Discover the notable alumni of University Of Chicago. The list includes people like Bernie Sanders, Bob Newhart, Satya Nadella, Larry Ellison & James Watson. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as intellectuals & academics, scientists, writers, media personalities and miscellaneous etc.
Bernie SandersBernie Sanders
08 September 1941, American
Thomas SowellThomas Sowell
30 June 1930, American

Larry EllisonLarry Ellison
17 August 1944, American
Founder of Oracle

Bob NewhartBob Newhart
05 September 1929, American
American stand-up comedian

Satya NadellaSatya Nadella
19 August 1967, American
CEO of Microsoft

Kurt VonnegutKurt Vonnegut
11 November 1922, American
American writer
Milton FriedmanMilton Friedman
31 July 1912, American
Economist, Statistician

Samuel ReshevskySamuel Reshevsky
26 November 1911, American
Chess Player

John DeweyJohn Dewey
20 October 1859, American
Marilu HennerMarilu Henner
06 April 1952, American

Liz CheneyLiz Cheney
28 July 1966, American
U.S. Representative
Mike NicholsMike Nichols
06 November 1931, American
Film Director, Theater Director, Film Producer

David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller
12 June 1915, American

Susan SontagSusan Sontag
16 January 1933, American

Saul AlinskySaul Alinsky
30 January 1909, American
Community Organizer

Philip RothPhilip Roth
19 March 1933, American
Aldrich AmesAldrich Ames
26 May 1941, American
Former CIA Officer & Agent for the Soviet Union &

James WatsonJames Watson
06 April 1928, American
Molecular Biologist

Tommy DouglasTommy Douglas
20 October 1904, Canadian
Former Canadian Politician & Baptist Minister

Saul Bellow Saul Bellow
10 June 1915, American
David SuzukiDavid Suzuki
24 March 1936, Canadian
Academic, Enviromental Activist

Samuel P. HuntingtonSamuel P. Huntington
18 April 1927, American
Paul SamuelsonPaul Samuelson
15 May 1915, American

Arne DuncanArne Duncan
06 November 1964, American

Lynn MargulisLynn Margulis
05 March 1938, American
Josef Allen HynekJ. Allen Hynek
01 May 1910, American
Astronomer, Ufologist

Luis Walter AlvarezLuis Walter Alvarez
13 June 1911, American
Robert M. PirsigRobert M. Pirsig
06 September 1928, American
Writer, Philosopher

Gary BeckerGary Becker
02 December 1930, American

Ahmed ChalabiAhmed Chalabi
30 October 1944, Iraqi
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq
Harry Max MarkowitzHarry Markowitz
24 August 1927, American

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Katherine DunhamKatherine Dunham
22 June 1909, American
Dancer, Choreographer, Social Activist, Author
Ernest LawrenceErnest Lawrence
08 August 1901, American

Virginia SatirVirginia Satir
26 June 1916, American
American author

Stephen LeacockStephen Leacock
30 December 1869, Canadian
Canadian writer

Myron ScholesMyron Scholes
01 July 1941, Canadian, American
Tsung-Dao LeeTsung-Dao Lee
24 November 1926, Chinese, American
Roger Wolcott SperryRoger Wolcott Sperry
20 August 1913, American

Leo RostenLeo Rosten
11 April 1908, American
American humorist

Jack SteinbergerJack Steinberger
25 May 1921, American

Emily Greene BalchEmily Greene Balch
08 January 1867, American
Social Activist
Chen Ning YangChen Ning Yang
01 October 1922, Chinese, American

Charles SimicCharles Simic
09 May 1938, American

Jerome Isaac FriedmanJerome Isaac Friedman
28 March 1930, American

Herbert C. BrownHerbert C. Brown
22 May 1912, American

Robert Sanderson Mulliken Robert S. Mulliken
07 June 1896, American
Chemist, Physicist
James CroninJames Cronin
29 September 1931, American

Owen ChamberlainOwen Chamberlain
10 July 1920, American
David BrooksDavid Brooks
11 August 1961, Canadian, American

Edward Lawrie TatumEdward Lawrie Tatum
14 December 1909, American

Katharine Burr BlodgettKatharine Burr Blodgett
10 January 1898, American
Herbert SimonHerbert Simon
15 June 1916, American
Economist, Political scientist, sociologist,

