If you thought Turkey was only about charming landscapes, storied history, ancient towns, magnificent ruins, splendid culture and towering mountains, you are highly mistaken. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey commands significant geostrategic importance. Also, it is one of the foremost reasons for the country’s unique culture and heritage. Amidst all the history and greatness of Turkey, one cannot really forget the role of Turkish people in helping their country stand tall on the world forum.
Mary MagdaleneMary Magdalene
(Disciple of Jesus Christ)
(Great Poet)

30 September 1207

Elia KazanElia Kazan
(Director, Actor, Producer)

07 September 1909

Murad IVMurad IV
(Ottoman Sultan)

26 July 1612

Pliny the YoungerPliny the Younger
(Author, Lawyer)

0061 AD

Hayreddin BarbarossaHayreddin Barbarossa
(16th Century Naval Commander)

1478 AD

Orhan PamukOrhan Pamuk

07 June 1952

St Paul St Paul
(Religious Preacher)

0005 AD

Ismail al-JazariIsmail al-Jazari

1136 AD

Piri ReisPiri Reis
(Ottoman Admiral, Geographer, Cartographer.)

1465 AD

(Byzantine empresses)

0497 AD

(YouTube Star)

18 October 2000

Mustafa Kemal AtaturkMustafa Kemal Ataturk
(Founder of the Republic of Turkey,)

19 May 1881

Suleiman the MagnificentSuleiman The Magnificent
(10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire)

06 November 1494

Recep Tayyip ErdoğanRecep Tayyip Erdoğan
(12th President of Turkey)

26 February 1954

Barıs ArducBarıs Arduc

09 October 1987

Cenk UrguyCenk Urguy
(Political Activist, Show Host)

21 March 1970

Orkun IsitmakOrkun Isitmak

08 January 1996

Metin HaraMetin Hara
(Author, Spiritual Healer, Adriana Lima’s Boyfriend)

14 June 1982

Saint NicholasSaint Nicholas
(Christian saint)

15 March 0270


0450 BC

Osman IOsman I
(Political leader)

1258 AD

Emre CanEmre Can
(Association football player)

12 January 1994

Arda TuranArda Turan

30 January 1987

Frederick I, Holy Roman EmperorFrederick I, Holy Roman Emperor

1122 AD

Haluk BilginerHaluk Bilginer
(Stage actor, Film actor)

05 June 1954

Ahmed IAhmed I

18 April 1590

Mehmed VIMehmed VI

14 January 1861

(Roman emperor)

04 April 0188

Henri FayolHenri Fayol
(Economist, Entrepreneur)

29 July 1841

Fethullah GülenFethullah Gülen
(Scholar, author, preacher)

27 April 1941


0050 AD

John ChrysostomJohn Chrysostom
(Theologian, Priest, Writer)

0347 AD


09 September 0214

Selim ISelim I

10 October 1470

Selim IISelim II
(Sultan of the Ottoman Empire)

28 May 1524

(Byzantine emperor)

0575 AD

Fahriye EvcenFahriye Evcen

04 June 1986

Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of MeccaHussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca

1854 AD

Mehmed VMehmed V

02 November 1844


0130 AD


0610 BC

Basil IIBasil II

0958 AD

(Political figure)

24 May 0015

(Theologian, Priest)

0069 AD

Mehmed IVMehmed IV

02 January 1642


0500 AD

Saint BarbaraSaint Barbara

0273 AD

Tuba BüyüküstünTuba Büyüküstün

05 July 1982

Gökhan SakiGökhan Saki
(Kickboxer, Mixed martial artist, Thai boxer)

19 October 1983

Mithridates VI of PontusMithridates VI of Pontus

0132 BC

Mustafa IMustafa I

1591 AD

Murad IIIMurad III

04 July 1546

Mahmud IIMahmud II

20 July 1785


1208 AD

Alexios I KomnenosAlexios I Komnenos

1048 AD

Enver PashaEnver Pasha

22 November 1881

Mehmed IIIMehmed III

26 May 1566

Murad IIMurad II
(Ottoman Sultan)

31 May 1404

Mehmed IIMehmed II

30 March 1432

Constantius IIConstantius II
(Roman ruler)

07 August 0317

Bayezid IBayezid I

1360 AD

Philip the ApostlePhilip the Apostle

0005 AD

Emre MorEmre Mor

24 July 1997

Bayezid IIBayezid II

03 December 1447

(Novelist, satirist, rhetorician)

0125 AD


0500 AD

Adnan OktarAdnan Oktar
(Writer, Theologian)

02 February 1956

Osman IIOsman II

03 November 1604

Tariq AzizTariq Aziz
(Politician, Diplomat, Journalist)

28 April 1936

Sabbatai ZeviSabbatai Zevi

01 August 1626

Fatih TerimFatih Terim
(Turkish association football manager)

04 September 1953

İsmet İnönüİsmet İnönü

24 September 1884

Muhtar KentMuhtar Kent
(entrepreneur, businessperson)

1952 AD

Antigonus I MonophthalmusAntigonus I Monophthalmus
(Macedonian general)

0382 BC

Be it founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk or religious leader Haci Bektas¸ Veli, founder of the Bektashi dervishes, Mevlana, author of the epic Mesnevi and founder of the Mevlevi dervishes or reverend literary figure Yunus Emre or Katip Celebi, traveller Evliya Celebi or journalist Sinasi, Turkey have been the address of many prolific people from various genres. But these are just the handful of the famous Turks including architect Sinan, miniaturist Abducelil Celebi Levni, painter Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu or composers Ulvi Cemal Erkin. Interestingly, Turkish people have left an indelible mark on everything, right from history to culture, literature to science, politics to economics and so on. Know more about famous Turks and their role in the advancement of their nation with this section below.