List of famous civil engineers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Most individuals would find it difficult to think of a life where civil engineers do not exist. Whether it is building roads, buildings, sewage systems, dams, bridges or airports, one would have to think of a civil engineer almost immediately. However, not all civil engineers end up working in these large, well-paying capacities. Some engineers may even just work in the smaller aspects of civil engineering like designing or looking into the research process or might even specialize in departments like structural construction, environment or even transportation. As the population grows around the world, the need for more civil engineers arises. According to recent studies, it is estimated that in the near future, there will be a sudden escalation in civil engineering jobs around the world. While designing, constructing and operating mammoth infrastructure is a part of their job description, civil engineers are also required to boost the conditions of old and existing structures, while conforming to social and environmental policies and norms. Around the world, in order to become a civil engineer and in order to be able to practice in a particular department, a person would need to have a good higher-secondary degree and a degree in mathematics, engineering or the sciences. Here is a compilation of a list of famous mind body therapists, learn more fascinating facts and details about them with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Alexis TsiprasAlexis Tsipras
Harold CampingHarold Camping

Abu Hamza al-MasriAbu Hamza al-Masri

David BrewsterDavid Brewster

Robert StephensonRobert Stephenson
Joseph BazalgetteJoseph Bazalgette

Süleyman DemirelSüleyman Demirel
John A. RoeblingJohn A. Roebling

John Loudon McAdamJohn Loudon McAdam

Marc Isambard BrunelMarc Isambard Brunel

Fritz TodtFritz Todt
Marie François Sadi CarnotMarie François Sadi Carnot

William John Macquorn RankineWilliam John Macquorn Rankine
Osborne ReynoldsOsborne Reynolds

Pier Luigi NerviPier Luigi Nervi

Campbell NewmanCampbell Newman

Washington RoeblingWashington Roebling
Giovanni Battista CaproniGiovanni Battista Caproni

Joseph BramahJoseph Bramah
Eduardo Frei Ruiz-TagleEduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle

Jean-Baptiste BiotJean-Baptiste Biot

Anton MussertAnton Mussert

Oğuz AtayOğuz Atay
Fazlur Rahman KhanFazlur Rahman Khan

Robert StevensonRobert Stevenson

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