Actors Whose First Name Starts With F

Discover the famous actors whose name starts with F. The list includes people like Frankie Jonas, Frank Sinatra, Freddie Highmore, Finn Wolfhard, Fred Astaire and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. This list of actors whose names start with F includes people from United States, Germany, England, France and other countries all over the world.

Frankie JonasFrankie Jonas
28 September 2000, American
Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra
12 December 1915, American
Singer and Actor

Freddie HighmoreFreddie Highmore
14 February 1992, British

Finn WolfhardFinn Wolfhard
23 December 2002, Canadian
Actor, Musician

Fred AstaireFred Astaire
10 May 1899, American

Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker
15 July 1961, American
Fred SavageFred Savage
09 July 1976, American
Actor, Director, Producer

Frank GrilloFrank Grillo
08 June 1965, American

Freddie PrinzeFreddie Prinze
22 June 1954, American

Frank OzFrank Oz
25 May 1944, American
Frank Sinatra Jr.Frank Sinatra Jr.
10 January 1944, American

Fredric MarchFredric March
31 August 1897, American
Frank LangellaFrank Langella
01 January 1938, American

Franco NeroFranco Nero
23 November 1941, Italian

Frank StalloneFrank Stallone
30 July 1950, American
Finn WittrockFinn Wittrock
28 October 1984, American

Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon
18 September 1940, American
Actor, Singer
Fred ThompsonFred Thompson
19 August 1942, American
Former United States Senator

Faizon LoveFaizon Love
14 June 1968, Cuban, American
Actor, Comedian

Flip WilsonFlip Wilson
08 December 1933, American
Comedian & Actor
Frank GorshinFrank Gorshin
05 April 1933, American

Fred BerryFred Berry
19 March 1951, American
Frank BorzageFrank Borzage
23 April 1894, American
Film Director, Actor

Frank MillerFrank Miller
27 January 1957, American
American comic book writer

Froy GutierrezFroy Gutierrez
27 April 1998, American
Actor, Musician

Fred ArmisenFred Armisen
04 December 1966, American
American actor
Freddie Prinze Jr.Freddie Prinze Jr.
08 March 1976, American
Fabio LanzoniFabio Lanzoni
15 March 1961, Italian
actor, model

25 April 1958, Scottish
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet

Frankie MunizFrankie Muniz
05 December 1985, American
film producer, composer, voice actor, screenwriter

Farhan AkhtarFarhan Akhtar
09 January 1974, Indian
actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter,
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
12 March 1946, American
Actor, Dub actor

F. Murray AbrahamF. Murray Abraham
24 October 1939, American

Frank DuxFrank Dux
13 July 1956, American
Sportsperson, Actor, Screenwriter

Fred WillardFred Willard
18 September 1939, American
Actor, Film actor, Television actor

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Fred MacMurrayFred MacMurray
30 August 1908, American
American actor
Fernando AllendeFernando Allende
10 November 1952, Mexican
Film producer, Film director, Actor, Painter,

Fred DryerFred Dryer
06 July 1946, American
American actor
Fred WardFred Ward
30 December 1942, American
Actor, Film producer, Stage actor, Television

François TruffautFrançois Truffaut
06 February 1932, French
Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor, Film

Frank SkinnerFrank Skinner
27 January 1957, British
comedian, autobiographer
Feng ShaofengFeng Shaofeng
07 October 1978

Fernando LamasFernando Lamas
09 January 1915, Argentinian
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor
Frédéric BourdinFrédéric Bourdin
13 June 1974, French

Fernando ColungaFernando Colunga
03 March 1966, Mexican
Actor, Television actor

Frédéric Prinz von AnhaltFrédéric Prinz von Anhalt
18 June 1943, German, American
Musician, Socialite

Fritz HaarmannFritz Haarmann
25 October 1879, German
Serial killer

Fred GrandyFred Grandy
29 June 1948, American
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Politician,
Faran TahirFaran Tahir
16 February 1964, Pakistani, American
Actor, Television actor

Fredrik EklundFredrik Eklund
26 April 1977, Swedish
Adult Film Star, Actor, Entrepreneur, Novelist

Fred NorrisFred Norris
09 July 1955, American
Radio personality, Actor

Francesco QuinnFrancesco Quinn
22 March 1963, Italian, American
Actor, Television actor
Felix SillaFelix Silla
11 January 1937, Italian

François CluzetFrançois Cluzet
21 September 1955, French
Ferdous AhmedFerdous Ahmed
07 June 1973, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi film actor

Firass DiraniFirass Dirani
29 April 1984, Australian

François SagatFrançois Sagat
05 June 1979, French
Adult Film Star, Director, Model
Fernando ReyFernando Rey
20 September 1917, Spanish
Actor, Translator, Character actor, Voice actor

Florent PagnyFlorent Pagny
06 November 1961, French
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Felix WongFelix Wong
04 September 1961, Hong Konger

Fernando CarrilloFernando Carrillo
06 January 1965, Venezuelan
singer, television actor, film actor, pianist

Fyvush FinkelFyvush Finkel
09 October 1922, American
Theater Actor, Television Actor, Film Actor
Faisal RehmanFaisal Rehman
01 January 1966, Pakistani
film director

Frank WedekindFrank Wedekind
24 July 1864, German
Playwright, Writer, Journalist, Screenwriter,
08 May 1903, French

Fana MokoenaFana Mokoena
13 May 1971, South African
Trabaja como actriz porno, Film actor

Felipe de AlbaFelipe de Alba
29 April 1924, Mexican
Actor, Lawyer

Ferdy MayneFerdy Mayne
11 March 1916, German
Facundo AranaFacundo Arana
31 March 1972, Argentinian
Frederick LauFrederick Lau
17 August 1989, German

Fyodor BondarchukFyodor Bondarchuk
09 May 1967, Russian
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenfilm

Federico LuppiFederico Luppi
23 February 1936, Argentinian, Spanish

Fernando ArrabalFernando Arrabal
11 August 1932, Spanish, French
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor, Playwright,
Frédéric ChauFrédéric Chau
06 June 1977, Chinese, French, Cambodian, Vietnamese

1974 AD, Pakistani