Famous People Who Died At 52

The list of famous people who died at 52 includes William Shakespeare, Chris Cornell, John Wayne Gacy, Grace Kelly, Christopher Reeve. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, emperors & kings, composers and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 52 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Russia & Germany and many more countries.

Luke PerryLuke Perry
11 October 1966, American
Bob RossBob Ross
29 October 1942, American

Henry VIIHenry VII of England
28 January 1457, British
King of England

John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne Gacy
17 March 1942, American
Serial Killer

Chris CornellChris Cornell
20 July 1964, American

Vikram SarabhaiVikram Sarabhai
12 August 1919, Indian
Grace KellyGrace Kelly
12 November 1929, American
Film actress

Christopher ReeveChristopher Reeve
25 September 1952, American

Roy OrbisonRoy Orbison
23 April 1936, American

Harry HoudiniHarry Houdini
24 March 1874, Hungarian
Erwin RommelErwin Rommel
15 November 1891, German

Peter the GreatPeter the Great
09 June 1672, Russian
First Emperor of Russia
Ann DunhamAnn Dunham
29 November 1942, American
Barack Obama's Mother

Marcus Mosiah Garvey JrMarcus Garvey
17 August 1887, Jamaican
Political leader

Gamal Abdel NasserGamal Abdel Nasser
15 January 1918, Egyptian
Political Leader of Egypt
Townes Van ZandtTownes Van Zandt
07 March 1944, American
Singer & Songwriter

Thomas BecketThomas Becket
21 December 1118, British
Christian DiorChristian Dior
21 January 1905, French
Fashion Designers

Elizabeth of RussiaElizabeth of Russia
29 December 1709, Russian
Empress of Russia

Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman
30 November 1936, American
Anti-War Activist
Eddie KendricksEddie Kendricks
17 December 1939, American

Melvin FranklinMelvin Franklin
12 October 1942, American
R&B Singer
Dorothy KilgallenDorothy Kilgallen
03 July 1913, American

Lou CostelloLou Costello
06 March 1906, American

Trevor BerbickTrevor Berbick
01 August 1954, Canadian, Jamaican

Debralee ScottDebralee Scott
02 April 1953, American
Suzanne CroughSuzanne Crough
06 March 1963, American
Anne HutchinsonAnne Hutchinson
20 July 1591, American
Puritan spiritual adviser

William Makepeace ThackerayWilliam Makepeace Thackeray
18 July 1811, Indian, British
Author & Novelist

Johann PachelbelJohann Pachelbel
01 September 1653, German
Composer, Organist and Teacher

Olaudah EquianoOlaudah Equiano
1745 AD, Cental African
Anti Slavery Activist
Lolo SoetoroLolo Soetoro
02 January 1935, Indonesian
Stepfather of Barack Obama

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Kurt von SchleicherKurt von Schleicher
07 April 1882, German
Former Chancellor of Germany

Fred BerryFred Berry
19 March 1951, American

Shirley HemphillShirley Hemphill
01 July 1947, American

Joe SpinellJoe Spinell
28 October 1936, American
Sidney ReillySidney Reilly
24 March 1873, Russian
British Secret Service Bureau Agent

Doug HenningDoug Henning
03 May 1947, Canadian
William HazlittWilliam Hazlitt
10 April 1778, British
English Writer & Literary Critic

Mikhail GlinkaMikhail Glinka
01 June 1804, German, Russian

Omar TorrijosOmar Torrijos
13 February 1929, Panamanian
Elected official
Khalil Al-WazirKhalil al-Wazir
10 October 1935, Palestinian
Palestinian Leader and co-founder of Fatah

Mary LyonMary Lyon
28 February 1797, American
Pioneer in Women's Education
Alfred WernerAlfred Werner
12 December 1866, Swiss

Angelus SilesiusAngelus Silesius
25 December 1624, German

John ColetJohn Colet
31 December 1467, British
Renaissance Humanist

Richard WrightRichard Wright
04 September 1908, American

James Wright James Wright
13 December 1927, American
Frank Vincent ZappaFrank Vincent Zappa
21 December 1940, American
American musician

