Find out more about the greatest German Historians, including Hannah Arendt, Friedrich Schiller, Oswald Spengler, Helmuth von Moltke the Elder and Leopold von Ranke.
Friedrich SchillerFriedrich Schiller
10 November 1759
Poet, Playwright, Historian & Philosopher
Lord ActonLord Acton
10 January 1834

Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
29 May 1880
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist,

Helmuth von Moltke the ElderHelmuth von Moltke the Elder
26 October 1800
Writer, Officer, Historian

Leopold von RankeLeopold von Ranke
21 December 1795
Historian, Academic, University teacher, Writer

Johann Joachim WinckelmannJohann Joachim Winckelmann
09 December 1717
Theodor MommsenTheodor Mommsen
30 November 1817

Wilhelm DiltheyWilhelm Dilthey
19 November 1833
Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist, Theologian,

Theodor FontaneTheodor Fontane
30 December 1819
Pharmacist, Writer, Poet, Historian, Translator,

Bruno BauerBruno Bauer
06 September 1809
Philosopher, Theologian, Historian
Geoffrey EltonGeoffrey Elton
17 August 1921
Writer, Historian of the modern age, Historian,

Fritz FischerFritz Fischer
05 March 1908
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University
Ernst NolteErnst Nolte
11 January 1923
Philosopher, Historian of the modern age,

Peter GayPeter Gay
20 June 1923
Psychologist, Cultural historian, Historian,

Samuel von PufendorfSamuel von Pufendorf
08 January 1632
Jurist, Philosopher, Historian, University
Heinrich von TreitschkeHeinrich von Treitschke
15 September 1834
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University

Joachim FestJoachim Fest
08 December 1926
Journalist, Writer, Historian of the modern age,
Franz RosenzweigFranz Rosenzweig
25 December 1886
Philosopher, Translator, Historian, Bible

Friedrich Carl von SavignyFriedrich Carl von Savigny
21 February 1779
Jurist and Historian

Hans MommsenHans Mommsen
05 November 1930
Writer, Historian of the modern age, Historian,
Martin BroszatMartin Broszat
14 August 1926
Historian, University teacher

Abraham GeigerAbraham Geiger
24 May 1810
Historian, Rabbi, University teacher