Emily Jane Brontë, the author of the classic English novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ tasted resounding success at an early age and had so much to look forward too! Unfortunately stricken with the dreaded disease tuberculosis, she breathed her last at the young age of 30. Similar had been the fate of the famed Romantic poet John Keats who met an untimely end at the age of 25 after suffering from tuberculosis. Once a dreaded disease which proved to be fatal in many cases, tuberculosis also claimed the Polish composer and pianist Frédéric François Chopin way too soon. While some people like writer Albert Camus survived despite being stricken with the disease, others like the French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville were not so lucky. Advancement in medical sciences has led to better treatment options for those suffering from tuberculosis, thus greatly bringing down the mortality rate. Despite this, unfortunate celebrity deaths from tuberculosis have happened even in the latter part of the 20th century. American actress Vivien Leigh and English actor Denholm Mitchell Elliott are among such casualties. Read on for more information about the life and works of famous people who died of tuberculosis.
Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson
15 March 1767, American
7th President of the United States
Vivien LeighVivien Leigh
05 November 1913, British

George OrwellGeorge Orwell
25 June 1903, British

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt
11 October 1884, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Jane AustenJane Austen
16 December 1775, British

1596 AD, American
Native American
John C. CalhounJohn C. Calhoun
18 March 1782, American
7th Vice President of the U.S.A

Franz KafkaFranz Kafka
03 July 1883, Austrian

Henry David ThoreauHenry David Thoreau
12 July 1817, American
Writer and Philosopher
James MonroeJames Monroe
28 April 1758, American
Fifth President of the USA

Catherine I of RussiaCatherine I of Russia
15 April 1684, Russian
Empress of Russia
Edward VI of EnglandEdward VI of England
12 October 1537, British
King of England

Muhammad Ali JinnahMuhammad Ali Jinnah
25 December 1876, Pakistani
Founder of Pakistan

Frédéric ChopinFrédéric Chopin
01 March 1810, Polish

Anton ChekhovAnton Chekhov
29 January 1860, German, Russian

John KeatsJohn Keats
31 October 1795, British
Romantic poet
Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30 July 1818, British

D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
11 September 1885, British

Napoleon IINapoleon II
20 March 1811, French
Emperor of France

Cardinal RichelieuCardinal Richelieu
09 September 1585, French
French Clergyman, Noble and Statesman
Alexis de TocquevilleAlexis de Tocqueville
29 July 1805, French

Bernadette SoubirousBernadette Soubirous
07 January 1844, French
Therese of LisieuxThérèse of Lisieux
02 January 1873, French

Manuel L. QuezonManuel L. Quezon
19 August 1878, Filipino
Former President of the Philippines

Friedrich SchillerFriedrich Schiller
10 November 1759, German
Poet, Playwright, Historian & Philosopher
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lev_Vygotsky.jpgLev Vygotsky
17 November 1896, Russian

Anandi Gopal JoshiAnandi Gopal Joshi
31 March 1865, Indian
First Indian Female Doctor
Nestor MakhnoNestor Makhno
07 November 1888, Ukrainian

Katherine MansfieldKatherine Mansfield
14 October 1888, New Zealander

Aubrey BeardsleyAubrey Beardsley
21 August 1872, British
Bernhard RiemannBernhard Riemann
17 September 1826, German

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Louis BrailleLouis Braille
04 January 1809, French
Inventor of Braille
Christy MathewsonChristy Mathewson
12 August 1880, American
Baseball player

Paul Laurence DunbarPaul Laurence Dunbar
27 June 1872, American

Rose of LimaRose of Lima
30 April 1586, Peruvian

Anders CelsiusAnders Celsius
27 November 1701, Swedish
Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician
02 May 1772, German
Philosopher & Poet
Augustin-Jean FresnelAugustin-Jean Fresnel
10 May 1788, French

Niels Henrik AbelNiels Henrik Abel
05 August 1802, Norwegian

Marcelo H. del PilarMarcelo H. del Pilar
30 August 1850, Filipino

Carl von OssietzkyCarl von Ossietzky
03 October 1889, German
German Pacifist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
René LaennecRené Laennec
17 February 1781, French
Inventor of Stethoscope

