharrièreHenri Charrière
16th November, French, Venezuelan

Prithviraj KapoorPrithviraj Kapoor
3rd November, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

Joan BlondellJoan Blondell
30th August, American

William JoyceWilliam Joyce
24th April, German, British, American
Politician, Journalist, Radio personality
Roberto RosselliniRoberto Rossellini
8th May, Italian
Film director, Actor, Film producer, Playwright,
Mary AstorMary Astor
3rd May, American

Tony AccardoTony Accardo
28th April, American

Lon Chaney Jr.Lon Chaney Jr.
10th February, American

Sayyid QutbSayyid Qutb
9th October, Egyptian
William FranklinWilliam Franklin
18th August, American
Opera singer

Luchino ViscontiLuchino Visconti
2nd November, Italian
Theatre director, Film director, Screenwriter,

Primo CarneraPrimo Carnera
26th October, Italian
Boxer, Actor, Professional wrestler

Hassan al-BannaHassan al-Banna
14th October, Egyptian

John BetjemanJohn Betjeman
28th August, British
Poet, Writer, Journalist, Literary critic
Josef KramerJosef Kramer
10th November

Léon DegrelleLéon Degrelle
15th June, Belgian
Politician, Journalist
Empress WanrongEmpress Wanrong
13th November

Clyde TombaughClyde Tombaugh
4th February, American
Astronomer, University teacher

Emmanuel LevinasEmmanuel Levinas
12th January, French, Lithuanian
Philosopher, University teacher, Ethicist, Writer
William J. Brennan Jr.William J. Brennan Jr.
25th April, American
lawyer, judge

Alexey StakhanovAlexey Stakhanov
3rd January
A. J. P. TaylorA. J. P. Taylor
25th March, British
Historian of the modern age, University teacher,

Brigitte HelmBrigitte Helm
17th March, German

Giuseppe FarinaGiuseppe Farina
30th October, Italian
Racecar driver

Ettore MajoranaEttore Majorana
5th August, Italian
Victor VasarelyVictor Vasarely
9th April, French, Hungarian
Painter, Visual artist, Sculptor

Clifford OdetsClifford Odets
18th July, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor, Writer,
Albert SabinAlbert Sabin
26th August, Polish, American
Physician, Virologist, University teacher

Alec IssigonisAlec Issigonis
18th November, Greek, British
Engineer, Automotive designer, Racecar driver
Arthur RudolphArthur Rudolph
9th November, German
Aerospace engineer, Engineer

Marcelo CaetanoMarcelo Caetano
17th August, Portuguese
Politician, University teacher, Lawyer, Historian
Johnny HodgesJohnny Hodges
25th July, American
Saxophonist, jazz musician