List of famous fashion designers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

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Fashion designers design clothes, lifestyle accessories, and shoes that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Fashion designers may design the items for an individual, or for the mass market. With the modern human’s obsession with appearance and convenience, fashion designers have a lot of factors to consider while designing the garments and accessories. They work with a wide range of materials, and have to plan for the patterns, styles, and colors of each item they design keeping in mind the end customer. Fashion designing is an art influenced by social and cultural values that have evolved over time, thus it is a very dynamic and interesting profession. Today fashion designing is considered to be among the most lucrative and glamorous career options. Of course, it is a very challenging profession as well. It calls for a high level of creativity combined with a sense of aesthetics and managerial skills. Fashion designers work for designer labels and clothing manufacturers. They may design cheaper ranges of casual garments for the mass market or work on one-off exclusive creations working directly with a high profile customer. Browse this section to learn more about the famous fashion designers who have marked the world with their artistic expressions.

Kate Spade Kate Spade

Mena Suvari Mena Suvari

Zahia Dehar Zahia Dehar
Algerian, French

Tom Ford Tom Ford

Delta Burke Delta Burke

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Mia Tyler Mia Tyler

Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh

Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara
Japanese, American

Yung Lean Yung Lean

Guccio Gucci Guccio Gucci
Italian, British

Tory Burch Tory Burch

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo

Elyse Knox Elyse Knox

Raf Simons Raf Simons
Belgian, French

Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera
American, Venezuelan

Elie Saab Elie Saab

Bill Blass Bill Blass

Rina Lipa Rina Lipa

Henry Levy Henry Levy

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