Influential, aspirational and motivating are words that best describe non-fiction work. There are no fictional characters, no imaginary plots, no unreal world, no illusory consequences and no fictitious story – everything in fact is very much real, right from characters to plot, story to consequence. Most of the times non-fiction works are interpretations of real events through the eyes of the writer. As such, it is a greater task on part of non-fiction writers when it comes to writing – they have to be accurate with the information they provide. High precision and great intellect are strong characteristic features of non-fiction writers. Having said that, does non-fiction work seem like serious works of literature? In fact, just like any other genre of writing, non-fiction covers a wide range of topics, biographies to travel, history to self-help, parenting to gardening and so on. Britain has had the privilege of being the address of some of the most versatile and supremely talented non-fiction writers since centuries. These literary figures have left an ineffaceable mark on world literature with their works. James Burke, Anthony Burgess, Henry Bond, Stephen Hawking or Cedric Charles Dickens, steward of Dicken’s literary legacy, the country has predominantly produced some of the greatest non-fiction authors who enjoyed unprecedented global popularity for their works. Know in details about their life and works with this section.
George OrwellGeorge Orwell
25 June 1903
13 June 1974

Geri HalliwellGeri Halliwell
06 August 1972

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell
14 July 1868
Writer, Diplomat

David IckeDavid Icke
29 April 1952

Jill IrelandJill Ireland
24 April 1936
Karl PilkingtonKarl Pilkington
23 September 1972
Television Presenter, Radio Producer

John RuskinJohn Ruskin
08 February 1819
Art Critic and Painter

Jane AsherJane Asher
05 April 1946

William Morris William Morris
24 March 1834
Textile Designer, Poet
Phillip SchofieldPhillip Schofield
01 April 1962
Television Presenter

Cilla BlackCilla Black
27 May 1943
Edd ChinaEdd China
09 May 1971
Television Presenter

Gemma CollinsGemma Collins
31 January 1981

V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932
Princess Michael of KentPrincess Michael of Kent
15 January 1945

Alain de BottonAlain de Botton
20 December 1969
Richard BriersRichard Briers
14 January 1934

Liza TarbuckLiza Tarbuck
21 November 1964

Mary SoamesMary Soames
15 September 1922
Youngest Child of Winston Churchill
Donald SindenDonald Sinden
09 October 1923

Carlton LeachCarlton Leach
12 March 1959
Author, Former Doorman, Former Football Hooligan &
Carol McGiffinCarol McGiffin
18 February 1960
Radio Broadcaster

Thomas De QuinceyThomas De Quincey
15 August 1785

Cass PennantCass Pennant
03 March 1958

Isabella BeetonIsabella Beeton
12 March 1836
Russell WatsonRussell Watson
24 November 1966
Tenor Singer
A. N. WilsonA. N. Wilson
27 October 1950
Writer & Columnist

Pat CondellPat Condell
23 November 1949
Writer, Comedian

Rose MacaulayRose Macaulay
01 August 1881

Kim SearsKim Sears
10 December 1987
Gyles BrandrethGyles Brandreth
08 March 1948

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Alastair CampbellAlastair Campbell
25 May 1957

John Le MesurierJohn Le Mesurier
05 April 1912

Ted KoppelTed Koppel
08 February 1940

Judith MillerJudith Miller
16 September 1951
Fred HoyleFred Hoyle
24 June 1915
Screenwriter, Astronomer, Writer, Physicist,

Howard MarksHoward Marks
13 August 1945
Richard J. EvansRichard J. Evans
29 September 1947
Historian, University teacher, Non-fiction writer

Antony BeevorAntony Beevor
14 December 1946
Military historian, Novelist, Historian,

Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor
21 May 1832
Physician, Translator, Theologian, Non-fiction
Nikolai TolstoyNikolai Tolstoy
23 June 1935
Historian, Non-fiction writer

Theodore DalrympleTheodore Dalrymple
11 October 1949
Journalist, Psychiatrist, Conspiracy theorist,
Tony JudtTony Judt
02 January 1948
Historian, Professor, Non-fiction writer

Jacob BronowskiJacob Bronowski
18 January 1908
Mathematician, Poet, Non-fiction writer

Gertrude JekyllGertrude Jekyll
29 November 1843
Horticulturist, Painter, Gardener, Non-fiction

Robin Lane FoxRobin Lane Fox
05 October 1946
Historian, Non-fiction writer, University teacher

Humphrey LytteltonHumphrey Lyttelton
23 May 1921
Bandleader, Conductor, Trumpeter, Journalist,
Han SuyinHan Suyin
12 September 1917
Midwife, Writer, Non-fiction writer

Lisa JardineLisa Jardine
12 April 1944
Historian, Professor, Non-fiction writer

Jack GoodyJack Goody
27 July 1919
Anthropologist, University teacher, Non-fiction