Intellectuals are individuals who influence the way society thinks and approaches an issue. Intellectuals can hail from a varied range of professions, be it a scientist, writer, philosopher, doctor, lawyer or even a sportsperson. These individuals voice their opinion on a platform be it global or national and implore others to think and act. They are the light-bearers of the society like the academicians who impart knowledge to different sections of the society and mold their thoughts and personality. Academicians and intellectuals have always played a significant part in shaping the society. Germany like any other country has had its share of famous intellectuals and academics. Their philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz have laid the foundations of western philosophy. The writers, poets and essayists in the country have published books which have made great impact on the minds of readers world-wide. One cannot miss the name of legendary scientist Albert Einstein while remembering famous German intellectuals, whose works on theory of relativity and electromagnetism changed the face of science and technology forever. We present to you a collection of biographies of some of the famous German intellectuals and academics. Read on to know more about their life stories, timelines and also some interesting facts & trivia related to them.

Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche
15 October 1844
Martin LutherMartin Luther
10 November 1483
Father of Protestantism and Church Reformer

Immanuel KantImmanuel Kant
22 April 1724

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
27 August 1770
Philosopher, Philosophy Historian

Hannah ArendtHannah Arendt
14 October 1906

Maximilian Carl Emil WeberMax Weber
21 April 1864
Arthur SchopenhauerArthur Schopenhauer
22 February 1788

Friedrich EngelsFriedrich Engels
28 November 1820

Martin HeideggerMartin Heidegger
26 September 1889
German Philosopher
Hildegard of BingenHildegard of Bingen
16 September 1098

Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg
05 March 1871
Marxist Theorist
Walter BenjaminWalter Benjamin
15 July 1892

Alexander von HumboldtAlexander von Humboldt
14 September 1769

Erik EriksonErik Erikson
15 June 1902
American-German psychologist

Max StirnerMax Stirner
25 October 1806

Theodor W. AdornoTheodor W. Adorno
11 September 1903
Rudolf VirchowRudolf Virchow
13 October 1821
Doctor, Anthropologist

Herbert MarcuseHerbert Marcuse
18 July 1898

Carl SchmittCarl Schmitt
11 July 1888
Jurist, Geopolitician, Political Scientist

Anita Bose PfaffAnita Bose Pfaff
29 November 1942
Erich FrommErich Fromm
23 March 1900

Friedrich SchillerFriedrich Schiller
10 November 1759
Poet, Playwright, Historian & Philosopher
Leo StraussLeo Strauss
20 September 1899

Edith SteinEdith Stein
12 October 1891

Adam WeishauptAdam Weishaupt
06 February 1748
Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
29 May 1880

Edmund HusserlEdmund Husserl
08 April 1859
Meister EckhartMeister Eckhart
1260 AD
Philosopher, Theologian, Mystic

Martin NiemöllerMartin Niemöller
14 January 1892

Hjalmar SchachtHjalmar Schacht
22 January 1877
Helmuth von Moltke the ElderHelmuth von Moltke the Elder
26 October 1800
General, Historian

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Heinrich SchliemannHeinrich Schliemann
06 January 1822
Max MüllerMax Müller
06 December 1823
Scholar, Philologist

Paul TillichPaul Tillich
20 August 1886

Kurt LewinKurt Lewin
09 September 1890

02 May 1772
Philosopher & Poet
Emil KraepelinEmil Kraepelin
15 February 1856
Ferdinand von MuellerFerdinand von Mueller
30 June 1825
Botanist and Geographer

Carl RitterCarl Ritter
07 August 1779
Co-founder of Modern Geography

Felicitas RomboldFelicitas Rombold
1988 AD

Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen Ferdinand von Richthofen
05 May 1833
Geographer, Traveler, Scientist
Friedrich von HayekFriedrich von Hayek
08 May 1899

Lord ActonLord Acton
10 January 1834

Gottfried W. LeibnizGottfried W. Leibniz
01 July 1646
Philosopher, Mathematician

Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
01 July 1646

Jürgen HabermasJürgen Habermas
18 June 1929
Klaus SchwabKlaus Schwab
30 March 1938
Economist, Educationist, University teacher

Carl von ClausewitzCarl von Clausewitz
01 June 1780
Military person
Hans-Hermann HoppeHans-Hermann Hoppe
02 September 1949
Economist, Philosopher, Academic, University

