Discover the notable alumni of University Of California, Berkeley. The list includes people like J. Paul Getty, Gregory Peck, Ramesh Balwani, Steve Wozniak & Jerry Brown. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as scientists, engineers, writers, business people and intellectuals & academics etc.
Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman
30 November 1936, American
Anti-War Activist
Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak
11 August 1950, American
Co-founder of Apple Computer (Apple Inc.)

Gregory PeckGregory Peck
05 April 1916, American

Marshawn LynchMarshawn Lynch
22 April 1986, American
American Football Player

J. Paul GettyJ. Paul Getty
15 December 1892, British, American

Jerry BrownJerry Brown
07 April 1938, American
34th and 39th Governor of California
Terence McKennaTerence McKenna
16 November 1946, American
Philosopher, Psychonaut, Ethnobotanist, Author

Philip K. DickPhilip K. Dick
16 December 1928, American

Earl WarrenEarl Warren
19 March 1891, American
Stacy KeachStacy Keach
02 June 1941, American

Jack LondonJack London
12 January 1876, American
Jayaprakash NarayanJayaprakash Narayan
11 October 1902, Indian
Political Leaders

Robert McNamaraRobert McNamara
09 June 1916, American
Former United States Secretary of Defense

Zulfikar Ali BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto
05 January 1928, Pakistani

Betty FriedanBetty Friedan
04 February 1921, American
Feminist, Writer

Ramesh BalwaniRamesh Balwani
1965 AD, Pakistani
CEO of Theranos
Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle
14 December 1896, American
Military General

Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt
27 April 1955, American
Former CEO of Google

Susan SontagSusan Sontag
16 January 1933, American

Tao RuspoliTao Ruspoli
07 November 1975, Thai, American
David KahnemanDaniel Kahneman
05 March 1934, Israeli, American
American-Israeli psychologist

Adam DuritzAdam Duritz
01 August 1964, American
Gordon MooreGordon Moore
03 January 1929, American

Ki Hong LeeKi Hong Lee
30 September 1986, South Korean

David BohmDavid Bohm
20 December 1917, Brazilian, British, American
Shantanu NarayenShantanu Narayen
27 May 1962, American
CEO of Adobe

Edith HeadEdith Head
28 October 1897, American
Costume Designer
John Kenneth GalbraithJohn Kenneth Galbraith
15 October 1908, Canadian

Rube GoldbergRube Goldberg
04 July 1883, American

Amy TanAmy Tan
19 February 1952, American
Lynn MargulisLynn Margulis
05 March 1938, American

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Joe SpanoJoe Spano
07 July 1946, American
Prudence FarrowPrudence Farrow
20 January 1948, American

Steven ChuSteven Chu
28 February 1948, American
Former United States Secretary of Energy

Barry ScheckBarry Scheck
19 September 1949, American

Mario J. MolinaMario J. Molina
19 March 1943, Mexican
Glen T. SeaborgGlenn T. Seaborg
19 April 1912, American
Gary SnyderGary Snyder
08 May 1930, American
American man of letters

James Harris SimonsJames Harris Simons
1938 AD, American
Mathematicians & Hedge Fund Manager

Amir BlumenfeldAmir Blumenfeld
18 January 1983, Israeli
American-Israeli Comedian

Natalie CoughlinNatalie Coughlin
23 August 1982, American
Vicki IovineVicki Iovine
13 January 1954, American
Model, Writer, Lawyer

Lillian Moller GilbrethLillian Moller Gilbreth
24 May 1878, American
Mother of Modern Management

Harold UreyHarold Urey
29 April 1893, American

Shirin NeshatShirin Neshat
26 March 1957, Iranian
Artist, Activist

Thomas Robert CechThomas Cech
08 December 1947, American
Yuan T. LeeYuan T. Lee
19 November 1936, American

Lawrence R. KleinLawrence Klein
14 September 1920, American
Hamilton Othanel SmithHamilton O. Smith
23 August 1931, American

Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.Willis Lamb
12 July 1913, American

Henry TaubeHenry Taube
30 November 1915, Canadian, American
A. R. AmmonsA. R. Ammons
18 February 1926, American

Owen ChamberlainOwen Chamberlain
10 July 1920, American
Joseph ErlangerJoseph Erlanger
05 January 1874, American

