Famous People Born In 1875

Discover the most famous people born in 1875. The list includes people like Carl Jung, Aleister Crowley, Maurice Ravel, Thomas Mann, Mileva Mari? and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, military leaders and philosophers born in 1875. This list includes people from United States, France, Germany & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley
12th October, British
Carl JungCarl Jung
26th July, Swiss

Jeanne CalmentJeanne Calment
21st February, French
Oldest Person Ever

Sardar Vallabhbhai PatelSardar Vallabhbhai Patel
31st October, Indian
Iron Man of India

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsMileva Marić
19th December, Serbian

Carter WoodsonCarter Woodson
19th December, American
Paul Thomas MannThomas Mann
6th June, Swiss, German
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Rilke
4th December, Austrian
Poet & Novelist

Maurice RavelMaurice Ravel
7th March, French
Ferdinand PorscheFerdinand Porsche
3rd September, Austrian, German, Hungarian
Founder of Porsche Automobile Company

D. W. GriffithD. W. Griffith
22nd January, American
American director
Gerd von RundstedtGerd von Rundstedt
12th December, German
Military Officer

Edgar Rice BurroughsEdgar Rice Burroughs
1st September, American
Creator of Tarzan

Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
14th January, French
Philosopher, Theologian

Mary McLeod BethuneMary McLeod Bethune
10th July, American

Syngman RheeSyngman Rhee
26th March, South Korean
Albert I of BelgiumAlbert I of Belgium
8th April, Belgian
3rd Belgian King

Jim CorbettJim Corbett
25th July, British
Hunter, Naturalist, Writer

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of RussiaGrand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia
25th March, Russian
Grand Duchess of Russia

Birsa MundaBirsa Munda
15th November, Indian
Tribal Leader Who Revolted Against the British
Mikhail KalininMikhail Kalinin
19th November, Russian

Alfred SloanAlfred P. Sloan
23rd May, American
CEO of General Motors Corporation
Henry Hallett DaleHenry Hallett Dale
9th June, British
Physiologist & Pharmacologist

Ludvig PuuseppLudvig Puusepp
30th November, Estonian
Estonian surgeon,researcher and the world's first

Lizzy AnsinghLizzy Ansingh
13th March, Dutch
Vallabhbhai PatelVallabhbhai Patel
31st October, Indian
Politician, Lawyer, Economist

D.W. GriffithD.W. Griffith
30th November
Film Actor, Theater Actor, Director
Miriam FergusonMiriam Ferguson
13th June, American

Edgar WallaceEdgar Wallace
1st April, British, American

Giovanni GentileGiovanni Gentile
30th May, Italian
Jesse E. JamesJesse E. James
31st August, American
Lawyer, Actor

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William D. LeahyWilliam D. Leahy
6th May, American
Naval Officer
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorSamuel Coleridge-Taylor
15th August, British
Composer, Pianist, Conductor

James Jackson JeffriesJames Jackson Jeffries
15th April, American

Zhang ZuolinZhang Zuolin
19th March, Chinese

Walter ChryslerWalter Chrysler
2nd April, American
Business person
Hiram Bingham IIIHiram Bingham III
19th November, American
Academic, explorer and politician
John BuchanJohn Buchan
26th August, Scottish

Fritz KreislerFritz Kreisler
2nd February, Austrian, American
Composer, Violinist

Antonio MachadoAntonio Machado
26th July, Spanish
Poet, Writer, Playwright

James Cash PenneyJames Cash Penney
16th September, American
Gilbert N. LewisGilbert N. Lewis
23rd October, American
Physical chemist

Eugene MeyerEugene Meyer
31st October, American

George H. WalkerGeorge H. Walker
11th June, American
Banker, Financier

George Herbert WalkerGeorge Herbert Walker
11th June, American
Banker, Financier

Harriet QuimbyHarriet Quimby
11th May, American
Arthur CurrieArthur Currie
5th December, Canadian
Military Officer

Carl Emil PetterssonCarl Emil Pettersson
23rd October, Swedish
Charles Stewart MottCharles Stewart Mott
2nd June, American

Franz Xaver SchwarzFranz Xaver Schwarz
27th November, German

Mikalojus Konstantinas ČiurlionisMikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
22nd September, Lithuanian, Russian
4th April, French
actor, singer

Matthias ErzbergerMatthias Erzberger
20th September, German
Politician, Journalist, Diplomat
Jacques FutrelleJacques Futrelle
9th April, American
American journalist

Anatoly LunacharskyAnatoly Lunacharsky
11th November, Russian
playwright, politician, writer, diplomat

Tej Bahadur SapruTej Bahadur Sapru
8th December, Indian

Reinhold GlièreReinhold Glière
11th January, Russian

Alice Dunbar NelsonAlice Dunbar Nelson
19th July, American
Evelyn UnderhillEvelyn Underhill
6th December, British

Paul LandowskiPaul Landowski
1st June, French

Mihály KárolyiMihály Károlyi
4th March, Hungarian
Political leader

Henri LebesgueHenri Lebesgue
28th June, French
Ludwig PrandtlLudwig Prandtl
4th February, German
Physicist, Mechanical engineer, University teacher

Cleo de MerodeCleo de Merode
27th September, Belgian, French
Ballet dancer
Nobuyuki AbeNobuyuki Abe
24th November, Japanese
Prime Minister

Owen RobertsOwen Roberts
2nd May, American
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US

J. Stuart BlacktonJ. Stuart Blackton
5th January, British
Film Producer
Reginald PunnettReginald Punnett
20th June, British

Hashim al-AtassiHashim al-Atassi
11th January, Syrian
Abd al-Hafid of MoroccoAbd al-Hafid of Morocco
24th February, Moroccan

Vesto SlipherVesto Slipher
11th November, American

Gilbert Hovey GrosvenorGilbert Hovey Grosvenor
28th October, American
Harold DavidsonHarold Davidson
14th July, British

İskilipli Mehmed Atıf Hocaİskilipli Mehmed Atıf Hoca
30th November, Turkish
author, writer
Hugh LaneHugh Lane
9th November, Irish
Art dealer

Albert MarquetAlbert Marquet
27th March, French
Painter, Writer

Marie MarvingtMarie Marvingt
20th February, French

Margaret PrestonMargaret Preston
29th April, Australian
artist, painter
Pierre MonteuxPierre Monteux
4th April, American
Edmund Clerihew BentleyEdmund Clerihew Bentley
10th July, British

Saul TchernichowskySaul Tchernichowsky
20th August, Palestinian, Ukrainian, Russian

Theodor InnitzerTheodor Innitzer
25th December, Czech

Carl MillesCarl Milles
23rd June, Swedish
Frank CravenFrank Craven
24th August, American
Actor and author

Dr. AtlDr. Atl
3rd October, Mexican
Painter and writer

Donald ToveyDonald Tovey
17th July, British

Svetozar PribićevićSvetozar Pribićević
26th October, Croatian, Serbian

Jacques VillonJacques Villon
31st July, French
Alfred Chester BeattyAlfred Chester Beatty
7th February, British, American

Franco AlfanoFranco Alfano
8th March, Italian
Italian composer
Ramiro de MaeztuRamiro de Maeztu
4th May, Spanish

Julián CarrilloJulián Carrillo
28th January, Mexican
Mexican composer
Laurence DohertyLaurence Doherty
8th October, British
Tennis player
Avetik IsahakyanAvetik Isahakyan
30th October, Armenian
Lyric poet