Ulrike MeinhofUlrike Meinhof
07 October 1934
Journalist, Writer, Sociologist

Magnus HirschfeldMagnus Hirschfeld
14 May 1868
Physician, Writer, Psychologist, Screenwriter,
Lutz Graf Schwerin von KrosigkLutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
22 August 1887
Politician, Jurist, Diplomat, Economist

Lou Andreas-SaloméLou Andreas-Salomé
12 February 1861
Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaHeinrich Cornelius Agrippa
14 September 1486

Johann Georg FaustJohann Georg Faust
1480 AD
astrologer, astronomer

Georg SimmelGeorg Simmel
01 March 1858
Philosopher, Sociologist, University teacher

Gottlob FregeGottlob Frege
08 November 1848
Mathematician, Logician, Analytic philosopher,

Hans MorgenthauHans Morgenthau
17 February 1904
Judge, Political scientist, Writer, Philosopher,
Johann Gottlieb FichteJohann Gottlieb Fichte
19 May 1762
Philosopher, University teacher

Karl JaspersKarl Jaspers
23 February 1883
Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Physician, Theologian,

Ludwig FeuerbachLudwig Feuerbach
28 July 1804
Anthropologist, Philosopher, University teacher

Houston Stewart ChamberlainHouston Stewart Chamberlain
09 September 1855
Racial theorist, Writer, Politician, Philosopher,
Niklas LuhmannNiklas Luhmann
08 December 1927
Philosopher, Scientist, Sociologist, University

Johann Gottfried HerderJohann Gottfried Herder
25 August 1744
Ludwig ErhardLudwig Erhard
04 February 1897
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Johann Friedrich BlumenbachJohann Friedrich Blumenbach
11 May 1752

Otto OhlendorfOtto Ohlendorf
04 February 1907
Economist, Politician, Military personnel
Matthias Jakob SchleidenMatthias Jakob Schleiden
05 April 1804
Biologist, Botanist, Philosopher, University

Max HorkheimerMax Horkheimer
14 February 1895
Philosopher, Educationist, Sociologist, University
Karl KautskyKarl Kautsky
16 October 1854

Wilhelm von HumboldtWilhelm von Humboldt
22 June 1767
Linguist, Diplomat, Anthropologist, Teacher,

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph SchellingFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
27 January 1775
Philosopher, University teacher
Gunther von HagensGunther von Hagens
10 January 1945
Anatomist, Sculptor, Inventor, University teacher

Hermann EbbinghausHermann Ebbinghaus
24 January 1850
Psychologist, Educationist, University teacher
Eduard BernsteinEduard Bernstein
06 January 1850
Politician, Philosopher, Writer, Economist

Leopold von RankeLeopold von Ranke
21 December 1795
Historian, Academic, University teacher, Writer

Friedrich SchleiermacherFriedrich Schleiermacher
21 November 1768
Philosopher, Theologian, Translator, University

Hans-Georg GadamerHans-Georg Gadamer
11 February 1900
Philosopher, University teacher
Jakob BöhmeJakob Böhme
24 April 1575
philosopher, Christian mystic, and Lutheran
Rudolf CarnapRudolf Carnap
18 May 1891
Analytic philosopher, Esperantist, Philosopher of

Moses MendelssohnMoses Mendelssohn
06 September 1729
Philosopher, Translator, Writer, Bible translator

Thomas à KempisThomas à Kempis
1380 AD
Catholic priest

Gotthold Ephraim LessingGotthold Ephraim Lessing
22 January 1729
Writer, Philosopher, Playwright, Poet, Librarian,
Carl Friedrich GoerdelerCarl Friedrich Goerdeler
31 July 1884

Walther FunkWalther Funk
18 August 1890
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Martin Adolf BormannMartin Adolf Bormann
14 April 1930
Catholic priest

Victor KlempererVictor Klemperer
09 October 1881
Linguist, Politician, Writer, Autobiographer,

Johann Joachim WinckelmannJohann Joachim Winckelmann
09 December 1717
Art historian
Thomas MüntzerThomas Müntzer
1489 AD

Rudi DutschkeRudi Dutschke
07 March 1940
Sociologist, Politician
E. F. SchumacherE. F. Schumacher
16 August 1911
Economist, Philosopher, Statistician

Ferdinand LassalleFerdinand Lassalle
11 April 1825
Writer, Politician, Economist, Lawyer, Philosopher
Pope Adrian VIPope Adrian VI
02 March 1459
Karl RahnerKarl Rahner
05 March 1904
Theologian, Writer, University teacher, Catholic