Male Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With Z

Discover the male celebrities whose name starts with Z. The list includes people like Zac Efron, Zachary Levi, Zayn Malik, Zinedine Zidane, Zack de la Rocha and many more. This list of male celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list are from all domains, such as political leaders, actors, football players and presidents etc. This list of male celebrities whose names start with Z includes people from United States, China, India, Poland and other countries all over the world.

Zac EfronZac Efron
18 October 1987, American
Actor, Singer
Zachary LeviZachary Levi
29 September 1980, American

Zayn MalikZayn Malik
12 January 1993, British

Zinedine ZidaneZinedine Zidane
23 June 1972, French
Football Player

Zack de la RochaZack de la Rocha
12 January 1970, American

02 September 1989, German, Russian
Record Producer
Zack SnyderZack Snyder
01 March 1966, American
Film Director

Zach BraffZach Braff
06 April 1975, American
Actor, Director

Zachary TaylorZachary Taylor
24 November 1784, American
Military Leader and the 12th President of United

Zak BagansZak Bagans
05 April 1977, American
Television Personality
Ziggy MarleyZiggy Marley
17 October 1968, Jamaican

 , Iranian
Founder of Zoroastrianism
Zulfikar Ali BhuttoZulfikar Ali Bhutto
05 January 1928, Pakistani

Zakk Wylde Zakk Wylde
14 January 1967, American

Zach McGowanZach McGowan
05 May 1981, American
Zachery Ty BryanZachery Ty Bryan
09 October 1981, American

Zack RyderZack Ryder
14 May 1985, American
Zach RandolphZach Randolph
16 July 1981, American
Basketball Player

Zhao ZiyangZhao Ziyang
17 October 1919, Chinese
Former Prime Minister of China

Zach LaVineZach LaVine
10 March 1995, American
Basketball Player
Zbigniew BrzezinskiZbigniew Brzezinski
28 March 1928, Polish, American
Former Diplomat, Political Scientist

Zachary GordonZachary Gordon
15 February 1998, American
Actor, Voice Actors
Zane HijaziZane Hijazi
18 November 1992, American

06 February 2007, American
Youtube Star

Zeppo MarxZeppo Marx
25 February 1901, American

Zail SinghZail Singh
05 May 1916, Indian
President of India
Zach KingZach King
04 February 1990, American
Vine star, YouTuber & Filmmaker
Ziauddin YousafzaiZiauddin Yousafzai
1969 AD, Pakistani
Education Activist, Diplomat

Zachary Pym WilliamsZachary Pym Williams
11 April 1983, American

Zandy ReichZandy Reich
23 January 1983, American
Fiancé of Lea Michele

Zion KuwonuZion Kuwonu
29 June 1999, Canadian
Musical Artist
Zach ClaytonZach Clayton
22 June 2000, American
YouNow Star, YouTuber

Zach HerronZach Herron
27 May 2001, American

Zakir KhanZakir Khan
20 August 1987, Indian
Stand-up Comedian, YouTuber

Zachary SmithZachary Smith
28 February 2002, American
Youtube Comedians

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Zach KornfeldZach Kornfeld
26 July 1990, American
02 July 1995, Canadian
YouTube Star

Zachary BogueZachary Bogue
05 December 1975, American
Entrepreneur & Lawyer
Zlatan IbrahimovićZlatan Ibrahimović
03 October 1981, Swedish
Football Player

Zephan ClarkZephan Clark
15 October 2001, British
TikTok ( Star

Zoran JolevskiZoran Jolevski
16 July 1959, Macedonian
Politician, Diplomat
Zoltan KodalyZoltan Kodaly
16 December 1882, Hungarian

Zay HilfigerZay Hilfiger
15 November 2000, American
Zhores Ivanovich AlferovZhores Ivanovich Alferov
15 March 1930, Belarusian, Russian, Russian

