Famous People Who Died At 71

The list of famous people who died at 71 includes Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, Johnny Cash, Socrates, Charlemagne, Georges Lemaître. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, composers and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 71 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Italy and many more countries.

Frank HamerFrank Hamer
17 March 1884, American
Police Officer
Johnny CashJohnny Cash
26 February 1932, American

Princess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonPrincess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
21 August 1930, British

02 April 0742, German
King of the Frank

0470 BC, Greek

William IV of the United KingdomWilliam IV of the United Kingdom
21 August 1765, British
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
George CarlinGeorge Carlin
12 May 1937, American

Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti
12 October 1935, Italian

Muhammad Ali JinnahMuhammad Ali Jinnah
25 December 1876, Pakistani

Philip II of SpainPhilip II of Spain
21 May 1527, Spanish
King of Spain
Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland
18 March 1837, American
President of the U.S.A

Lou ReedLou Reed
02 March 1942, American
Neville ChamberlainNeville Chamberlain
18 March 1869, British
Prime Minister of the U.K.

Chuck ConnorsChuck Connors
10 April 1921, American

William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman
08 February 1820, American
General in the Union Army During the American
John TylerJohn Tyler
29 March 1790, American
10th U.S. President

Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
26 February 1916, American
Tennessee WilliamsTennessee Williams
26 March 1911, American
American playwright

Peter BoylePeter Boyle
18 October 1935, American

Susan SontagSusan Sontag
16 January 1933, American
George C. ScottGeorge C. Scott
18 October 1927, American
American film actor

Tenzing NorgayTenzing Norgay
29 May 1914, Nepalese
John DerekJohn Derek
12 August 1926, American

Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
21 July 1943, American

Piet MondrianPiet Mondrian
07 March 1872, Dutch
Dutch Painter

Nora EphronNora Ephron
19 May 1941, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Director
Enid BlytonEnid Blyton
11 August 1897, British
31 January 0341, Greek
Greek Philosopher

Kurt GödelKurt Gödel
28 April 1906, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

Guccio GucciGuccio Gucci
26 March 1881, Italian, British
Italian Businessman

Georges LemaîtreGeorges Lemaître
17 July 1894, Belgian
Scientist & Priest
George SandGeorge Sand
01 July 1804, French

Gaius MariusGaius Marius
0157 BC, Ancient Roman
Roman General

Ramsay MacDonaldRamsay MacDonald
12 October 1866, British
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Margot FonteynMargot Fonteyn
18 May 1919, British

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John Foster DullesJohn Foster Dulles
25 February 1888, American
Former United States Secretary of State
Wangari MaathaiWangari Maathai
01 April 1940, Kenyan
Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Friedensreich HundertwasserFriedensreich Hundertwasser
15 December 1928, Austrian
Peter FreuchenPeter Freuchen
02 February 1886, Danish, American

Royal DanoRoyal Dano
16 November 1922, American

Paul MuniPaul Muni
22 September 1895, American
Gordon JumpGordon Jump
01 April 1932, American

Domenico ScarlattiDomenico Scarlatti
26 October 1685, Italian
Musical Composer
Josquin des PrezJosquin des Prez
1450 AD, French

Nicolas PoussinNicolas Poussin
15 June 1594, French
French Painter

Christopher Latham Sholes Christopher Latham Sholes
14 February 1819, American
Inventor of the QWERTY Keyboard

Abe FortasAbe Fortas
19 June 1910, American
U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice

Thomas EakinsThomas Eakins
25 July 1844, American
Joseph Louis Gay-LussacJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac
06 December 1778, French
Chemist and Physicist

Edward WestonEdward Weston
24 March 1886, American

Paul SignacPaul Signac
11 November 1863, French

Theodor SchwannTheodor Schwann
07 December 1810, German
Ahmed ChalabiAhmed Chalabi
30 October 1944, Iraqi
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq

Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle
22 May 1859, British, Scottish
Writer & Physician
Bernard MalamudBernard Malamud
26 April 1914, American
American novelist

Alexis CarrelAlexis Carrel
28 June 1873, French
Surgeon, Biologist

Bhāskara IIBhāskara II
1114 AD, Indian
Darya Nikolayevna SaltykovaDarya Nikolayevna Saltykova
11 March 1730, Russian
Serial Killer

Bertha von SuttnerBertha von Suttner
09 June 1843, Austrian
Pacifist, First Woman to Receive the Nobel Peace
Mirza GhalibMirza Ghalib
27 December 1797, Indian

Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent
01 August 1936, French
Fashion Designer

Irwin ShawIrwin Shaw
27 February 1913, American
Willard Frank LibbyWillard Libby
17 December 1908, American
Physical Chemist

Charles EamesCharles Eames
17 June 1907, American
Matilda GageMatilda Joslyn Gage
24 March 1826, American
Abolitionist, Freethinker, Author

Cyril ConnollyCyril Connolly
10 September 1903, British
Literary Critic & Writer

Mainza ChonaMainza Chona
21 January 1930, Zambian
Zambian Politician

Vivian LibertoVivian Liberto
23 April 1934, American
Rosanne Cash's Mother
Jean Baptiste PerrinJean Baptiste Perrin
30 September 1870, French
Timothy FindleyTimothy Findley
30 October 1930, Canadian
Canadian novelist

Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley
28 January 1922, American

Aelbert CuypAelbert Cuyp
20 October 1620, Dutch
Dutch Landscape Painter

Daniel NathansDaniel Nathans
30 October 1928, American
Ferdinand von MuellerFerdinand von Mueller
30 June 1825, Australian, German
Botanist and Geographer

Louis AnquetinLouis Anquetin
26 January 1861, French

Suleiman the MagnificentSuleiman The Magnificent
06 November 1494, Turkish
10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Blaže KoneskiBlaže Koneski
19 December 1921, Macedonian

Olive DennisOlive Dennis
20 November 1885, American
Civil Engineer
Nicolae CeaușescuNicolae Ceaușescu
26 January 1918, Romanian
Former President of Romania

Peter MitchellPeter Mitchell
22 September 1920, British
James Young ChemistJames Young (Chemist)
13 July 1811, Scottish

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle
22 May 1859, British
Physician, Writer, Poet, Cricketer, Novelist,

Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins
26 October 1942, British
William H. SewardWilliam H. Seward
16 May 1801, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Levon HelmLevon Helm
26 May 1940, American
Singer, Musician, Autobiographer, Composer, Actor,
Jerry ReedJerry Reed
20 March 1937, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer,

Jack BruceJack Bruce
14 May 1943, British
Composer, Singer, Jazz musician, Diarist, Pianist,

Dixie CarterDixie Carter
1939 AD
Television Actress

Jacques de MolayJacques de Molay
1243 AD, French
23 January 1942, Mozambican

24 December 0003, Italian
Roman emperor
Vito GenoveseVito Genovese
27 November 1897, American
Drug trafficker

Rocky GrazianoRocky Graziano
01 January 1919, Italian, American
Boxer, Television actor

Pierre BourdieuPierre Bourdieu
01 August 1930, French
Philosopher, Sociologist, Anthropologist,

Erich HartmannErich Hartmann
19 April 1922, German
Aviator, Officer
Masaru EmotoMasaru Emoto
22 July 1943, Japanese
Essayist, Writer