They have penned some of the most classic tales of romance that have kindled a feeling of love in the most brazen of hearts, created characters whose fame extends beyond the novel and tides, conceived plots that have captivated the minds and sense of many for decades, and written lines that have been the most quoted and the most recognized ones – British literary connoisseurs are not holding it back and giving British literature a new avenue with every passing decade and century. Though 19th century literature undoubtedly belonged to the British (with the greatest minds at pen, a counted few including Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Hardy and Oscar Wilde), they continued their dominance well into the 20th century as well. If you don’t believe us, here’s a sneak peek. JRR Tolkien, one of the greatest 20th century writers was a British. He was the man behind epic works of fantasy including ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and so on. Tolkien did not just create characters and plots but an entire mythology to go with them. Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie is a British who is credited for creating two of the most well-known literary sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. If you love the James Bond series of spy novels, you have a British to thank – Ian Fleming. Other famous British writers include William Golding, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh and so on. Take a look at some of the famous British writers of the 20th century.
J. R. R. TolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien
03 January 1892
J. K. RowlingJ. K. Rowling
31 July 1965

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen
13 October 1971

Julie AndrewsJulie Andrews
01 October 1935
Actress, Singer & Author

Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman
10 November 1960

George OrwellGeorge Orwell
25 June 1903
Geri HalliwellGeri Halliwell
06 August 1972

Roald DahlRoald Dahl
13 September 1916
Novelist, Short Story Writer

John CleeseJohn Cleese
27 October 1939
Actor & Comedian

Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf
25 January 1882
13 June 1974

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell
14 July 1868
Writer, Diplomat
Martin McDonaghMartin McDonagh
26 March 1970
Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

Joan CollinsJoan Collins
23 May 1933
Actress & Author

Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne
09 October 1952
Television host
Salman RushdieSalman Rushdie
19 June 1947

Alan WattsAlan Watts
06 January 1915
Philosopher, Writer & Speaker
Richard AyoadeRichard Ayoade
12 June 1977

Ian FlemingIan Fleming
28 May 1908
Author of James Bond Series

H. G. WellsH. G. Wells
21 September 1866
Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson
06 January 1960
Television Personality, Gourmet, Food Writer

David ThewlisDavid Thewlis
20 March 1963
Mary BerryMary Berry
24 March 1935
Food Writer, TV Presenter

Jill IrelandJill Ireland
24 April 1936

David IckeDavid Icke
29 April 1952

Alan MooreAlan Moore
18 November 1953
Lucy HawkingLucy Hawking
02 November 1970
Journalist, Novelist, Writer
Lashana LynchLashana Lynch
27 November 1987

Mark RylanceMark Rylance
18 January 1960

Karl PilkingtonKarl Pilkington
23 September 1972
Television Presenter, Radio Producer

Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
11 March 1952
Eric IdleEric Idle
29 March 1943

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Phillip SchofieldPhillip Schofield
01 April 1962
Television Presenter

Kazuo IshiguroKazuo Ishiguro
08 November 1954
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Cilla BlackCilla Black
27 May 1943

Ted HughesTed Hughes
17 August 1930
Poet and Children's Writer
Daphne du MaurierDaphne du Maurier
13 May 1907

W. H. AudenW. H. Auden
21 February 1907
Spike MilliganSpike Milligan
16 April 1918

Randolph ChurchillRandolph Churchill
28 May 1911
Journalist, Politician

Janet McTeerJanet McTeer
05 August 1961
Harold PinterHarold Pinter
10 October 1930
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

Princess Michael of KentPrincess Michael of Kent
15 January 1945
Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
31 January 1981

Bernard CornwellBernard Cornwell
23 February 1944
Author of Historical Novels

Tom StoppardTom Stoppard
03 July 1937

V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932

Jhumpa LahiriJhumpa Lahiri
11 July 1967
Anthony BurgessAnthony Burgess
25 February 1917

William GoldingWilliam Golding
19 September 1911

Richard BriersRichard Briers
14 January 1934

Tom Parker BowlesTom Parker Bowles
18 December 1974
Food Writer
Alain de BottonAlain de Botton
20 December 1969

Philip LarkinPhilip Larkin
09 August 1922
Doris LessingDoris Lessing
22 October 1919
Novelist, Short Story Writer

Nick HornbyNick Hornby
17 April 1957
Author & Editor

Mary SoamesMary Soames
15 September 1922
Youngest Child of Winston Churchill
Michael MorpurgoMichael Morpurgo
05 October 1943

Arthur KoestlerArthur Koestler
05 September 1905
Carol Ann DuffyCarol Ann Duffy
23 December 1955

Barbara CartlandBarbara Cartland
09 July 1901

Tim VineTim Vine
04 March 1967
Comedian, Actor, Writer
Donald SindenDonald Sinden
09 October 1923

Jill GascoineJill Gascoine
11 April 1937
Quentin CrispQuentin Crisp
25 December 1908
English Writer & Gay Icon

Carlton LeachCarlton Leach
12 March 1959
Author, Former Doorman, Former Football Hooligan &

Kingsley AmisKingsley Amis
16 April 1922
Poet, novelist and lecturer

Darcey BussellDarcey Bussell
27 April 1969
Malcolm MuggeridgeMalcolm Muggeridge
24 March 1903
Journalist and Author
Angela CarterAngela Carter
07 May 1940

Jerome K. JeromeJerome K. Jerome
02 May 1859

Carol McGiffinCarol McGiffin
18 February 1960
Radio Broadcaster

Alan CorenAlan Coren
27 June 1938
John BergerJohn Berger
05 November 1926

John FowlesJohn Fowles
31 March 1926
Writer & Teacher

Edward de BonoEdward de Bono
19 May 1933
Author, Consultant

C. L. R. JamesC. L. R. James
04 January 1901
Journalist, Writer, Historian, Theorist, Socialist

Cass PennantCass Pennant
03 March 1958
H. E. BatesH. E. Bates
16 May 1905
Short Story Writer

Caryl ChurchillCaryl Churchill
03 September 1938
Dramatist, Women's Rights Activist
Cyril ConnollyCyril Connolly
10 September 1903
Literary Critic & Writer

A. N. WilsonA. N. Wilson
27 October 1950
Writer & Columnist

Alan SillitoeAlan Sillitoe
04 March 1928
Adrian MitchellAdrian Mitchell
24 October 1932

Henry Graham GreeneHenry Graham Greene
02 October 1904
John GardnerJohn Gardner
26 November 1926

C. Day LewisC. Day Lewis
27 April 1904

Paul ScottPaul Scott
25 March 1920

Sir Arthur Charles ClarkeSir Arthur Charles Clarke
16 December 1917
Peter Edward CookPeter Edward Cook
17 November 1937
Actor, Comedian, Satirist, Writer

Rory StewartRory Stewart
03 January 1973
Politician, Author, Diplomat, Writer
Robert MaxwellRobert Maxwell
10 June 1923
Politician, Entrepreneur, Writer, Publisher,

Terry PratchettTerry Pratchett
28 April 1948
Writer, Novelist, Journalist, Screenwriter,
Lady Colin CampbellLady Colin Campbell
17 August 1949
writer, autobiographer, biographer

Johnny MarrJohnny Marr
31 October 1963
Guitarist, Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Record
Gavin McInnesGavin McInnes
17 July 1970
Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Comedian, Columnist,