Often grouped along with New York and New Jersey as a part of the tristate area, Connecticut occupies the southernmost area of the New England region among the northeastern United States. It is named after River Connecticut, whose name traces back to a word meaning ‘long tidal river’. With Hartford as its capital and Bridgeport as its most populous state, it is often referred to as ‘The Constitution State’ or even ‘The Nutmeg State’. Although it is 3rd smallest by area, it is the fourth most densely populated state. Many famous ‘Connecticuters’ have made it huge internationally, in several spheres of life. Famous authors and writers such as Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer and Noah Webster all were born in the state of Connecticut. The state is well-known for creating athletes such as Walter Camp, Rajai David, Ryan Gomes, Matt Harvey and Willie Pep. So many famous entertainers and actors such as Meg Ryan, Seth MacFarlane, Christopher Llyod, Katherine Heigl and Richard Belzer are originally from Connecticut. We are quite certain that you will be surprised to know all the other prominent legends who were born in and who started their journey to success from Connecticut.
Candace OwensCandace Owens
29 April 1989, American
Political Activist, Commentator
Charli D'AmelioCharli D'Amelio
01 May 2004, American
TikTok Star

George W. BushGeorge W. Bush
06 July 1946, American
43rd U.S. President

Roger StoneRoger Stone
27 August 1952, American
Political Consultant

Meg RyanMeg Ryan
19 November 1961, American

Laura IngrahamLaura Ingraham
19 June 1963, American
Television Host
Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
22 October 1938, American

Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn
12 May 1907, American

Benedict ArnoldBenedict Arnold
14 January 1741, British
American Revolutionary War General
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
26 October 1973, American

Brian DennehyBrian Dennehy
09 July 1938, American
Justin LongJustin Long
02 June 1978, American

John MayerJohn Mayer
16 October 1977, American

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez
06 November 1989, American
American Football Player

Paul GiamattiPaul Giamatti
06 June 1967, American

Karen CarpenterKaren Carpenter
02 March 1950, American
Robert MitchumRobert Mitchum
06 August 1917, American
Film actor

J. P. MorganJ. P. Morgan
17 April 1837, American
Financier and Banker

Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine
24 January 1917, American

Stephanie McMahonStephanie McMahon
24 September 1976, American
Chief brand officer of WWE
Titus WelliverTitus Welliver
12 March 1962, American

Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski
07 January 1958, American
Glenn CloseGlenn Close
19 March 1947, American

Glenne HeadlyGlenne Headly
13 March 1955, American

Lisa Robin KellyLisa Robin Kelly
05 March 1970, American
Jonathan BrandisJonathan Brandis
13 April 1976, American

Sarah RaffertySarah Rafferty
06 December 1972, American
Alexandra BreckenridgeAlexandra Breckenridge
15 May 1982, American
Actress, Photographer

Thomas SadoskiThomas Sadoski
01 July 1976, American

Bob CraneBob Crane
13 July 1928, American
Evan RossEvan Ross
26 August 1988, American
Actor & Singer

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Ralph NaderRalph Nader
27 February 1934, American
Political Activist, Attorney
Paul LiebersteinPaul Lieberstein
22 February 1967, American
Actor, Writer, Producer

Casey NeistatCasey Neistat
25 March 1981, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Peter Schiff Peter Schiff
23 March 1963, American
Investor & Investment Broker

Steve WynnSteve Wynn
27 January 1942, American
Casino Resort Developer
Nancy DowNancy Dow
22 July 1936, American
Richard BelzerRichard Belzer
04 August 1944, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Author

Michael BoltonMichael Bolton
26 February 1953, American
Singer, Songwriter

Cassie VenturaCassie Ventura
26 August 1986, American

Kelly RohrbachKelly Rohrbach
21 January 1990, American
Model & Actress
Hope HicksHope Hicks
21 October 1988, American
PR Consultant

Christopher AbbottChristopher Abbott
31 January 1986, American

Suzanne CollinsSuzanne Collins
10 August 1962, American
Television writer

Gary BurghoffGary Burghoff
24 May 1943, American

Elizabeth GilbertElizabeth Gilbert
18 July 1969, American
Leona HelmsleyLeona Helmsley
04 July 1920, American
Business Woman

Amy BrennemanAmy Brenneman
22 June 1964, American
Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe
14 June 1811, American
American author

Rebecca MillerRebecca Miller
15 September 1962, American
Director, Actress

Brooke BurkeBrooke Burke
08 September 1971, American
Actress, Dancer, Model, TV Personality
Jennifer WestfeldtJennifer Westfeldt
02 February 1970, American

Katie StevensKatie Stevens
08 December 1992, American
Ted KnightTed Knight
07 December 1923, American

Rosalind RussellRosalind Russell
04 June 1907, American

Annie LeibovitzAnnie Leibovitz
02 October 1949, American
Portrait Photographer

Warren LiebersteinWarren Lieberstein
20 September 1968, American
Actor, Producer

Camille KostekCamille Kostek
19 February 1992, American
Anthony FantanoAnthony Fantano
28 October 1985, American
Music Critic, YouTuber, Vlogger

Molly QerimMolly Qerim
31 March 1985, American
TV Anchor

Annamarie TendlerAnnamarie Tendler
09 June 1985, American
Writer, Makeup Artist

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
29 November 1908, American
Politician & Civil Rights Activist
Nathan HaleNathan Hale
06 June 1755, American
American Martyr

Jesse BradfordJesse Bradford
28 May 1979, American
Gene PitneyGene Pitney
17 February 1940, American

Henry SimmonsHenry Simmons
01 July 1970, American

Kari WuhrerKari Wuhrer
28 April 1967, American
Hope LangeHope Lange
28 November 1933, American

Vint CerfVint Cerf
23 June 1943, American
Kenny JohnsonKenny Johnson
13 July 1963, American

Dominick DunneDominick Dunne
29 October 1925, American

John C. MaloneJohn C. Malone
07 March 1941, American
Business Tycoon, Philanthropist
Aarti MannAarti Mann
03 March 1978, American

Roger BartRoger Bart
29 September 1962, American
Frederick Law OlmstedFrederick Law Olmsted
26 April 1822, American
Landscape Architect

Heather ThomasHeather Thomas
08 September 1957, American

Austin ChickAustin Chick
29 July 1971, American

Lee TergesenLee Tergesen
08 July 1965, American
James VanderbiltJames Vanderbilt
17 November 1975, American
Pamela Sue MartinPamela Sue Martin
05 January 1953, American

Eugenia CooneyEugenia Cooney
27 July 1994, American
YouTuber, Beauty Vlogger

Georgianne WalkenGeorgianne Walken
08 February 1944, American
Casting Director

Adriana CaselottiAdriana Caselotti
06 May 1916, American
Voice Actor
Diane VenoraDiane Venora
10 August 1952, American

Ellen MuthEllen Muth
06 March 1981, American

Samuel ColtSamuel Colt
19 July 1814, American

Gary MerrillGary Merrill
02 August 1915, American

Elyse KnoxElyse Knox
14 December 1917, American
Annie StarkeAnnie Starke
26 April 1988, American

Adam LaVorgnaAdam LaVorgna
01 March 1981, American
Ethan AllenEthan Allen
21 January 1738, American
Revolutionary War Hero

Andrew McCabeAndrew McCabe
16 March 1968, American
Attorney, Former FBI Deputy Director
Benjamin Spock Benjamin Spock
02 May 1903, American
Pediatrician and Political Activist
Edith RooseveltEdith Roosevelt
06 August 1861, American
Former First Lady of the United States