Nessa DiabNessa Diab
06 May 1981, American
Radio & Television Personality

Daniel FredinburgDaniel Fredinburg
08 September 1981, American
Google X Engineer

Timothy Francis LearyTimothy Francis Leary
22 October 1920, American
American psychologist

Gerard DebreuGerard Debreu
04 July 1921, French, American
Jason KiddJason Kidd
23 March 1973, American
Basketball player, Basketball coach

Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIYahya Abdul-Mateen II
15 July 1986, American

Paula PattonPaula Patton
05 December 1975, American

Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin
30 October 1951, American
Alex HonnoldAlex Honnold
17 August 1985, American
Rock climber

Susanna HoffsSusanna Hoffs
17 January 1959, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Musician,
Greg GutfeldGreg Gutfeld
12 September 1964, American
Television personality

Golden BrooksGolden Brooks
01 December 1970, American

John ChoJohn Cho
16 June 1972, American, South Korean
Allison StokkeAllison Stokke
22 March 1989, American

Tony GonzalezTony Gonzalez
27 February 1976, American
American Football Player
Stewart CopelandStewart Copeland
16 July 1952, American

Scott AdamsScott Adams
08 June 1957, American
Comics artist, Economist, Journalist

George DantzigGeorge Dantzig
08 November 1914, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Statistician
Emmett J. RiceEmmett J. Rice
21 December 1919, American

Adam NimoyAdam Nimoy
09 August 1956, American
Zelda RubinsteinZelda Rubinstein
28 May 1933, American

Brett DaltonBrett Dalton
07 January 1983, American

Will Yun LeeWill Yun Lee
22 March 1971, American

Charles MartinetCharles Martinet
17 September 1955, American
Marion Zimmer BradleyMarion Zimmer Bradley
03 June 1930, American
Michael SavageMichael Savage
31 March 1942, American
Pundit, Radio personality, Teacher, Social worker

Lance ItoLance Ito
02 August 1950, American
Lawyer, Judge

Errol MorrisErrol Morris
05 February 1948, American

Pete WilsonPete Wilson
23 August 1933, American
Political Leader
Kurt FullerKurt Fuller
16 September 1953, American

Bernhard Caesar EinsteinBernhard Caesar Einstein
10 July 1930, Swiss, American
Physicist, Engineer

Richard MollRichard Moll
13 January 1943, American

Stephan JenkinsStephan Jenkins
27 September 1964, American

Barry NelsonBarry Nelson
16 April 1917, American
Barbara LeeBarbara Lee
16 July 1946, American

Andrew KlavanAndrew Klavan
13 July 1954, American
Kami CotlerKami Cotler
17 June 1965, American

Davey HavokDavey Havok
20 November 1975, American
Howard K. SternHoward K. Stern
29 November 1968, American
Melvin BelliMelvin Belli
29 July 1907, American

The famous ‘University of California, Berkeley’, affiliated to the ‘University of California’ system, is one of the best institutions in the world for research activities. Surveys conducted by the magazines ‘Times Higher Education’ and ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’ proved that ‘University of California, Berkeley’ belongs to the league of best university brands in the world. The esteemed institution boasts of highly qualified staff which includes several Nobel Prize laureates, Pulitzer Prize and Wolf Prize winners. This fact alone proves that this notable university imparts an outstanding quality of education. The notable alumni of the ‘University of California, Berkeley’ include several famous names who are role models to several youngsters, thanks to their outstanding accomplishments. Some of these noteworthy personalities are tech wizard Steve Wozniak, co-founder of ‘Apple Inc’, female soccer star Alex Morgan, actor Chris Pine and American Basketball player Jaylen Brown. Entrepreneur Steve Wozniak collaborated with notable businessman Steve Jobs to start the multi-Billion dollar giant ‘Apple Inc’ and soon he became a household name. The net worth of the ‘University of California, Berkeley’ alumnus is estimated to be approximately $100 Million. Famous Athlete Jaylen Brown, who represents the team ‘Boston Celtics’ at the ‘National Basketball Association (NBA)’ tournaments. The basketball player has bagged several gold medals in a short span. Read this list to know the names of noteworthy celebrities who were once students of ‘University of California, Berkeley’. Some of the accomplishments of these individuals are remarkable.