Virginia is the 35th largest state in the whole of the United States. Known for being one of the first few colonies captured by the British a few hundred years ago, the State of Virginia is famous for its great historic significance. There are many more celebrities who hail from this famous American state, scroll down to know their names. Virginia is surrounded by several states, namely Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky as well as the American capital Washington D.C. The state is a nature lover’s paradise, thanks to its abundance in flora and fauna. The state of Virginia is also famous for producing several famous celebrities. Singers/songwriters Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and Jason Mraz are a few famous people from this American state. Some of the songs of these acclaimed artistes have been chartbusters and the popularity of the tracks has catapulted them to the status of pop icons. The names of a few other celebrities from Virginia have been listed below, kindly go through them.
Chris PrattChris Pratt
21 June 1979, American
George WashingtonGeorge Washington
22 February 1732, American
First U.S. President

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock
26 July 1964, American

Rob LoweRob Lowe
17 March 1964, American

Sofia HublitzSofia Hublitz
01 June 1999, American

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
13 April 1743, American
3rd U.S. President
Allen IversonAllen Iverson
07 June 1975, American
Basketball Player

Rhea SeehornRhea Seehorn
12 May 1972, American

Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
28th U.S. President
Sean ParkerSean Parker
03 December 1979, American

Patton OswaltPatton Oswalt
27 January 1969, American
Booker T. WashingtonBooker T. Washington
05 April 1856, American

Camila MendesCamila Mendes
29 June 1994, Brazilian, American
Actress, Model

Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton
01 July 1982, American

Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
19 January 1807, American
Confederate General in the American Civil War

Desmond DossDesmond Doss
07 February 1919, American
U. S. Army Corporal
Jason SudeikisJason Sudeikis
18 September 1975, American

Warren BeattyWarren Beatty
30 March 1937, American

June Carter CashJune Carter Cash
23 June 1929, American

David ArquetteDavid Arquette
08 September 1971, American
Actor, Playwright
Benny BlancoBenny Blanco
08 March 1988, Brazilian, American
Record producer

Pharrell WilliamsPharrell Williams
05 April 1973, American
Shirley MacLaineShirley MacLaine
24 April 1934, American

Dermot MulroneyDermot Mulroney
31 October 1963, American

David ChangDavid Chang
08 May 1977, American
Patsy ClinePatsy Cline
08 September 1932, American
Country Singer

Ella FitzgeraldElla Fitzgerald
25 April 1917, American
Mackenzie PhillipsMackenzie Phillips
10 November 1959, American

Zachary TaylorZachary Taylor
24 November 1784, American
Military Leader and the 12th President of United

Steve BannonSteve Bannon
27 November 1953, American
Former White House Chief Strategist
Grant GustinGrant Gustin
14 January 1990, American

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Richard Benjamin HarrisonRichard Benjamin Harrison
04 March 1941, American
Businessman, TV Personality
Missy ElliottMissy Elliott
01 July 1971, American

10 March 1972, American
Rapper, Record Producer

James MonroeJames Monroe
28 April 1758, American
Fifth President of the USA

Randolph ScottRandolph Scott
23 January 1898, American
George C. ScottGeorge C. Scott
18 October 1927, American
American film actor
Henrietta LacksHenrietta Lacks
01 August 1920, American
Source of HeLa Cell Line

Wanda SykesWanda Sykes
07 March 1964, American

Dagen McDowellDagen McDowell
07 January 1969, American
News Anchor

Sam HoustonSam Houston
02 March 1793, American
Former Governor of Texas
Gabby DouglasGabby Douglas
31 December 1995, American

Jason MrazJason Mraz
23 June 1977, American
Singer and Musician

Sally HemingsSally Hemings
1773 AD, American
Thomas Jefferson’s Slave

Dell CurryDell Curry
25 June 1964, American
Basketball Player

Steve EarleSteve Earle
17 January 1955, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter
Arthur AsheArthur Ashe
10 July 1943, American
Tennis Player

Pat RobertsonPat Robertson
22 March 1930, American
Evangelist, Media Mogul
Katie CouricKatie Couric
07 January 1957, American

Ralph SampsonRalph Sampson
07 July 1960, American
Basketball Player

Mickie JamesMickie James
31 August 1979, American
Professional Wrestler, Model
Trey SongzTrey Songz
28 November 1984, American

Caroline CallowayCaroline Calloway
05 December 1991, American
Instagram Star
Aimee MannAimee Mann
08 September 1960, American
Alternative Artist

Martha WashingtonMartha Washington
02 June 1731, American

Henry ClayHenry Clay
12 April 1777, American
Political Leader

Rick Santorum Rick Santorum
10 May 1958, American
American Politician, Attorney

Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
18 August 1774, American
Explorer, Politician
Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill
26 October 1883, American
Writer of personal-success literature

Dee Dee RamoneDee Dee Ramone
18 September 1951, American

Chesty PullerChesty Puller
26 June 1898, American
United States Marine Corps lieutenant general

22 October 1964, American
Hip-hop Artist
Joseph CottenJoseph Cotten
15 May 1905, American

Neko CaseNeko Case
08 September 1970, American
Diane NealDiane Neal
17 November 1975, American

Donna DixonDonna Dixon
20 July 1957, American
Actress, Model

Tom WolfeTom Wolfe
02 March 1931, American
American author
Lil TracyLil Tracy
03 October 1995, American

Patrick HenryPatrick Henry
29 May 1736, American
5th & 6th Governor of Virginia, Orator,
Joyce BulifantJoyce Bulifant
16 December 1937, American

Chad ColemanChad Coleman
06 September 1974, American

Brian BenbenBrian Benben
18 June 1956, American
Shanelle WorkmanShanelle Workman
03 August 1978, American

Thomas RolfeThomas Rolfe
30 January 1615, American
Pocahontas' Son
Aaron StatonAaron Staton
10 August 1980, American

Rob HuebelRob Huebel
04 June 1969, American

Scottie ThompsonScottie Thompson
09 November 1981, American

Winfield ScottWinfield Scott
13 June 1786, American
Military Officer
Jimmy WorkmanJimmy Workman
04 October 1980, American
Hunter ParrishHunter Parrish
13 May 1987, American

Edith WilsonEdith Wilson
15 October 1872, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Rob EstesRob Estes
22 July 1963, American

Bill RobinsonBill Robinson
25 May 1878, American
Sonya CurrySonya Curry
30 May 1966, American
Dell Curry's Wife

Plaxico BurressPlaxico Burress
12 August 1977, American
American Football Player

Mimi FaustMimi Faust
03 January 1972, American
Reality Star

Fred OttmanFred Ottman
10 August 1956, American
Professional Wrestler

Margaret Brooke SullavanMargaret Sullavan
16 May 1909, American
Earl Hamner Jr.Earl Hamner Jr.
10 July 1923, American
Television Writer

Shalita GrantShalita Grant
28 August 1988, American
Willa CatherWilla Cather
07 December 1873, American

Duncan FergusonDuncan Ferguson
27 December 1971, Scottish
Football Player
J. E. B. StuartJ. E. B. Stuart
06 February 1833, American
Military Leader
Dub TaylorDub Taylor
26 February 1907, American