Peace is something the whole world has been craving for, since time immemorial, be it between nations or individuals belonging to a family. The world has witnessed several man-made catastrophes over the past two centuries, in the form of wars, shootouts, mass suicides, terrorist attacks and many other unfortunate incidents. In these turbulent times, when the growing tensions between many countries are giving rise to speculations such as the possibility of World War III, a few individuals are trying hard to promote peace. The Nobel Peace Prize is an initiative aimed at appreciating their efforts. Activist Martin Luther King Jr, writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mother Teresa and Rudyard Kipling are a few Nobel Peace Prize winners. Mother Teresa founded the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ several decades ago. Based in India, this NGO has been responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of orphaned children. Martin Luther King Jr has fought tooth and nail against the oppression of the blacks and he still continues to be a hero.
Barack ObamaBarack Obama
04 August 1961, American
44th U.S. President
Aung San Suu KyiAung San Suu Kyi
19 June 1945, Burmese
Political Leader (Freedom Fighter) of Myanmar

Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt
27 October 1858, American
26th U.S. President

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
18 July 1918, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist, President of ANC and

Mother TeresaMother Teresa
26 August 1910, Albanian, Indian
Founder of Missionaries of Charity

Mikhail GorbachevMikhail Gorbachev
02 March 1931, Russian
Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of
Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
28th U.S. President

Yasser ArafatYasser Arafat
24 August 1929, Palestinian
1st President of the Palestinian National

Elie WieselElie Wiesel
30 September 1928, Romanian, American
Desmond TutuDesmond Tutu
07 October 1931, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist

Kofi AnnanKofi Annan
08 April 1938, Ghanaian
Former UN Secretary General
Abiy AhmedAbiy Ahmed
15 August 1976, Ethiopian
Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Yitzhak RabinYitzhak Rabin
01 March 1922, Israeli
5th Prime Minister of Israel

Norman BorlaugNorman Borlaug
25 March 1914, American
Father of the Green Revolution

Shimon PeresShimon Peres
02 August 1923, Israeli
Former President of Israel

Lech WalesaLech Walesa
29 September 1943, Polish
Former President of Poland
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
29 October 1938, Liberian
Africa’s First Elected Female Head of State

Albert SchweitzerAlbert Schweitzer
14 January 1875, French
Philosopher, Theologian

George MarshallGeorge Marshall
31 December 1880, American
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

Willy BrandtWilly Brandt
18 December 1913, German
Former Chancellor of Germany
Wangari MaathaiWangari Maathai
01 April 1940, Kenyan
Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Menachem BeginMenachem Begin
16 August 1913, Israeli
Former Prime Minister of Israel
Jane AddamsJane Addams
06 September 1860, American

Muhammad YunusMuhammad Yunus
28 June 1940, Bangladeshi

Kim Dae Jung Kim Dae Jung
06 January 1924, South Korean
Former President of South Korea
Lester B. PearsonLester B. Pearson
23 April 1897, Canadian
14th Prime Minister of Canada

Ralph BuncheRalph Bunche
07 August 1904, American
Political Scientist
Liu Xiaobo Liu Xiaobo
28 December 1955, Chinese
Chinese Human Rights Activist

Gustav StresemannGustav Stresemann
10 May 1878, German
Chancellor of Germany

Rigoberta MenchúRigoberta Menchú
09 January 1959, Guatemalan
John HumeJohn Hume
18 January 1937, Irish

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Juan Manuel SantosJuan Manuel Santos
10 August 1951, Colombian
President of Colombia
Henry DunantHenry Dunant
08 May 1828, Swiss
Founder of the Red Cross

Cordell HullCordell Hull
02 October 1871, American
Secretary of State, USA

David TrimbleDavid Trimble
15 October 1944, British
First Minister of Northern Ireland

Shirin EbadiShirin Ebadi
21 June 1947, Iranian
Human Rights Activist
Martti Oiva Kalevi AhtisaariMartti Ahtisaari
23 June 1937, Finnish
Former President of Finland
Leymah GboweeLeymah Gbowee
01 February 1972, Liberian
Peace activist

Carl von OssietzkyCarl von Ossietzky
03 October 1889, German
German Pacifist & Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Mohamed ElBaradeiMohamed ElBaradei
17 June 1942, Egyptian
Former Director of IAEA & Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Louis RenaultLouis Renault
12 February 1877, French
Founder of Renault
Aristide BriandAristide Briand
28 March 1862, French
Prime Minister

Oscar Arias SanchezOscar Arias Sanchez
13 September 1940, Costa Rican
President of Costa Rica

Frank B. KelloggFrank B. Kellogg
22 December 1856, American
Lawyer, Politician

Mairead MaguireMairead Maguire
27 January 1944, Irish
Peace Activist

Arthur HendersonArthur Henderson
13 September 1863, British
Nicholas Murray ButlerNicholas Murray Butler
02 April 1862, American
Philosopher, Educator

Jody Williams Jody Williams
09 October 1950, American
Political & Peace Activist
Alva MyrdalAlva Myrdal
31 January 1902, Swedish
Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Adolfo Pérez EsquivelAdolfo Pérez Esquivel
26 November 1931, Argentinian
Human Rights Activist

Emily Greene BalchEmily Greene Balch
08 January 1867, American
Social Activist
Betty WilliamsBetty Williams
22 May 1943, Northern Irish

Henri La FontaineHenri La Fontaine
22 April 1854, Belgian
Socialist, Senator, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Carlos Saavedra LamasCarlos Saavedra Lamas
01 November 1878, Argentinian
First Latin American Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Joseph RotblatJoseph Rotblat
04 November 1908, Polish

Hjalmar BrantingHjalmar Branting
23 November 1860, Swedish

John MottJohn Mott
25 May 1865, American

John Boyd OrrJohn Boyd Orr
23 September 1880, British, Scottish
Christian Lous LangeChristian Lous Lange
17 September 1869, Norwegian
Historian, Political scientist, Writer

Ludwig QuiddeLudwig Quidde

Charles Albert GobatCharles Albert Gobat
21 May 1843, Swiss

Klas Pontus ArnoldsonKlas Pontus Arnoldson
27 October 1844, Swedish
Politician, Journalist, Writer, Non-fiction writer