With the dawn of television came the rise of the anchorman. Perched behind a desk, intently gazing into the camera and reading the news every evening in a calm and steady voice — he became the face one would eagerly wait to watch every day. Evening after evening, Americans welcome him into their homes to navigate them through the nation’s happenings – both tragedies and triumphs. However, with the advent of Internet, more and more Americans are ditching TV for their daily dose of news. There is a genuine scarcity of real anchormen out there. The once convincing, credible anchorman is fast becoming an endangered species on American television. From Fox News to CNN, the news industry is replacing real anchors with lesser journalists who are more bothered about the appearance of their work than the real job. During this drought, we can look back and learn about some of America’s greatest anchormen who epitomized American television in the past. Read their biographies to explore the timelines, life stories and interesting trivia & facts related to the lives of some such TV anchors.
Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper
03 June 1967
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek
22 July 1940
American-Canadian television personality

Kathie Lee GiffordKathie Lee Gifford
16 August 1953
TV Host, Actress

Molly QerimMolly Qerim
31 March 1985
TV Anchor

Fred RogersFred Rogers
20 March 1928
Television Personality

Martha StewartMartha Stewart
03 August 1941
TV Show Host
Hoda KotbHoda Kotb
09 August 1964
Journalist, Author, TV Anchor

Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest
24 December 1974
Television Show Host & Radio Personality

Rachel MaddowRachel Maddow
01 April 1973
American television host

Lauren SanchezLauren Sánchez
19 December 1969
News Anchor
Kimberly GuilfoyleKimberly Guilfoyle
09 March 1969
News Anchor

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters
25 September 1929
Joan RiversJoan Rivers
08 June 1933

Roger EbertRoger Ebert
18 June 1942

Ainsley EarhardtAinsley Earhardt
20 September 1976
TV Anchor
David MuirDavid Muir
08 November 1973

Jerry SpringerJerry Springer
13 February 1944
Talk Show Host, Former Politician, Former News
Jedediah BilaJedediah Bila
29 January 1979
TV Host

Matt LauerMatt Lauer
30 December 1957

Dan RatherDan Rather
31 October 1931
Trish ReganTrish Regan
13 December 1972
Television Host, Journalist

Katie CouricKatie Couric
07 January 1957
Martha MacCallumMartha MacCallum
31 January 1964
News Anchor

Merv GriffinMerv Griffin
06 July 1925
TV Host

Kasie HuntKasie Hunt
24 May 1985
American Correspondent

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck
10 February 1964
CEO of TheBlaze
Jane PauleyJane Pauley
31 October 1950
Joy TaylorJoy Taylor
17 January 1987
Radio Jockey, TV Anchor

Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels
18 February 1974
Personal Trainer

Shepard SmithShepard Smith
14 January 1964
TV Anchor

Jim CramerJim Cramer
10 February 1955
Brooke BaldwinBrooke Baldwin
12 July 1979

Stephanie RuhleStephanie Ruhle
24 December 1975
Journalist & News Anchor

Amy RobachAmy Robach
06 February 1973
Journalist, TV Anchor

Peter JenningsPeter Jennings
29 July 1938

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Ross MathewsRoss Mathews
24 September 1979
TV Host
Craig MelvinCraig Melvin
20 May 1979
Journalist, News Anchor

Greta Van SusterenGreta Van Susteren
11 June 1954
News Anchor
James CarvilleJames Carville
25 October 1944
Political Consultant

Chris MatthewsChris Matthews
17 December 1945

Katie PavlichKatie Pavlich
10 July 1988
Howard CosellHoward Cosell
25 March 1918

Dagen McDowellDagen McDowell
07 January 1969
News Anchor
Harris FaulknerHarris Faulkner
13 October 1965
News Anchor

Jodi HuisentruitJodi Huisentruit
05 May 1968
News Anchor

Bill HemmerBill Hemmer
14 November 1964

Gloria BorgerGloria Borger
22 September 1952
Political Analyst & Journalist

Lindsay CzarniakLindsay Czarniak
07 November 1977
TV Anchor, Reporter
Suzy KolberSuzy Kolber
14 May 1964

Catherine HerridgeCatherine Herridge
18 May 1964
News Correspondent

Kate SnowKate Snow
10 May 1969
TV Journalist

Jessica SavitchJessica Savitch
01 February 1947
News Anchor
Elle DuncanElle Duncan
1983 AD
TV Reporter

Katie WagnerKatie Wagner
11 May 1964
TV Personality
Julie BanderasJulie Banderas
25 September 1973
News Anchor

David BrinkleyDavid Brinkley
10 July 1920
American newscaster

Dianna RussiniDianna Russini
11 February 1983
Sports Journalist
Cassidy HubbarthCassidy Hubbarth
19 September 1984
TV Anchor

Jessi CombsJessi Combs
27 July 1983
Metal Fabricator & TV Anchor
Diana WilliamsDiana Williams
18 July 1958
News Anchor, Journalist

Alison VictoriaAlison Victoria
31 October 1981
Interior Designer, TV Anchor

Les BrownLes Brown
17 February 1945
Jaymee SireJaymee Sire
25 August 1980
Television Host, Sportscaster, Blogger

Shawn KillingerShawn Killinger
02 November 1979
TV Anchor
Doreen GentzlerDoreen Gentzler
24 September 1957
News Anchor

Becky QuickBecky Quick
18 July 1972

Nessa DiabNessa Diab
06 May 1981
Radio & Television Personality

Crystal Marie DenhaCrystal Marie Denha
08 February 1984
Television Host
Cenk UrguyCenk Urguy
21 March 1970
Political Activist, Show Host
Carl AzuzCarl Azuz
14 August 1989

Chris StirewaltChris Stirewalt
17 November 1975

Kennedy MontgomeryKennedy Montgomery
08 September 1972

Al RokerAl Roker
20 August 1954
Actor, Writer, Blogger, Meteorologist, Journalist
Marv AlbertMarv Albert
12 June 1941
Sports commentator

Jim RossJim Ross
03 January 1952
Restaurateur, Podcaster, Wrestler, Sports

Lester HoltLester Holt
08 March 1959
American news anchor

Michael BufferMichael Buffer
02 November 1944
Journalist, Television presenter, Actor

Jim FowlerJim Fowler
09 April 1932
Zoologist, Television host
Mike EmrickMike Emrick
01 August 1946
Sports commentator, Journalist

Bob CostasBob Costas
22 March 1952
Sports commentator, Radio personality, Journalist,
Joe BuckJoe Buck
25 April 1969
Sports commentator

Mike MayockMike Mayock
14 August 1958
Baseball player, American football player

Bruce PrichardBruce Prichard
07 March 1963
Manager (professional wrestling)
Bob VilaBob Vila
20 June 1946
American television host

Justin RobertsJustin Roberts
29 December 1979
Actor, Film actor, Announcer
Gene OkerlundGene Okerlund
29 November 1942

Lilian GarciaLilian Garcia
19 August 1966
Singer, Ring announcer, Beauty pageant contestant

Clark KelloggClark Kellogg
02 July 1961
Basketball player, Sports commentator

Mike TiricoMike Tirico
13 December 1966
Chris BermanChris Berman
10 May 1955

Chip CarayChip Caray
1965 AD
Television host
Mike BreenMike Breen
22 May 1961
Sports commentator

Verne LundquistVerne Lundquist
17 July 1940
Sports commentator

Chick HearnChick Hearn
27 November 1916

Don PardoDon Pardo
22 February 1918
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality
Jay BilasJay Bilas
24 December 1963
Lawyer, Basketball coach, Basketball player