Famous People Born In 1850

Discover the most famous people born in 1850. The list includes people like Robert Louis Stevenson, Guy de Maupassant, Kate Chopin, Samuel Gompers, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include poets, novelists, journalists and political leaders born in 1850. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson
13th November, Scottish
Novelist, Poet
Guy de MaupassantGuy de Maupassant
5th August, French
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Kate ChopinKate Chopin
8th February, American

samuel gompersSamuel Gompers
27th January, British, American
Labor leader, Cigar Maker

Ella Wheeler WilcoxElla Wheeler Wilcox
5th November, American
Poet and Mystic Rosicrucian

Karl Ferdinand BraunKarl Ferdinand Braun
6th June, German
German Physicist & Inventor
Orison Swett MardenOrison Swett Marden
30th November, American
Inspirational Author

William Morris DavisWilliam Morris Davis
12th February, American
Geographer, Geologist, Meteorologist

Lawrence HargraveLawrence Hargrave
29th January, Australian
Inventor & Explorer

Charles Robert Richet Charles Richet
25th August, French
Almeida JuniorAlmeida Junior
8th May, Brazilian

Pat GarrettPat Garrett
5th June, American
American sheriff
Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl KitchenerHerbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener
24th June, Irish, British
Politician, Diplomat, Engineer, Officer

Henry Cabot LodgeHenry Cabot Lodge
12th May, American
Politician, Historian

Victoriano HuertaVictoriano Huerta
22nd March, Mexican, American
Lafcadio HearnLafcadio Hearn
27th June, Greek, Irish, Japanese
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, University

Oliver HeavisideOliver Heaviside
18th May, British
Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Telegraphy
Hermann EbbinghausHermann Ebbinghaus
24th January, German
Psychologist, Educationist, University teacher

Marcelo H. del PilarMarcelo H. del Pilar
30th August, Filipino
Journalist, Writer

Eduard BernsteinEduard Bernstein
6th January, German
Politician, Philosopher, Writer, Economist
Frances Xavier CabriniFrances Xavier Cabrini
15th July, American
Missionary, Cleric

Daniel Chester FrenchDaniel Chester French
20th April, American
César RitzCésar Ritz
23rd February, Swiss

Ebenezer HowardEbenezer Howard
19th January, British
architect, Esperantist, urban planner

Bharatendu HarishchandraBharatendu Harishchandra
9th September, Indian
Actor, Journalist, Writer, Poet

Thomas Neill CreamThomas Neill Cream
27th May, British
Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia
14th January
Navy officer
Ian MaclarenIan Maclaren
3rd November, British

Pierre LotiPierre Loti
14th January, French
Writer, Q3349700, Novelist, Essayist, Diarist,

Amenemhat IVAmenemhat IV
30th November, Egyptian

Mary Elizabeth LeaseMary Elizabeth Lease
11th September, American
Mikhail ChigorinMikhail Chigorin
12th November, Russian
Chess player

William MelvilleWilliam Melville
25th April, British
Police officer

Charlotte E. RayCharlotte E. Ray
13th January, American
American lawyer

Tomáš MasarykTomáš Masaryk
7th March, Czech
Politician, President

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Annie Smith PeckAnnie Smith Peck
19th October
mountaineer, university teacher
Edward SmithEdward Smith
27th January, British

Kiyoura KeigoKiyoura Keigo
27th March, Japanese
Politician, Prime Minister
John CollierJohn Collier
27th January, British
painter, screenwriter

Henri Louis Le ChatelierHenri Louis Le Chatelier
8th October, French
French chemist

Al SpaldingAl Spalding
2nd September, American
Charles Robert RichetCharles Robert Richet
26th August, French
French physiologist

Győző CziglerGyőző Czigler
19th July, Hungarian
Đorđe VajfertĐorđe Vajfert
15th June, Serbian
Industrialist, Banker, Coin collecting, Book