List of famous people in the automobile industry with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

The automobile industry is among the most significant economic sectors of the world. This industry deals with the design, manufacture, repair, maintenance, sales and dealerships in automobiles like cars, buses, motorcycles, auto rickshaws, etc. The industry is so vast that it provides various types of business opportunities not just in sales and dealerships of automobiles, but also in several types of service businesses. The pervasiveness of automobile usage among the general population makes it a very lucrative business to get in. The world’ demand for cars and other passenger automobiles in on the rise and China, U.S. and Japan are among the biggest manufacturers of automobiles. While automobile production involves considerable investment and can be undertaken only by big business houses, there are many other opportunities in the industry to be explored by smaller businesses. Production of automobile components and dealerships in new and second-hand cars are profitable areas for entrepreneurs to venture into. The scope for service businesses in this field is also enormous. Repair and maintenance shops, car rentals, automobile financing, online car dealerships, etc. are among the exciting new avenues that many business people have entered into. This section gives you information about the personal and professional lives and works, through biographies and timelines, of various famous automobile entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Elon Musk Elon Musk
Canadian, American, South African

Henry Ford Henry Ford

Lee Iacocca Lee Iacocca

Edsel Ford Edsel Ford

Ferdinand Porsche Ferdinand Porsche
Austrian, German, Hungarian
Edd China Edd China

John Elkann John Elkann
Italian, American

Louis Chevrolet Louis Chevrolet
Swiss, American

Bill Ford Bill Ford

Henry Ford IIHenry Ford II
Soichiro HondaSoichiro Honda

Eddie JordanEddie Jordan
Northern Irish
Walter ChryslerWalter Chrysler

Ransom Eli OldsRansom Eli Olds

Charles Stewart RollsCharles Stewart Rolls
British, Welsh
Ohno TaiichiOhno Taiichi
Chinese, Japanese