Peter Doocy Biography

(American Journalist and a White House Correspondent for 'Fox News')

Birthday: July 21, 1987 (Cancer)

Born In: Washington, D.C., United States

Peter Doocy is an American general assignment reporter for 'Fox News.' He is the son of famous 'Fox News' anchor Steve Doocy. Even though his parents initially did not want him to become a news anchor like Steve, it all changed after an incident during Chris Matthews’s 'Hardball College Tour.' Peter rose to prominence for asking John McCain about Hillary Clinton’s drinking habits, at the event. The incident convinced Peter’s parents that news reporting was the best career choice for him. Steve and Peter have now been working together at 'Fox' for nearly a decade. Theirs is one of the few father–son duos on TV today. Peter started working with the channel as an intern when he was in college. Soon after his graduation, he joined 'Fox' officially. Peter has reported several important events, natural calamities, and presidential campaigns. He now regularly reports from ‘Capitol Hill’ and the ‘White House.’ the Washington-based correspondent’s most notable report has been ‘Fox’s 2014 documentary 'The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden.' The segment he hosted was regarded as one the highest-rated documentaries in the channel’s history.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Peter James Doocy

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Males


father: Steve Doocy

mother: Kathy Gerrity

siblings: Mary Doocy, Sally Doocy

Born Country: United States

TV Anchors Journalists

Height: 6'1" (185 cm), 6'1" Males

Ancestry: Swedish American, Irish American

More Facts

education: Villanova University

Childhood & Early Life
Peter was born on July 21, 1987, in the US, to Steve Doocy and Kathy Gerrity. He has two sisters named Sally and Mary.
Peter attended 'Villanova University,' and while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in political science, he interned as a ‘Palestra’ (a Pennsylvania sports arena) reporter for 'Fox News.'
Peter’s parents were initially apprehensive about him joining 'Fox' soon after graduating from 'Villanova.' It was quite strange, as both Steve and Kathy had prominent careers on TV, but they did not want the same for Peter. They wanted him to pursue either an MBA or a law degree.
While in college, Peter participated in ‘MSNBC’S 'Hardball College Tour' with Chris Matthews in April 2008, where he was selected to interview former Arizona senator John McCain and asked him about Hillary Clinton’s drinking habits, referring to her picture with a whiskey shot, toasting with some voters. The picture was published on the front page of the newspaper that morning. Though the question was risky to ask, it was worth it, as it paved his way to news reporting. Peter framed the question in a hilarious manner, which amused not only the audience present there but also John.
Though Steve congratulated Peter on 'Fox & Friends' for asking the question, sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann labeled him as one of the ''Worst Persons in the World.’’ Nevertheless, following this, Peter became the subject of several news headlines and hence commenced his career as a junior reporter.
On the August 25, 2008 edition of 'Fox & Friends,' Peter claimed to have made a report on what young voters knew about the then ‘Democratic’ candidate Barack Obama. Peter revealed that he had spoken to people who were well aware of Obama’s résumé. However, he chose to air only those clips in which he had talked to people who had spoken about Obama’s appearance, voice, and other features, but not anything substantive about him.
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Peter covered the 2008 presidential election, and following that, he began his career officially with 'Fox News' channel in 2009, as a general assignment reporter in New York City. In 2011, he was assigned to report the Midwest floods. Following this, he covered other major stories, such as the heart transplant surgery of former vice president Dick Cheney (in 2012) and the floods in the Midwest. Later, he reported the 2012 ‘Hurricane Sandy’ and the presidential elections that year.
Peter also reported on the 2012 'Sandy Hook Elementary School' shooting and the 2013 ‘Boston Marathon’ bombing. In 2014, Peter did an exclusive TV interview with former ‘Navy SEAL’ Robert O'Neill, the man who had killed the most-wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden. The segment featuring the interview was the highest-rated 'Fox News' documentary of the time.
In 2015, 'Fox' assigned Peter as Steve’s substitute on 'Fox & Friends.' He is currently working on the 2020 presidential election campaigns. Peter has been appointed to cover the entire election season, focusing on senator Bernie Sanders’s campaigns.
In April 2019, Peter had a live discussion with students on the 2020 election. He reported live from senator Bernie Sanders’s town hall event in Bethlehem.
Family & Personal Life
Peter was trained in baseball when he was in middle school. He grew up outside New York. Hence, the father–son duo bonded over 'Yankee' games. However, they now bond over beer and golf. Peter has always acknowledged his father’s role in shaping his career as a news correspondent. Peter believes all of Steve’s pieces of advice have been “invaluable” to him, and the way Steve had initially exposed Peter to the industry had been tremendously beneficial to him.
Peter’s sister Mary, a 'Villanova' alumna, is a counsel for the 'House Oversight Committee' and has previously worked as a legislative assistant in Congressman Mike Pompeo‘s office.
His younger sister, Sally, studied advertising at the 'Southern Methodist University’ and currently works as a sales planner at 'Fox News.'
Steve exposed Peter to the newsroom for the first time during a ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ event, when he was just 4. It was his first experience in a network TV. The exposure helped Peter understand the kind of dedication required for the job.
On his first day at work, Steve advised Peter to always keep his sleeves rolled up, as that would create an impression that he was busy.
In 2018, Peter surprised Steve with a Father’s Day gift while he was reporting live from the ‘White House.’ He gifted his father a pack of business cards of John Robert, the 17th chief justice of the US.
Peter once had an accident while having a lawn-mower ride with Steve, as a child. Since then, the father–son duo bonds on lawn-mower rides, much to Kathy’s chagrin.

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