Khalil GibranKhalil Gibran
06 January 1883, Lebanese

John SmithJohn Smith
06 January 1580, British

15 January 1622, French
Playwright, Actor and Stage Manager

Uuno KailasUuno Kailas
29 March 1901, Finnish
Charles IXCharles IX
27 June 1550, French
King of France

Thomas Clayton WolfeThomas Clayton Wolfe
03 October 1900, American
Dred ScottDred Scott
1799 AD, American
American slave

Tom FogertyTom Fogerty
09 November 1941, American
Singer, Guitarist

Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and SomersetHenry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset
15 June 1519, British
Mabel NormandMabel Normand
09 November 1892, American

Frédéric Auguste BartholdiFrédéric Auguste Bartholdi
02 August 1834, French
Sculptor, Architect
Kalki KrishnamurthyKalki Krishnamurthy
09 September 1899, Indian
Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer

Ritwik GhatakRitwik Ghatak
04 November 1925, Indian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer,

Lu XunLu Xun
25 September 1881, Chinese
Writer, Essayist, Poet, Literary critic,

Stephen CraneStephen Crane
01 November 1871, American
Writer, Journalist, Poet, Baseball player,

William Ernest HenleyWilliam Ernest Henley
23 August 1849, British
Bud PowellBud Powell
27 September 1924, American
Pianist, Jazz musician

Branwell BrontëBranwell Brontë
26 June 1817, British
Painter, Poet, Writer

Carl Maria von WeberCarl Maria von Weber
18 November 1786, German

Sidney LanierSidney Lanier
03 February 1842, American
Chick WebbChick Webb
10 February 1905, American

Rube WaddellRube Waddell
13 October 1876, American
Baseball Player
Paul ChambersPaul Chambers
22 April 1935, American
Composer, Jazz musician

Elizabeth Ann SetonElizabeth Ann Seton
28 August 1774, American
Teacher, Abbé, Memoirist, Nun

Laurence SterneLaurence Sterne
24 November 1713, British
Writer, Novelist, Autobiographer, Religious
Louise of OrléansLouise of Orléans
03 April 1812, French

Arthur RansomeArthur Ransome
18 January 1884, British
Haym SalomonHaym Salomon
07 April 1740, Polish, American

Romain RollandRomain Rolland
29 January 1866, French
Writer, Playwright, Essayist, Historian, Novelist,

Luigi BoccheriniLuigi Boccherini
19 February 1743, Italian
Composer, Cellist
El LissitzkyEl Lissitzky
22 November 1890, Russian
painter, architect, graphic designer,

Thomas ChippendaleThomas Chippendale
05 June 1718, British
Cabinet maker
Maria SchicklgruberMaria Schicklgruber
15 April 1795

John Randolph of RoanokeJohn Randolph of Roanoke
02 June 1773, American

Yelizaveta Alekseyevna TarakanovaYelizaveta Alekseyevna Tarakanova
15 December 1745, Russian

Martin DelanyMartin Delany
06 May 1812, American
Nachman of BreslovNachman of Breslov
04 April 1772, Polish
Theodore ParkerTheodore Parker
24 August 1810, American

Alfred JarryAlfred Jarry
08 September 1873, French
Playwright, Writer, Poet, Novelist

Pauline BonapartePauline Bonaparte
20 October 1780, French, Italian

Gerard MajellaGerard Majella
09 April 1726, Italian
Ring LardnerRing Lardner
06 March 1885, American

Jane PierceJane Pierce
12 March 1806, American
First lady

Werner HaaseWerner Haase
02 August 1900, German
Physician, University teacher

Georgi PlekhanovGeorgi Plekhanov
29 November 1856, Russian

Giovanni Battista PergolesiGiovanni Battista Pergolesi
04 January 1710, Italian
Composer, Organist
Caroline HarrisonCaroline Harrison
01 October 1832, American
First Lady

Lili BoulangerLili Boulanger
21 August 1893, French
Chūya NakaharaChūya Nakahara
29 April 1907, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Tanka poet, Translator

Karol SzymanowskiKarol Szymanowski
03 October 1882, Polish, Kosovar
Composer, Music educator, University teacher,
Tobias SmollettTobias Smollett
19 March 1721, British, Scottish
24 January 1916, Indonesian
Military personnel