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(YouTube Personality)

Birthday: November 8, 1991 (Scorpio)

Born In: Florida

Damon Fizzy is an internet star with a great fan following at a very young age. Rather than just focusing on a limited number of skills like singing and dancing, Damon Fizzy is a complete artist who focuses on entertaining his fans through various means. He posted his first video on the internet in 2008, which was titled ‘Chicks Dig Me Because I Wear Axe.’ This was followed by several other videos, which featured jokes and other content focused on entertaining people. His initial videos were highly successful and got a lot of following on all major social media channels.
Quick Facts

Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Males


siblings: Devon Fizzy

Height: 5'8" (173 cm), 5'8" Males

U.S. State: Florida

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
He later started two separate YouTube Channels called DamonFizzy and DeeFizzy that posted different kinds of videos with the same objective of making people happy. Both these channels proved to be successful and got a lot of fan following among the youth and teenagers. After getting a significant following on all the major social media sites, Damon Fizzy focused on further boosting his image. In the year 2015, he posted a makeover video along with another YouTube star Matthew Lush which was titled ‘The New Me.’ From the time the video was published, Damon Fizzy started to position himself as a major personality rather than as a small-time social media star. The same year, he also started giving live performances on YouNow whose recordings were later posted on YouTube and other channels. Despite starting his career at a later stage when compared with other social media stars, Damon Fizzy created his own niche and grew to be a matured star. His status grew to be that of a youth icon with a wide following among fans of his age. Looking at his popularity many corporates like Ford too have started booking him as their brand ambassador.
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What Makes Damon Fizzy So Special
One of the main reasons that make any artist special is when they follow their ideals. When he started his YouTube Channel, Damon said that his main objective is to keep all the people around him happy. The fact that he maintains an attitude that fits this ideal is what makes Damon Fizzy so special among all the artistes of his age.
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Beyond Fame
Damon Fizzy is known to be one of the coolest artists in the USA now. True to his vision of making people happy, he too prefers to be happy all the time. Due to this reason, he prefers to stay away from controversies. He is known to maintain cordial relationships with all his costars. As per the information available in the public domain, Damon Fizzy does not have any affairs currently. However, sometime back in the year 2015, some rumors circulated in the social media saying that Damon Fizzy was having a romantic relationship with another YouTube personality Carson Fanikos. Some media outlets were even saying that he was having an affair with the celebrity Taylor Swift. But Damon Fizzy dismissed these rumors and said that he was not having any affairs at the moment. Apart from being a YouTube personality, he is also an entrepreneur. Banking upon the craze for him among the youngsters, he created an ecommerce website which retails different kinds of merchandise targeted at his young fans like T-Shirts and Wrist Bands.
Behind the Curtains
Damon Fizzy was born in a white American family and hence his family enjoyed a good place in the society. He spent all his childhood days in the place where he was born, viz. Spring Hill. Even though much is not known about his family and childhood, he has always said in different interviews that he had a great childhood with his family. One of the reasons why he has quickly grown in the entertainment industry is that many of his family members shared the same interests. His younger brother Devon Fizzy too joins Damon Fizzy in a number of his videos on YouTube.
In the year 2014, Damon Fizzy worked as part of the Vans Warped tour. He was also invited by the automobile company Ford to work for it as the agent of the Fiesta movement.

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