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Bogdan Ilic is a Serbian e-sports player, best known for his content related to ‘League of Legends’ on his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Baka Prase.’ Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 16, 1996

Nationality: Serbian

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born in: Belgrade, Serbia

Famous as: YouTube Sensation

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City: Belgrade, Serbia

Popularity Index
Gamers #185 YouTube Singers #54 YouTubers #1666
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Bogdan Ilic is a Serbian e-sports player and ‘YouTube’ sensation. He is a well-known ‘League of Legends’ gamer and content creator. He owns the ‘YouTube’ channel ‘Baka Prase,’ which means “Grandma Pig” in English. He began playing ‘League of Legends,’ a multiplayer online battle arena video game, when he was around 15 years of age. He played the game professionally for the team ‘Fortuna.’ After completing his high-school graduation, Bogdan quit studies and concentrated on creating videos for ‘YouTube.’ His ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Baka Prase,’ where he uploads ‘League of Legends’ gameplay videos and challenge videos, has gained huge immense popularity over the years. It now has hundreds of millions of views and a decent count of subscribers. The channel is considered the fastest-growing Serbian ‘YouTube’ channel. Through the channel, Bogdan also became involved in controversies and feuds with “YouTubers” such as Amir Hadžič, Nikola Coece, and Deki BMW. Bogdan has also made his mark on various other social-media platforms, particularly on ‘Instagram.’

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  • Bogdan Ilic started playing the multiplayer online battle arena video game ‘League of Legends’ when he was around 15. He played the game for a team called ‘Fortuna’. According to sources Bogdan attended high school in Belgrade, from where he completed his graduation. Bogdan then quit studies and focused on creating ‘YouTube’ videos. He launched his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Baka Prase,’ on December 22, 2011. However, he started posting videos much later, after he began developing ‘League of Legends’ gameplay videos in 2016. On August 12 that year, he posted his official music video ‘Bili Baku?’ It became viral and has since amassed over 1.5 million views.
  • He started developing videos with his friend Choda in 2017. According to some sources, Choda is Bogdan’s childhood friend. In many of their videos, the two friends are seen reacting and giving opinions on videos of other “YouTubers.” Choda later launched his own ‘YouTube’ channel. In 2017, Bogdan also began posting videos that showed him reacting to music videos. His ‘YouTube’ channel dominated the Balkan ‘YouTube’ scene in 2018. His channel includes ‘League of Legends’ gameplay videos, challenge videos, music videos, vlogs, and much more. Many of his videos feature his parents. ‘Baka Prase’ is regarded as the fastest-growing Serbian ‘YouTube’ channel. It has already accumulated more than 1.2 million subscribers and over 382 million views. Two of the most popular videos of ‘Baka Prase’ that have gained millions of views are ‘BakaPrase ft. Lazic - Balkanska Scena (Official Music Video)’ and ‘BakaPrase - Bleja u Turskoj (Official Music Video).’
  • Bogdan has also been involved in several feuds with other “YouTubers.” One such incident happened in 2017, when a smaller “YouTuber” Nikola Coece gave his opinion on a Bogdan song and also criticized him. In his response, Bogdan posted a video with one of his female friends, where the two mentioned creating a diss track on Nikola. The diss track has since garnered over a million views. When Nikola attacked the female friend of Bogdan by leaking information on her, Bogdan posted a video that showed him stating that his friend should not be attacked, as she had only helped him. In another incident, in 2018, a “YouTuber” called DekI BMW stated that Bogdan owed him money. The claim was refuted by Bogdan. After a series of response videos made by the two, Deki confirmed that Bogdan never owed him any money and that all of what he did was done for fame. Bogdan was also involved in feuds with a few other “YouTubers,” such as Amir Hadžič and Nixa Zizu.
  • In 2018, Bogdan visited the ‘Croatian YouTube Fest,’ where he met noted British “YouTuber,” internet personality, rapper, actor, and white-collar boxer KSI. Bogdan once mentioned that he had high regards for KSI, whom he considered his biggest inspiration since he began his journey as a “YouTuber.” With time, the two developed a good friendship and began following each other on ‘Instagram.’ Bogdan has also gained decent popularity on ‘Instagram,’ where his account has already accumulated over 602 thousand followers. Many of his ‘Instagram’ pictures feature him with his parents, siblings, and close friends.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Bogdan Ilic was born on September 16, 1996, in Belgrade, Serbia, to a Serbian couple. According to some sources, his father is an orthodox Christian and has worked at the church. It seems Bogdan prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight. He has not revealed anything about his relationship status.

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Last Updated : July 12, 2019
Bogdan Ilic

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