Jayla Marie Bio

(Rapper, YouTube & Reality Show star)

Birthday: August 5, 2004 (Leo)

Born In: Staten Island, New York, United States

“ItsJayla Marie!I TRANSFORM TODAYS HOTTEST SONGS INTO MY OWN DOPE VERSION. I'm a Multi Talented Kid Artist! I'm Different! iRap, iSing, iDance, iAct! I Make Music For All Ages!” This is what this 12-year-old rapper says in her YouTube Bio. We couldn’t agree more! JaylaMarie is a young American Hip Hop and R&B performer. She is popular for her remix videos which she calls JMixes. She says music is her life and she could not wait to start performing. She started belting out perfect tunes from as early as when she was three years old! According to her parents, they did not take her seriously then but once they realized how passionate she was about music, they extended their unconditional support.Drawing her inspiration from the likes of Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg, she began rapping when she was around 10-11 years old.She has also participated in reality shows like‘The Rap Game’ (S2).Her stellar performances speak volumes about her talents and have earned her the title of “Princess of Hip Hop and R&B.” Going by the way she is slaying her competitors in these shows, before long the princess is going to be a Queen and rule the world of hip hop!

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Princess of Hip Hop and R&B

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

City: New York City, Staten Island, New York

U.S. State: New Yorkers

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Since she started to perform at the age of three and began choreographing original dance moves at the age of five, Jayla Marie has just gotten better and better. Her YouTube channel, TheRealJaylaMarie has over 65K subscribers and over 4 million views. She writes/rewrites the lyrics to popular hip hop songs to make them more suitable for children and teens. Some of her most popular videos like ‘Im That Kid,’ a remix to Omarion's song ‘I'm up’, or the fan favorite JMix of the Drake song ‘One Dance’bear testament to the kind of talent she possesses.She has even worked with famous hip hop artists like LL Cool J, Kid Ink, and Fabolous. Jayla Marie became a household name after she stared competing in the season 2 of the reality show ‘The Rap Game’, produced by the Hip Hop recording artist Jermaine Dupri. In the show her performances have been praised by renowned rappers like P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg.
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What Makes Jayla Marie So Special
It’s her talent and the fact that she is standing her ground so fiercely in a genre dominated largely by men that make Jayla special.She has a magical voice and a unique style of infusing singing and harmonizing in her rap songs to give them that slight R&B feel. Her quirky sense of fashion and her cool personality shinealongside her sweet nature. She is not just a fame-hungry tween and her charity work on behalf of the WorldStarHipHop Foundation is proof that she is determined to contribute to social issues as well.
Beyond Fame
Jayla Marie’s stint in the reality show ‘The Rap Game’ Season two has landed her in some controversies of late. In the episode ‘Rep Your City’ the contestants were directed to come up with a rap about their city. Nia Kay, a 14-year-old contestant from Chicago accused Jayla of not writing her own material and insisted that her father had written her material. Jayla was also seen to intimidate her fellow contestants in ‘The Rap Game’as she was able to build a better image due to her prior experience in modeling.
Behind The Curtains
Jayla Marie is this second generation native New Yorker with her mother hailing from Brooklyn and her father from the Bronx. She has a younger sister who is three years old and is the major source of inspiration for her. She balances her education and rap career with equal poise and is often seen doing homework between recording breaks. She loves to have pancakes for breakfast and the first thing Jayla Marie does when she checks into a hotel room is to test how bouncy the bed is!
Jayla Marie has modeled with giants like JCrew Models and Ralph Lauren when she was 6-8 years old.

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