Discover the notable alumni of Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. The list includes people like Dolph Lundgren, Buzz Aldrin, John Forbes Nash Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu & James Woods. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as scientists, engineers, intellectuals & academics, writers and miscellaneous etc.
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin
20 January 1930, American
American engineer
Dolph LundgrenDolph Lundgren
03 November 1957, Swedish

Charles KochCharles Koch
01 November 1935, American
Co-Owner of Koch Industries

John Forbes Nash Jr.John Forbes Nash Jr.
13 June 1928, American

Richard FeynmanRichard Feynman
11 May 1918, American

Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu
21 October 1949, Israeli
Prime Minister of Israel
James WoodsJames Woods
18 April 1947, American
Actor, Producer, Voice Artist

Raghuram RajanRaghuram Rajan
03 February 1963, Indian

I.M. PeiI. M. Pei
26 April 1917, American
Master of Modern Architecture

Kofi AnnanKofi Annan
08 April 1938, Ghanaian
Former UN Secretary General
Shiva AyyaduraiShiva Ayyadurai
02 December 1963, Indian
Inventor of Email

Amar BoseAmar Bose
02 November 1929, American
Electrical Engineer and Sound Engineer
Carly FiorinaCarly Fiorina
06 September 1954, American
Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

James Harris SimonsJames Harris Simons
1938 AD, American
Mathematicians & Hedge Fund Manager

William ShockleyWilliam Shockley
13 February 1910, American
Murray Gell-MannMurray Gell-Mann
15 September 1929, American

David H. KochDavid H. Koch
03 May 1940, American
Co-owner of Koch Industries
Neri OxmanNeri Oxman
06 February 1976, American

Robert NoyceRobert Noyce
12 December 1927, American
Co-inventor of the integrated circuit

Louis SullivanLouis Sullivan
03 September 1856, American
Pioneering Architect
Alfred SloanAlfred P. Sloan
23 May 1875, American
CEO of General Motors Corporation

Herman HollerithHerman Hollerith
29 February 1860, American
Father of modern automatic computation
Tony TanTony Tan
07 February 1940, Singaporean
Seventh President of Singapore

Ray TomlinsonRay Tomlinson
23 April 1941, American
Inventor of the First Email System

John Robert SchriefferJohn Robert Schrieffer
31 May 1931, American

Ahmed ChalabiAhmed Chalabi
30 October 1944, Iraqi
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq
Robert C. MertonRobert C. Merton
31 July 1944, American
Franklin DiazFranklin Chang Díaz
05 April 1950, Chinese, Costa Rican, American
Former NASA Astronaut

Robert Burn WoodworthRobert Burns Woodward
10 April 1917, American
Organic Chemist

Elias James CoreyElias James Corey
12 July 1928, American
Organic Chemist

Robert MundellRobert Mundell
24 October 1932, Canadian
Robert B. LaughlinRobert B. Laughlin
01 November 1950, American

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Joseph E. StiglitzJoseph E. Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist & Author

Thomas Robert CechThomas Cech
08 December 1947, American

Burton RichterBurton Richter
22 March 1931, American

Lawrence R. KleinLawrence Klein
14 September 1920, American
Edith ClarkeEdith Clarke
10 February 1883, American
Electrical Engineer

Sidney AltmanSidney Altman
07 May 1939, Canadian, American
Molecular Biologist
Robert Sanderson Mulliken Robert S. Mulliken
07 June 1896, American
Chemist, Physicist

Iqbal QuadirIqbal Quadir
13 August 1958, Bangladeshi
Founder of Grameenphone

Henry Way KendallHenry Way Kendall
09 December 1926, American
Bill FordBill Ford
03 May 1957, American
American businessman

Charles Greeley AbbotCharles Greeley Abbot
31 May 1872, American
Bob LazarBob Lazar
26 January 1959, American
Film processor

Ronald McNairRonald McNair
21 October 1950, American
Physicist, Astronaut

Charles DukeCharles Duke
03 October 1935, American
Air force officer, Astronaut, Test pilot, Fighter

Richard StallmanRichard Stallman
16 March 1953, American
Programmer, Computer scientist, Lecturer, Blogger,

Paul KrugmanPaul Krugman
28 February 1953, American
Columnist, Economist, Essayist, Blogger,
Alicia NashAlicia Nash
01 January 1933, Salvadoran, American

Aafia SiddiquiAafia Siddiqui
02 March 1972, Pakistani

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle
14 December 1896, American
Aviator, Officer

Tom ScholzTom Scholz
10 March 1947, American
Lawrence SummersLawrence Summers
30 November 1954, American
Economist, University teacher, Professor,

Joseph StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz
09 February 1943, American
Economist, University teacher, Science writer,
Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
30 April 1916, American
Mathematician, Cryptographer, Computer scientist,

Mario DraghiMario Draghi
03 September 1947, Italian
Economist, Banker, University teacher