Frank Sherwood RowlandFrank Sherwood Rowland
28 June 1927, American
Atmospheric Chemist
George Joseph StiglerGeorge Joseph Stigler
17 January 1911, American

David GraeberDavid Graeber
12 February 1961, American
Anthropologist, University teacher, Writer, Trade

Amy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar
25 May 1960, American

Robert BorkRobert Bork
01 March 1927, American

Ramsey ClarkRamsey Clark
18 December 1927, American
American lawyer
John Paul StevensJohn Paul Stevens
20 April 1920, American
Navy officer, Judge, Lawyer

Nate SilverNate Silver
13 January 1978, American

Don ShirleyDon Shirley
29 January 1927, Jamaican, American

Adam SilverAdam Silver
25 April 1962, American
Eric BogosianEric Bogosian
24 April 1953, American

Joseph StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist, University teacher, Science writer,
Sessue HayakawaSessue Hayakawa
10 June 1889, Japanese
Actor, Novelist, Screenwriter, Film director

Katharine GrahamKatharine Graham
16 June 1917, American

William Lyon Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King
17 December 1874, Canadian
Former Prime Minister of Canada
Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiMihaly Csikszentmihalyi
29 September 1934, American
Psychologist, University teacher, Psychiatrist

Ajit PaiAjit Pai
10 January 1973, Indian, American
Harvey LevinHarvey Levin
02 September 1950, American

Phillip LindsayPhillip Lindsay
31 July 1924, American

Brock PetersBrock Peters
02 July 1927, American
Elaine MayElaine May
21 April 1932, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor,

Rick SteinerRick Steiner
08 November 1946, American
John B. GoodenoughJohn B. Goodenough
25 July 1922, German

Mamie TillMamie Till
23 November 1921, American

Philip KaufmanPhilip Kaufman
23 October 1936, American
Film director

Jon CorzineJon Corzine
01 January 1947, American
Todd YoungTodd Young
24 August 1972, American
Bret StephensBret Stephens
21 November 1973, American

Erving GoffmanErving Goffman
11 June 1922, Canadian, American
Sociologist, Non-fiction writer

Paul ButterfieldPaul Butterfield
17 December 1942, American
Singer, Musician

Tucker MaxTucker Max
27 September 1975, American
Caitlin DoughtyCaitlin Doughty
19 August 1984, American
Funeral director

Paul WolfowitzPaul Wolfowitz
22 December 1943, American
Political scientist, Diplomat, Politician,

John ScalziJohn Scalzi
10 May 1969, American
Science Fiction Writers

Nicholas RayNicholas Ray
07 August 1911, American

Richard RortyRichard Rorty
04 September 1931, American
Thomas FrankThomas Frank
21 March 1965, American
Historian, Journalist

Frances DeeFrances Dee
26 November 1909, American
Seymour HershSeymour Hersh
08 April 1937, American

Jeremiah WrightJeremiah Wright
22 September 1941, American
Tony SnowTony Snow
01 June 1955, American
Television presenter, Writer, Journalist
Zalmay KhalilzadZalmay Khalilzad
22 March 1951, American

The University of Chicago has often been ranked one of the best institutions in the world and is a favorite among many people around the world. Some of the world’s most preferred colleges have been affiliated to this famous university. This famous university started in 1890, thanks to a donation made by the billionaire business tycoon John D Rockefeller. These institutions are ‘Pritzker School Of Medicine’, ‘The Booth School of Business’ and ‘Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies’. According to a popular online source, more than 15,000 students join the university every year. Apart from its breathtaking campuses and providing great quality of education, the University is also known for its notable alumni. These personalities include scientists, politicians, writers, scholars, sportsmen and even artistes. Noted lawyer and current commissioner of the ‘National Basketball Association’, Adam Silver, is one such alumnus of this esteemed institution. Other famous ex-students of the University of Chicago are Katharine Graham, publisher of the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’, scientist James Watson, businessman David Rockefeller, as well as writer /filmmaker Susan Sontag. David Rockefeller, who is currently more than 100 years old, was the chairman of the multi-billion dollar financial enterprise ‘Chase Manhattan Corporation’. His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 1 Billion USD, if sources are to be believed. The list just doesn’t end here. There are many more noteworthy individuals who were once students of the ‘University Of Chicago’. Their success stories have been sources of inspiration for many youngsters of today.