Laura BraniganLaura Branigan
03 July 1952, American
American singer

Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
15 June 1941, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Composer,

Francis I of FranceFrancis I of France
12 September 1494, French
Painter, Politician
Diana DorsDiana Dors
23 October 1931, British

Caroline AherneCaroline Aherne
24 December 1963, British
Actor, Comedian, Television producer, Television
0622 BC, Israeli

Giordano BrunoGiordano Bruno
1548 AD, Italian

Danny RollingDanny Rolling
26 May 1954, American
American serial killer
1064 BC, Israeli

François TruffautFrançois Truffaut
06 February 1932, French
Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor, Film
Louis XII of FranceLouis XII of France
27 June 1462, French

Christopher GeorgeChristopher George
25 February 1931, American

Thomas Mikal FordThomas Mikal Ford
05 September 1964, American
Kevin DuBrowKevin DuBrow
29 October 1955, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer

Derek JarmanDerek Jarman
31 January 1942, British
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Diarist,
J. Christopher StevensJ. Christopher Stevens
01 April 1960, American
politician, lawyer, diplomat

0739 BC, Israeli
King of Judah

Guy BurgessGuy Burgess
16 April 1911, British
Spy, Journalist

Leonard ChessLeonard Chess
12 March 1917, American
Record producer
Stanford WhiteStanford White
09 November 1853, American
Architect, Painter
Henry I of FranceHenry I of France
04 May 1008, French

Otto of GreeceOtto of Greece
01 June 1815, Austrian, Greek

Audrey WilliamsAudrey Williams
28 February 1923, American
Musician, Songwriter

Grigory ZinovievGrigory Zinoviev
23 September 1883, Ukrainian
Actor, Politician
Manuel I of PortugalManuel I of Portugal
31 May 1469, Portuguese

Matilda of FlandersMatilda of Flanders
1031 AD, Dutch, British

Robert Ritter von GreimRobert Ritter von Greim
22 June 1892, German
Aviator, Military personnel

Paul DesmondPaul Desmond
25 November 1924, American
Composer, Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Fazlur Rahman KhanFazlur Rahman Khan
03 April 1929, Bangladeshi, American
Civil engineer, Architect, Structural engineer
Ferdinand III of CastileFerdinand III of Castile
05 August 1199, Spanish

Akhmad KadyrovAkhmad Kadyrov
23 August 1951, Kazakh, Russian
Politician, Theologian
Hilda GadeaHilda Gadea
21 March 1921, Peruvian
economist, politician, writer

Trafford Leigh-MalloryTrafford Leigh-Mallory
11 July 1892, British

Gary KildallGary Kildall
19 May 1942, American
Computer scientist, Programmer, University teacher
Stanley Tookie WilliamsStanley Tookie Williams
1953 AD

John IV of PortugalJohn IV of Portugal
19 March 1604, Portuguese
William J. SeymourWilliam J. Seymour
02 May 1870, American

Peter I of RussiaPeter I of Russia
09 June 1672, Russian
Former Emperor of All Russia

Dzhokhar DudayevDzhokhar Dudayev
15 February 1944, Russian

Juana BormannJuana Bormann
10 September 1893, German
Sonny Boy Williamson IISonny Boy Williamson II
05 December 1912, American

Béla KunBéla Kun
20 February 1886, Hungarian
Politician, Diplomat, Journalist
Gotthold Ephraim LessingGotthold Ephraim Lessing
22 January 1729, German
Writer, Philosopher, Playwright, Poet, Librarian,

Henri Désiré LandruHenri Désiré Landru
12 April 1869, French
Serial killer, Subdeacon, Accountant, Q3053339,
Paolo BorsellinoPaolo Borsellino
19 January 1940, Italian

Joan GamperJoan Gamper
22 November 1877, Swiss
Association football player, Businessperson
Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of RockinghamCharles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham
13 May 1730, British
British statesman