Famous People Born In 1890

Discover the most famous people born in 1890. The list includes people like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Charles de Gaulle, H. P. Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, Colonel Sanders and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, journalists and novelists born in 1890. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Canada and many more countries.

Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower
14th October, American
34th U.S. President
Colonel SandersColonel Sanders
9th September, American
Founder of KFC

H. P. LovecraftH. P. Lovecraft
20th August, American

Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie
15th September, British

Stan LaurelStan Laurel
16th June, British, American

Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh
19th May, Vietnamese
Former PM and President of Democratic Republic of
Charles de GaulleCharles de Gaulle
22nd November, French
Former President of France

Julius Henry MarkGroucho Marx
2nd October, American

Vyacheslav MolotovVyacheslav Molotov
9th March, Russian

Rose KennedyRose Kennedy
22nd July, American
American philanthropist
Egon Schiele Egon Schiele
12th June, Austrian

Man RayMan Ray
27th August, American
Modernist Artist
Alfred JodlAlfred Jodl
10th May, German
Military Commander, Nazi War Criminal

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak
10th February, Russian, Russian
Poet & Writer

Casey StengelCasey Stengel
30th July, American
American baseball manager
Marjorie MainMarjorie Main
24th February, American

Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
11th December, Argentinian
Herbert MarshallHerbert Marshall
23rd May, British, American

Norman BethuneNorman Bethune
3rd March, Canadian

Adolphe MenjouAdolphe Menjou
18th February, American
Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
6th February, Pakistani
Political and Spiritual Leader

Katherine Anne PorterKatherine Anne Porter
15th May, American
Journalist, Essayist, Writer, Novelist
Gopinath BordoloiGopinath Bordoloi
6th June, Indian
First Chief Minister of Assam, India

Agnes MacphailAgnes Macphail
24th March, Canadian
Canadian Politician

Michael CollinsMichael Collins
16th October, Irish

Anthony FokkerAnthony Fokker
6th April, Dutch
Dutch aviation pioneer and an aircraft
Jeanne Eagels Jeanne Eagels
26th June, American
Hermann Joseph MullerHermann Joseph Muller
21st December, American

Christopher MorleyChristopher Morley
5th May, American
Journalist, Novelist

Sir William Lawrence BraggSir William Lawrence Bragg
31st March, British
Nobel Laureate in Physics

A.P. HerbertA.P. Herbert
24th September, British
Humorist, Novelist, Playwright & Law Reform
Maria GorettiMaria Goretti
16th October

Fritz LangFritz Lang
5th December, American
American-Austrian-German filmmaker

Friedrich PaulusFriedrich Paulus
23rd September, German

Vannevar BushVannevar Bush
11th March, American
Scientist, Engineer, Politician, University

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Eddie RickenbackerEddie Rickenbacker
8th October, American
Aviator, Racecar driver, Military personnel
Aimee Semple McPhersonAimee Semple McPherson
9th October, Canadian

Rachele MussoliniRachele Mussolini
11th April, Italian
Duke KahanamokuDuke Kahanamoku
24th August, American
Swimmer, Surfer, Actor, Water polo player

George II of GreeceGeorge II of Greece
20th July, Greek
King of Greece

Ronald FisherRonald Fisher
17th February, British
Mathematician, Geneticist, Statistician
Malcolm Wheeler-NicholsonMalcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
4th January, American
Entrepreneur, Writer

Jelly Roll MortonJelly Roll Morton
20th October, American
Pianist, Bandleader, Composer, Conductor, Jazz
Marjory Stoneman DouglasMarjory Stoneman Douglas
7th April, American
Journalist, Feminist

Kurt LewinKurt Lewin
9th September, German, Polish, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Robert LeyRobert Ley
15th February, German

Elsa SchiaparelliElsa Schiaparelli
10th September, Italian
Fashion designer

Elpidio QuirinoElpidio Quirino
16th November, Filipino
Diplomat, Lawyer
Robert RipleyRobert Ripley
25th December, American
Anthropologist, Journalist