Edgar MitchellEdgar Mitchell
17 September 1930, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator
Vannevar BushVannevar Bush
11 March 1890, American
Scientist, Engineer, Politician, University

Qian XuesenQian Xuesen
11 December 1911
Astronautical engineer
Lawrence M. KraussLawrence M. Krauss
27 May 1954, American
Astronomer, Physicist, Astrophysicist, Academic,

Aditya Vikram BirlaAditya Vikram Birla
14 November 1943, Indian
Business magnate

Emma Georgina RothschildEmma Georgina Rothschild
16 May 1948, British
Economic historian, Historian, University teacher,
Pranav MistryPranav Mistry
14 May 1981, Indian
Computer scientist

Greg MankiwGreg Mankiw
03 February 1958, American
Economist, Blogger
Leslie LamportLeslie Lamport
07 February 1941, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Programmer,

Robert J. ShillerRobert J. Shiller
29 March 1946, American
Economist, Writer, Educationist, University

Ngozi Okonjo-IwealaNgozi Okonjo-Iweala
13 June 1954, Nigerian
Diplomat, Economist

Robert Tappan MorrisRobert Tappan Morris
08 November 1965, American
Computer scientist, Scientist, Professor
Andrew S. TanenbaumAndrew S. Tanenbaum
16 March 1944, American
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,
Shivshankar MenonShivshankar Menon
05 July 1949, Indian

Jagdish BhagwatiJagdish Bhagwati
26 July 1934, Indian

Theodore Miller EdisonTheodore Miller Edison
10 July 1898, American

Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
01 December 1943, American
Computer scientist, Architect, Investor,
Edward Norton LorenzEdward Norton Lorenz
23 May 1917, American
Mathematician, Meteorologist, University teacher

Stanley FischerStanley Fischer
15 October 1943, Israeli, American
Economist, Educationist, Writer, Professor, Banker

Don NormanDon Norman
25 December 1935, American
Engineer, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Writer

George AkerlofGeorge Akerlof
17 June 1940, American
Economist, Professor

Ivan SutherlandIvan Sutherland
16 May 1938, American
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,
Austan GoolsbeeAustan Goolsbee
18 August 1969, American

Hossein NasrHossein Nasr
07 April 1933
Philosopher, University teacher
Whitfield DiffieWhitfield Diffie
05 June 1944, American
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Computer scientist

Daniel Chester FrenchDaniel Chester French
20 April 1850, American

Andrew ViterbiAndrew Viterbi
09 March 1935, Italian, American
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Computer scientist
Pervez HoodbhoyPervez Hoodbhoy
11 July 1950, Pakistani
Physicist, Teacher

Peter ShorPeter Shor
14 August 1959, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, University
Gilbert N. LewisGilbert N. Lewis
23 October 1875, American
Chemist, Physicist, University teacher,

Leonard KleinrockLeonard Kleinrock
13 June 1934, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Patent

Rusty SchweickartRusty Schweickart
25 October 1935, American
Officer, Test pilot, Astronaut, Aviator

Lotfi A. ZadehLotfi A. Zadeh
04 February 1921, Azerbaijani, American
Mathematician, Engineer, Professor, Scientist,
Robert MetcalfeRobert Metcalfe
07 April 1946, American
Computer scientist, Engineer

Daniel M. LewinDaniel M. Lewin
14 May 1970, Israeli
Computer scientist
George NakashimaGeorge Nakashima
24 May 1905, Japanese, American

Jean TiroleJean Tirole
09 August 1953, French
Economist, University teacher
Benjamin TuckerBenjamin Tucker
17 April 1854, American
Journalist, Philosopher, Economist, Translator,

Warren BennisWarren Bennis
08 March 1925, American
Writer, Economist, Psychologist
Olivier BlanchardOlivier Blanchard
27 December 1948, French
Economist, University teacher

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is widely considered the best institution in the world for a degree in Engineering. The campus of this university, situated in the city of Cambridge, in the United States, sprawls over 168 kilometers. According to a 2017 survey conducted by ‘Times Higher Education’, this famous institution was ranked 2nd in the whole of United States and 5th in the world. ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’ is not a globally recognized educational institution merely for its infrastructure or quality of education, but also for its notable alumni. The institution has produced several great entrepreneurs who have set fine examples of how a business has to be managed. Apparently, the university has produced more than 80 Nobel laureates, around 45 Rhodes Scholars and more than 30 astronauts. Some of the students who are a part of the institution’s alumni association are outstanding achievers and role models to many people around the world. A few noteworthy personalities who were once students of this famous university are Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, noted Indian economist Raghuram Rajan and television host Janet Hsieh. Kofi Annan has been immensely praised world over for his humanitarian works. He is also the founder of the non-profit initiative called the ‘Kofi Annan Foundation’ and was appointed the chairman of the organization ‘The Elders’. We are presenting to you a list of notable alumni of the ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’ who made waves for their remarkable achievements.