17 March 1998, American
YouTube Gamer

Zayion McCallZayion McCall
16 July 1999, American

Zac VranZac Vran
09 June 1996, Canadian

Zach LetterZach Letter
24 November 1990, American
YouTuber, Gamer
24 March 1999, American

Zachary QuintoZachary Quinto
02 June 1977, American
American actor

Zakir NaikZakir Naik
18 October 1965, Indian
Physician, Writer, Intellectual, Preacher

Zaheer KhanZaheer Khan
07 October 1978, Indian
Zab JudahZab Judah
27 October 1977, American

Zhou EnlaiZhou Enlai
05 March 1898, Chinese
Politician, Diplomat
Zak StarkeyZak Starkey
13 September 1965, British

Zhuge LiangZhuge Liang
0181 AD, Chinese
Politician, military strategist, writer, engineer

Zheng HeZheng He
23 September 1371, Chinese
Chinese diplomat
Zack GreinkeZack Greinke
21 October 1983, American
Baseball player

Zhang YimouZhang Yimou
14 November 1951, Chinese
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter
Zach JohnsonZach Johnson
24 February 1976, American

Zahi HawassZahi Hawass
28 May 1947, Egyptian
Egyptian archaeologist

03 March 1953, Brazilian
Association football player, Blogger, Association

Zac PosenZac Posen
24 October 1980, American
Fashion designer
Zane LoweZane Lowe
07 August 1973, New Zealander
Disc jockey, Radio personality, Television

Zubin MehtaZubin Mehta
29 April 1936, Indian
Conductor, Music director

Zac GoldsmithZac Goldsmith
20 January 1975, British
Politician, Editor, Journalist

Zacarias MoussaouiZacarias Moussaoui
30 May 1968, French
Zhang FeiZhang Fei
0168 AD, Chinese
Military officer
Zubeen GargZubeen Garg
18 November 1972, Indian
Singer, Composer, Actor, Lyricist

ZP TheartZP Theart
22 January 1975, South African

Zeno of CitiumZeno of Citium
0334 BC, Cypriot, Greek

Zine El Abidine Ben AliZine El Abidine Ben Ali
03 September 1936, Tunisian
Politician, Diplomat
Zvonimir BobanZvonimir Boban
08 October 1968, Croatian

Zeno of EleaZeno of Elea
0490 BC, Italian
Greek philosopher

Zygmunt BaumanZygmunt Bauman

Zé RobertoZé Roberto
06 July 1974, Brazilian, German
Association football player

Ziaur RahmanZiaur Rahman
19 January 1936, Bangladeshi
Zhang JikeZhang Jike
16 February 1988
Table tennis player

Zaheer AbbasZaheer Abbas
24 July 1947, Pakistani
Zalmay KhalilzadZalmay Khalilzad
22 March 1951, American

Zebulon PikeZebulon Pike
05 January 1779, American
Explorer, Military personnel

Zhang XueliangZhang Xueliang
03 June 1901, American
Ziaul Faruq ApurbaZiaul Faruq Apurba
27 June 1981, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi model

Zhu DeZhu De
01 December 1886
Zhu RongjiZhu Rongji
01 October 1928
Politician, Engineer, Businessperson

Zbigniew BoniekZbigniew Boniek
03 March 1956, Polish

Zack HemseyZack Hemsey
02 June 1983, American
composer, film score composer

Zhang SanfengZhang Sanfeng
Ze FrankZe Frank
31 March 1972, American

Zhang HengZhang Heng
0078 AD, Chinese
cartographer, mathematician, astronomer,
Zbigniew ReligaZbigniew Religa
16 December 1938, Polish
Surgeon, Physician, University teacher

Zacharias JanssenZacharias Janssen

Zuo ZongtangZuo Zongtang
10 November 1812, Chinese

Zaifeng, Prince ChunZaifeng, Prince Chun
12 February 1883, Chinese
Zhenli Ye GonZhenli Ye Gon
31 January 1963, Mexican
Drug lord