Famous People Who Died At 59

The list of famous people who died at 59 includes Clark Gable, William the Conqueror, Oliver Cromwell, Solomon, Rock Hudson. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, emperors & kings, poets and spiritual & religious leaders and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 59 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Italy and many more countries.

Robert KardashianRobert Kardashian
22 February 1944, American
Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell
25 April 1599, British
Military & Political Leader

Clark GableClark Gable
01 February 1901, American

William the ConquerorWilliam the Conqueror
1028 AD, British
King of England

0990 BC, Israeli
King of Israel

Rock HudsonRock Hudson
17 November 1925, American
Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf
25 January 1882, British

Truman CapoteTruman Capote
30 September 1924, American

Fyodor DostoevskyFyodor Dostoevsky
11 November 1821, Russian
Russian novelist

George BestGeorge Best
22 May 1946, British, Northern Irish
Bill BixbyBill Bixby
22 January 1934, American

John CassavetesJohn Cassavetes
09 December 1929, Greek
Conway TwittyConway Twitty
01 September 1933, American

Sitting BullSitting Bull
1831 AD, American

Isoroku YamamotoIsoroku Yamamoto
04 April 1884, Japanese
Japanese Naval Officer Who Conceived The Pearl
Booker T. WashingtonBooker T. Washington
05 April 1856, American

Doug McClureDoug McClure
11 May 1935, American
Erik SatieErik Satie
17 May 1866, French

Nathaniel HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne
04 July 1804, American
American Novelist

Billy PrestonBilly Preston
02 September 1946, American
Musician & Songwriter
Peter LorrePeter Lorre
26 June 1904, American

Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorMaximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
22 March 1459, Australian
Holy Roman Emperor
John DonneJohn Donne
22 January 1572, British
Poet, lawyer, satirist

Sher Shah SuriSher Shah Suri
1486 AD, Indian
Founder of the Sur Empire in North India

Auguste ComteAuguste Comte
19 January 1798, French

Toussaint Louverture Toussaint Louverture
20 May 1743, French
Leader of the Haitian Revolution
20 March 0043, Italian, Romanian
Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda
05 January 1893, Indian

Harold HoltHarold Holt
05 August 1908, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Yakov YurovskyYakov Yurovsky
19 June 1878, Russian
Soviet Era Executioner

0444 BC, Greek
Michel de MontaigneMichel de Montaigne
28 February 1533, French

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Anne RamseyAnne Ramsey
27 March 1929, American

Eli WhitneyEli Whitney
08 December 1765, American
American inventor

Reg E. CatheyReg E. Cathey
18 August 1958, American

John BunyanJohn Bunyan
28 November 1628, British
Writer, Preacher
Begum Hazrat MahalBegum Hazrat Mahal
1820 AD, Indian, Nepalese
Wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

Jeremy BeadleJeremy Beadle
12 April 1948, British
TV Presenter
Andreas KatsulasAndreas Katsulas
18 May 1946, American

Nannie DossNannie Doss
04 November 1905, American
Serial Killer

Bernard BresslawBernard Bresslaw
25 February 1934, British
Comic Actor
Charles LambCharles Lamb
10 February 1775, British
Writer & Essayist

Juliet ProwseJuliet Prowse
25 September 1936, Indian, American, South African
Victor FlemingVictor Fleming
23 February 1889, American
Film Director

Barbara JordanBarbara Jordan
21 February 1936, American

23 January 1783, French

François RabelaisFrançois Rabelais
04 February 1494, French

Eliza Hamilton HollyEliza Hamilton Holly
20 November 1799, American
Alexander Hamilton's Daughter
Richard ArkwrightRichard Arkwright
23 December 1732, British

Ahmad SuradjiAhmad Suradji
10 January 1949, Indonesian
Serial Killer

Arcangelo CorelliArcangelo Corelli
17 February 1653, Italian

Alfred SisleyAlfred Sisley
30 October 1839, British
Impressionist Landscape Painter
1498 AD, Indian
Bhakti Saint

Thomas FairfaxThomas Fairfax
17 January 1612, British
Political leader
Levy MwanawasaLevy Mwanawasa
03 September 1948, Zambian
Member of Parliament

Emily Warren RoeblingEmily Warren Roebling
23 September 1843, American
Lady Who Guided The Construction of the Brooklyn

Howard Martin TeminHoward Martin Temin
10 December 1934, American
Geneticist and Virologist
A. J. LieblingA. J. Liebling
18 October 1904, American

Dayanand SaraswatiDayanand Saraswati
12 February 1824, Indian
Indian philosopher
John BrownJohn Brown
09 May 1800, American

Emile DurkheimEmile Durkheim
15 April 1858, French
Sociologist & Philosopher

Manuel GonzalezManuel González Flores
18 June 1833, Mexican
31st President of Mexico
Don MarquisDon Marquis
29 July 1878, American

Gregory La CavaGregory La Cava
10 March 1892, American
Film Director
William GilbertWilliam Gilbert
24 May 1544, British
Astronomer, Physicist and Physician

Yanka KupalaYanka Kupala
07 July 1882, Belarusian, Russian

Róbert BárányRóbert Bárány
22 April 1876, Austrian

Alberto Santos DumontAlberto Santos Dumont
20 July 1873, Brazilian
Brazilian aviator
Gustavus Theodore von HolstGustavus Theodore von Holst
21 September 1874, British
Al SwearengenAl Swearengen
08 July 1845, American

Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
16 April 1939, British
Singer, Artist, Cleric

Emperor MeijiEmperor Meiji
03 November 1852, Japanese

Vincent MargeraVincent Margera
03 July 1956, American
Television actor, Actor, Film actor
Helena BlavatskyHelena Blavatsky
12 August 1831, American, Russian

Dayananda SaraswatiDayananda Saraswati
12 February 1824, Indian
Philosopher, Autobiographer

Frederick Winslow TaylorFrederick Winslow Taylor
20 March 1856, American
Tennis player, Engineer, Economist, Golfer,

Gustav HolstGustav Holst
21 September 1874, British

John L. SullivanJohn L. Sullivan
15 October 1858, American
Iain BanksIain Banks
16 February 1954, British
Science fiction writer, Novelist, Writer

Henrietta Maria of FranceHenrietta Maria of France
25 November 1609, French
Sam PeckinpahSam Peckinpah
1925 AD, American
Film Actor, Director

Seretse KhamaSeretse Khama
01 July 1921, Botswanan

Andrew GoldAndrew Gold
02 August 1951, American
C. N. AnnaduraiC. N. Annadurai
15 September 1909, Indian
Politician, Screenwriter, Writer

Sayyid QutbSayyid Qutb
09 October 1906, Egyptian
Fanny BriceFanny Brice
29 October 1891, American
Film Actress, Comedian, Radio Personality, Theater

Sam SimonSam Simon
06 June 1955, American
Poker player, Writer, Sportsperson, Screenwriter,

Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer
06 October 1917, American
Civil Rights Activist, Philanthropist

Alex ChiltonAlex Chilton
28 December 1950, American
Guitarist, Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Record
Carol II of RomaniaCarol II of Romania
15 October 1893, Portuguese

Bill FingerBill Finger
08 February 1914, American
Comics artist, Screenwriter
George V of HanoverGeorge V of Hanover
27 May 1819, German

Creighton AbramsCreighton Abrams
15 September 1914, American
Dottie WestDottie West
1932 AD
Songwriter, Singer

Braxton BraggBraxton Bragg
22 March 1817, American
Officer, Military personnel
Christian VII of DenmarkChristian VII of Denmark
29 January 1749, German