Famous People Born In 1856

Discover the most famous people born in 1856. The list includes people like Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, Woodrow Wilson, J. J. Thomson, George Bernard Shaw and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, inventors, physicists and journalists born in 1856. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Russia and many more countries.

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla
10th July, Austrian, American
Inventor, Father of Radio
Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
6th May, Austrian
Neurologist, Psychiatrist

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28th December, American
Father of the League of Nations

Bal Gangadhar TilakBal Gangadhar Tilak
23rd July, Indian
Indian teacher

George Bernard ShawGeorge Bernard Shaw
26th July, Irish

Philippe PétainPhilippe Pétain
24th April, French
Marshal of France
Booker T. WashingtonBooker T. Washington
5th April, American

J J ThompsonJ. J. Thomson
18th December, British
Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner

Louis BrandeisLouis Brandeis
13th November, American
Former Lawyer & US Supreme Court Associate Justice

Louis SullivanLouis Sullivan
3rd September, American
Pioneering Architect
Robert PearyRobert Peary
6th May, American

Alfred DeakinAlfred Deakin
3rd August, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia
Emil KraepelinEmil Kraepelin
15th February, German

Frank B. KelloggFrank B. Kellogg
22nd December, American
Lawyer, Politician

Asai ChuAsai Chu
22nd July, Japanese
Frederick Winslow TaylorFrederick Winslow Taylor
20th March, American
Tennis player, Engineer, Economist, Golfer,

John Singer SargentJohn Singer Sargent
12th January, Italian, American
Narayana GuruNarayana Guru
20th August, Indian

Ahmed Raza Khan BarelviAhmed Raza Khan Barelvi
14th June, Indian
Muhaddith, Translator, Author

Harry Gordon SelfridgeHarry Gordon Selfridge
11th January, British
business magnate
Tongzhi EmperorTongzhi Emperor
27th April, Chinese

H. Rider HaggardH. Rider Haggard
22nd June, British
James Buchanan DukeJames Buchanan Duke
23rd December, American

Elbert HubbardElbert Hubbard
19th June, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Publisher, Writer

Ratanji Dadabhoy TataRatanji Dadabhoy Tata
30th November, Indian

Daniel Hale WilliamsDaniel Hale Williams
18th January, American
Andrey MarkovAndrey Markov
2nd June, Russian
mathematician, statistician, university teacher
Henry Ossian FlipperHenry Ossian Flipper
21st March, American
Military Leader

Theobald von Bethmann-HollwegTheobald von Bethmann-Hollweg
29th November, German
Politician, Jurist

Georgi PlekhanovGeorgi Plekhanov
29th November, Russian
philosopher, politician, journalist, writer,

Tom RobertsTom Roberts
9th March, Australian
Artist, Painter
Robert NivelleRobert Nivelle
15th October, French
Military personnel

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Granville WoodsGranville Woods
23rd April, American
Inventor, Engineer

John RedmondJohn Redmond
1st September, Irish

Mikhail VrubelMikhail Vrubel
5th March, Russian
painter, sculptor

Henri-Edmond CrossHenri-Edmond Cross
20th May, French
Ivan FrankoIvan Franko
27th August, Ukrainian

Sergei TaneyevSergei Taneyev
25th November, Russian
composer, musicologist, music educator, music
Hara TakashiHara Takashi
9th February, Japanese
politician, writer, journalist, diplomat

Theobald von Bethmann HollwegTheobald von Bethmann Hollweg
29th November, German
President, Chancellor

William WillettWilliam Willett
10th August, British
Kate Douglas WigginKate Douglas Wiggin
28th September, American
Writer, Children's writer, Teacher

Joseph John ThomsonJoseph John Thomson
18th December, British
Mathematician, Physicist
George Adam SmithGeorge Adam Smith
19th October, British

Reuben Archer TorreyReuben Archer Torrey
28th January, American

Lyman Frank BaumLyman Frank Baum
15th May, American

Edward Sandford MartinEdward Sandford Martin
2nd January, American

Wilhelm HumboldtWilhelm Humboldt
18th September, German
Granville T. WoodsGranville T. Woods
30th November

Elbert Green HubbardElbert Green Hubbard
19th June, American

Eduard Freiherr von Böhm-ErmolliEduard Freiherr von Böhm-Ermolli
12th February, Czech, Italian
Austrian general