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Reggie Couz is an American former Viner and YouTuber. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 1, 1994

Nationality: American

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born in: New Jersey

Famous as: YouTuber

Height: 6'4" (193 cm), 6'4" Males

U.S. State: New Jersey

Popularity Index
Instagram Singers #17 YouTube Singers #71 YouTubers #467
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Reggie Cousar, or as he is better known, Reggie Couz, is an American social media influencer, former Viner, YouTuber, musician, and comedian. He is most famous for his comedic acts with which he has been entertaining his audience over the course of the last five years. A native of New Jersey, Couz loved performing and making people laugh since he was a child. In May 2013, he posted on Vine for the first time. Soon enough, he garnered a loyal group of fans and at the height of Vine’s popularity, had 3.9 million followers. After Vine shut down in early 2017, Couz found success on other social media platforms, such as YouTube, LiveLeak, and Instagram. As a musician and aspiring hip-hop artist, most of his content is either musical or comedic in nature. He has recently started making original R&B and soul music. Couz shares his tracks predominately on SoundCloud. Some of them have become available on iTunes as well.

Rise to Fame
  • Shortly after leaving high school, Reggie Couz posted his first video, ‘How Producers Be..’, on Vine in May 2013. It did not take him long to accumulate a loyal group of followers. Unlike most popular Viners, Couz did not opt for collaborations with others. Instead, he preferred to work alone. He created content in which he played multiple characters and some of them became quite popular among his fans. One of his most well-received acts was Mr. Johnson, a music teacher who directs the hip-hop choir with iconigtydurx. His other popular characters are Stepfather, who is a giant; Father, a moustached and hat-wearing man who is known to “whoop Reggie’s ass” when he does not do what he is told; Daniel "Dirty Mercy"; a Yale graduate whose mother forced him to go to counselling after he revealed that he wanted to become a rapper; and Angry Younger Sibling, who often gets angry at Reggie’s annoying questions and starts screaming.
  • At the height of Vine’s popularity, Couz was one of its most prominent users with 3.9 million followers. He also found success on LiveLeak. He was already active on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and had garnered equally large groups of followers on those sites when Vine shut down in early 2017. As a result, while it did affect him, financially and creatively, he survived and continued to be a social media influencer.
  • He had set up his YouTube account in October 2013 and the first video was uploaded in April 2014. As of 2018, he has almost one million followers on the site and close to 100 million views. Furthermore, he has about 90 thousand followers on Twitter, 2.1 million followers on Instagram, and 1.3 million followers on Facebook.
  • Couz has taken music lessons and is formally trained in music. He received his early training at the Cicely Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts, East Orange, where he learned classical music in different languages including Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian. After graduating high school, he enrolled at the University of Philadelphia to study music but dropped out after one year. When he became a comedian on social media, he decided to incorporate his music into his act. It proved to be a good decision as some of his songs, including ‘Rumours’ and ‘Overnight’, became really popular. Encouraged, he began sharing his music on SoundCloud, and later, on iTunes and started experimenting with not just hip-hop but other genres of music as well. In 2018, he released ‘Maybe We Trippin’, a song with a distinct R&B and soul sound.
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