Ricardo Eichmann Biography

(German Archaeologist)

Birthday: November 1, 1955 (Scorpio)

Born In: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ricardo Francisco Eichmann is a German archaeologist. He is the youngest son of Adolf Eichmann, a prominent 'Nazi Party' member. Ricardo’s father was heavily involved in the infamous 'Nazi Holocaust' that triggered immense anger among Israeli agents. The agents later abducted Ricardo’s father and killed him. His father worked as a technical advisor at 'Mercedes-Benz' when the abduction happened. Ricardo, being the youngest of his siblings, had no idea about his father’s fate. He, however, came to know the truth later. He now openly speaks about his father, for whom he has lost all emotional attachments. He often shows resentment toward his father, a Nazi personnel who killed numerous innocent people.
Quick Facts

German Celebrities Born In November

Also Known As: Ricardo Francisco Eichmann

Age: 67 Years, 67 Year Old Males


father: Adolf Eichmann

mother: Veronika Liebl

siblings: Dieter Helmut Eichmann, Horst Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Eichmann

Born Country: Argentina

Archaeologists German Men

City: Buenos Aires, Argentina

More Facts

education: Heidelberg University

Birth & Education
Ricardo was born on November 2, 1955, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Adolf Eichmann and Veronika Liebl. His father was a German–Austrian member of the paramilitary German 'Nazi Party' and one of the major organizers of the infamous 'Nazi Holocaust.' Ricardo is the youngest of Adolf’s children. His three siblings are Klaus Eichmann, Horst Adolf Eichmann, and Dieter Helmut Eichmann.
In 1977, Ricardo attended the 'University of Heidelberg,' where he studied pre- and early history, classical archeology, and Egyptology. He received his doctorate degree in 1984 and was offered the opportunity to conduct a research on the prehistoric floor plan in the Middle East.
Ricardo joined the German army for a brief period of time when he was in his teens.
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Soon after graduating from the 'University of Heidelberg,' Ricardo began working as a research assistant at the Baghdad department of the 'German Archaeological Institute' in Berlin. He then briefly worked as a professor of 'Near Eastern Archeology' at the 'University of Tübingen.' In 1996, Ricardo was appointed as the ‘First Director’ of the 'Orient Department' of the 'German Archaeological Institute' in Berlin.
Personal Life
Ricardo met his future wife, Ilka, while studying at the 'University of Heidelberg.' They got married in 1985.
Ricardo has two sons, namely, Gaspar and Sergej. He now lives in Berlin with his family. He likes to play the violin and enjoys Cajun music a lot.
Relationship with Father
Ricardo was only 5 years old when Aharoni and other Israeli agents kidnapped his father from a place near their house on Garibaldi Street. His father had just returned home from his post-war job at 'Mercedes-Benz.' The agents had even planned to offer the Eichmann family a hefty financial support. Following this, Ricardo’s mother and his siblings moved back to Germany. He was just 8 at that time.
Ricardo was then not aware of what had happened to his father. He, in fact, never showed any curiosity to know his father’s history. For years, he thought that his father had gone missing. Ricardo’s mother, too, never spoke about his father or how he died. He eventually learned the truth when he reached his early teens. He would read articles about his father, who was referred to as a convicted war criminal. Unlike Ricardo, his older brothers, Horst, Dieter, and Nicholas, were aware of the truth about their father. Eventually, Ricardo lost all sorts of emotional attachment to his father and his past. He developed a peacemaking attitude toward the Israeli agents. He even once shared his wish to visit the Jewish state.
Ricardo has never showed any emotion for his father. He has instead displayed satisfaction for not having to meet his father again in life. However, even after so many years of the execution, Ricardo still carries the burden of his father's involvement in the cruel 'Nazi Holocaust.' His brothers are still committed to the 'Nazi' ways.
Because of his father’s involvement in one of the cruelest mass-killing incidents in the history of the world, Ricardo did not wish to reveal his true identity to the public ever. He even contemplated changing his name. However, he opened up to media about his father after he started working at the ‘University of Tübingen.' He admitted that he had initially harbored anger toward the Israelis for abducting his father, but had eventually lost all such harsh feelings.

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