Kurt StudentKurt Student
12th May, German
Aviator, Officer

Stewart MenziesStewart Menzies
30th January, British
Intelligence officer

El LissitzkyEl Lissitzky
22nd November, Russian
painter, architect, graphic designer,
Walther FunkWalther Funk
18th August, Bulgarian, German
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron TedderArthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
11th July, British
Politician, Military personnel
Edwin Howard ArmstrongEdwin Howard Armstrong
18th December, American
Electrical engineer, Inventor, Engineer

Lloyd WrightLloyd Wright
30th March, American

Maurice DuplessisMaurice Duplessis
20th April, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Frank FordeFrank Forde
18th July, Australian
Politician, Diplomat

Cecil KellawayCecil Kellaway
22nd August, British
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor, Television
Giorgio MorandiGiorgio Morandi
20th July, Italian
Painter, Teacher, Soldier, Etcher, University

Li ZongrenLi Zongren
13th August, Chinese

Frank MurphyFrank Murphy
13th April, American
jurist-consultant, lawyer, politician, judge
Franz WerfelFranz Werfel
10th September, Austrian, Czech, American
Writer, Poet, Playwright, Screenwriter, Science

Bohuslav MartinůBohuslav Martinů
8th December, Swiss
Hans-Valentin HubeHans-Valentin Hube
29th October, German
Officer, Military personnel

Eduard DietlEduard Dietl
21st July
Military personnel

Paul StrandPaul Strand
16th October, American
Photographer, Film director, Cinematographer

Max ImmelmannMax Immelmann
21st September
Aviator, Military personnel
Viktor LutzeViktor Lutze
28th December, German
Friedrich Wilhelm KritzingerFriedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger
14th April, German
Politician, Jurist

Beniamino GigliBeniamino Gigli
20th March, Italian
Actor, Opera singer, Singer

Kurt TucholskyKurt Tucholsky
9th January, German
Journalist, Poet lawyer, Satirist, Poet, Writer,

Naum GaboNaum Gabo
5th August
Sculptor, Architect, Painter, University teacher
Jacques IbertJacques Ibert
15th August, French
Conductor, Composer, Musician, Musicologist, Film

Franklin CarmichaelFranklin Carmichael
4th May, Canadian

Ivor GurneyIvor Gurney
28th August, British
Poet, Composer, Author, Writer

Evert TaubeEvert Taube
12th March, Swedish
Singer, Composer, Musician, Writer, Poet,

Arthur HolmesArthur Holmes
14th January, British
Geophysicist, Geologist
Lanoe HawkerLanoe Hawker
30th December, British
Aviator, Military personnel

Karl FreundKarl Freund
16th January, American
Cinematographer, Film director, Screenwriter
David BombergDavid Bomberg
5th December, British

Karl LashleyKarl Lashley
7th June, American
Psychologist, University teacher

William Lawrence BraggWilliam Lawrence Bragg
31st March, Australian, British
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher
Colonel Harland SandersColonel Harland Sanders
30th November

Nikolai TrubetzkoyNikolai Trubetzkoy
16th April, Austrian
Russian linguist
Ossip ZadkineOssip Zadkine
4th July, French

Jaroslav HeyrovskýJaroslav Heyrovský
20th December, Czech

Frank MartinFrank Martin
15th September, Swiss
composer, conductor, university teacher, pianist

Gladys Bronwyn SternGladys Bronwyn Stern
17th June, British
Journalist, Novelist, Literary critic, Biographer
Fred VinsonFred Vinson
30th November
Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Representative, Judge

Ștefan ProcopiuȘtefan Procopiu
19th January, Romanian
Physicist, University teacher
Euphemia Lofton HaynesEuphemia Lofton Haynes
30th November

Robert N. LeeRobert N. Lee
12th May, American

Christopher Darlington MorleyChristopher Darlington Morley
5th May, American

Agatha Mary Clarissa MillerAgatha Mary Clarissa Miller
15th September, British
Sir Alan Patrick HerbertSir Alan Patrick Herbert
24th September, British