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Pat Condell is a popular British Writer & Comedian. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about his life.

Quick Facts

Birthday: November 23, 1949

Nationality: British

Famous: Non-Fiction Writers British Men

Age: 70 Years, 70 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: Patrick Condell

Born in: Dublin, Ireland

Famous as: Writer, Comedian

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City: Dublin, Ireland

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Patrick “Pat” Condell is an Irish born British writer and comedian who is quite popular on the social media. For those who believe that social media stardom is only for the pretty young things, this gutsy and outspoken grandpa is here to prove you wrong! He was already a well-known comedian with years of experience performing live when he first ventured into social media in 2007. His outspoken monologues on sensitive issues like religion and political correctness have landed him in controversies several times. But nothing seems to deter this hilarious man who can crack jokes on almost anything under the sun without giving a damn to the ones claiming to be offended by his words. His outspokenness has also gained him a lot of fame and a healthy ever-growing fan base. Having begun his career as a comedian in the 1980s, he initially performed on the London alternative comedy circuit for several years, originally under the name Eddie Zibin. His writing career also started at around the same time. Naturally witty and blessed with a spontaneous sense of humor, it did not take him long to become a famous fixture on the British comedy circuit. His arrival on the social media platforms in the 2000s further boosted his popularity by exposing him to a wider audience. As on May 2017, he had 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel and 70k followers on Twitter, and 86k likes on his official Facebook page.

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  • From a conventional point of view, Pat Condell ventured into comedy a bit late in life. Already 32 when he made his debut as a comedian, his first performance on stage was in a comedy sketch called ‘Mountbatten’s Plimsoll.’ Around this time he also started writing poetry for the ‘Time Out’ magazine. Over the years he got the chance to perform on the London alternative comedy circuit which made him a much popular figure. He got a big break when he performed at the Comedy Store in the early 1990s. His stature as a comedian increased manifold and he was invited to appear as a regular panelist on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Loose Talk.’ He won the Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He had become really famous by the mid-1990s, performing up to 200 shows a year.
  • A self-professed atheist, he is very outspoken in criticizing the negative elements of all organized religions. This, of course, doesn’t go down very well with certain sections of the society and he is often subjected to harsh criticisms. However, he is not bothered about his detractors and claims that he doesn’t care if someone is offended by his words.
  • Pat Condell’s popularity as a comedian peaked to newer heights when he made his self-titled YouTube channel in February 2007. He describes himself as “Godless and Free,” and claims to make videos “advocating secularism, democracy, and free speech.”
  • He proved to be a prolific YouTuber, posting over a 100 video monologues within four years! Over a period of time, his videos were translated and subtitled into 14 languages on the dotSUB collaborative platform. By September 2009, he had become one of the top ten most subscribed YouTubers in the United Kingdom and the most subscribed to comedian of all time in the UK. His videos have also been featured on websites such as ‘Little Green Footballs,’ ‘LiveLeak,’ ‘Jihad Watch,’ and ‘Geert Wilders,’ among others.
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Controversies & Scandals
  • Pat Condell has never shied away from voicing his opinions even if they come across as hard-hitting or scandalous. He has kindled controversies many times with his anti-Islamic remarks. His monologues titled ‘The Trouble with Islam,’ ‘Muslim Punishment For Homosexuality,’ No Mosque at Ground Zero,’ and ‘Justice for Osama,’ have been the target of many hateful comments. He even receives death threats due to the controversial and anti-religious nature of his videos. He once said in a video that Islam is "a religion of war" and that "Muslim women in Britain who cover their faces are mentally ill." Commissioner Elliot Cohen described Condell's comments as "insulting, degenerating and racist." Pat Condell, however, seems to be totally unaffected by the hate and threats he receives.
Personal Life
  • Pat Condell was born on 23 November 1949 in Dublin, Ireland into an impoverished family. He was raised in England. He endured a difficult childhood as his father was a compulsive gambler who died of leukemia when Pat was quite young. After attending a series of different Church of England schools, he dropped out at the age of 16 to fend for himself. After struggling for years doing odd jobs, he eventually became a comedian and found success in this profession. On the personal front, he is a vegetarian because he cares about animals. He has been happily married for 40 years and is still very much in love with his wife.

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